What gift is good for parents to give parents?

Tobacco, alcohol tea, cosmetics, I have all my parents, no shortage of clothes, even more clothes, I can’t think of it

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  1. It really takes a lot of effort to make your parents feel your intentions and not think it is a waste of money. Honoring parents can start with health. Parents work for a lifetime. They are older and healthy than anything. As children, they can give them some good gifts that are good for health. Such as massage chairs, massage pillows, foot baths, health pots, etc.
    1. The massage chair massage chair can enjoy the massage time at any time. Massage not only enjoy, but also has many benefits to the body. Frequent massage can make blood circulation unobstructed, improve back pain, and improve sleep quality and improve human immunity.
    2. In order to go out to run out of the foot bath, the fatigue of the accumulated feet in the day can be relieved by soaking the feet. In the end, "remote control fully automatic massage, not simply soaking feet, can also do a comprehensive foot therapy.
    3, massage pillow infrared therapy is to relieve and treat the neck and shoulders with the help of infrared. For long -term desk work, or to use a long -headed posture for a long time, it is the most suitable gift to cause cervical discomfort. It is the most suitable gift. one.
    4, blood pressure meter hypertension is a high incidence of the elderly. Many elderly people need long -term antihypertensive drugs to stabilize blood pressure. Send a blood pressure meter at home to monitor blood pressure at any time.
    5. Health comb is often combing your hair to promote blood circulation and relaxation pressure. During Mother's Day, it is better to comb the mother's head, combing her troubles, and sorrow. Of course, a good comb is the best for her to give her the best Gift.

  2. It's the Spring Festival immediately. What gifts should I give to my parents and elders?
    Healthy products
    The tea is a healthy green gift. Whether it is green tea or Pu'er tea, it has a certain health effect. Now there are tea gift tea made of tea on the market. The tea cakes with blessings are matched with Chinese tie decoration, which perfectly combines Chinese tea culture with traditional Spring Festival culture. It is very intentional and innovative to send parents.
    Gift objects: Parents, elders
    The warm products
    The cold winter seasons, the body of parents and elderly people can't help the weather toss, so keep warm. A warm underwear and a pair of infrared warm pants replaced the bloated cotton clothes and cotton pants, making parents and elders move in your heart, making you a "small cotton jacket".
    Gift objects: Parents, elders
    Sports equipment
    "Life lies in sports". For the elderly, if you want to keep health, exercise is the first than eating health care products. One. Send a comfortable and spiritual sportswear, a pair of lightweight sports shoes to those elders who love sports are the most suitable.
    Gifts: Parents who love sports
    Electronic health products
    Winter is a high incidence of various diseases. Send an electronic sphygmomanometer to allow the elderly to check their health at any time. Or send a humidifier to prevent asthma and purify air. Send a home treadmill so that the elderly can exercise without going out. How much can these high -tech electronic products make up for the regrets that you can't accompany your parents and elders.
    Gift -giving objects: Parents who cannot take care of often because of their busy work, parents with poor health or elders
    health food
    parents and elders have worked hard for most of their lives, but they are not willing to buy some for themselves Health food to supplement. Then let us buy some health food for our parents and elders to cheer for their health.
    Gift object: parents, elders

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. The food is good now, chicken, fish and eggs have been eaten too much. Going home in the New Year can buy some high -quality seafood to change the taste, such as fresh shrimp, good cod, etc. Choose is healthier than red meat. In addition, consumption oil often changes to eat and eats healthy. Chinese New Year can buy some fat -rich fatty acids that are usually rich in unsaturated fatty acids, such as olive oil, linen seed oil, and mountain tea oil. Second, the parents are older, and they are a little afraid of cold in winter. I often feel cold when we wear several pieces. Choose a suitable set of warm -keeping underwear and good warm -keeping performance for parents, so that parents will not wear so bloated in winter. In addition, the thickened robe is also a magic weapon for parents to protect the cold. 3. Home appliance laundry, cooking, and cleaning are housework that parents do every day. They have to be busy for a few hours every day. Parents work less. For the thickened autumn and winter clothes, it is difficult to wash and dry. You can buy a baked machine for your parents and throw dirty clothes inside to get dry and tidy clothes. You can buy a cooking machine for your parents. Just put the ingredients and seasonings in the pot, cover the lid and press the button to wait for food, "liberate" parents from the kitchen; cleaning can buy a floor sweeping robot for parents, press the floor sweeping robot, "Clean" key, automatically clean up without having hands, give life a little more convenient, and make parents less labor. Fourth, the parents of digital products are old, most of them have old -fashioned eyes, and ordinary mobile phones are inconvenient to use. And put the children's WeChat's quick contact information to the desktop, so that parents can talk to you to chat ~ It should be noted that the battery capacity of the mobile phone must be larger. In addition, you can also buy a tablet for your parents to enrich their entertainment life. Watching movies, playing games, watching square dance teaching can be easily realized.

  4. Recently, a friend has always asked me, what gift of the New Year to bring to my family?
    did, this is a headache, because we have to consider both price issues, benefits, and whether parents like it. Parents complain that the gifts chosen by children are either too expensive or not economical. That's because you don't choose the right thing. Today I will recommend some gifts that are affordable and make elders like.
    : Sending parents
    Madorly parents may also face various health problems. At this time, it is really unnecessary to send clothes, shoes, and jewelry. It is most suitable for sending some health care products, such as: wolfberry, eight treasure tea, honey, black wolfberry, and health care products with health care products. Caring for parents' health will be the best concern for parents.
    For health care wine, I recommend turtle age collection, because there is not only guarantee for word of mouth, but also because its formula is a royal family specialty, but also the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage promulgated by the State Council. Essence It is most suitable to send parents.
    : Send relatives
    In the Chinese New Year, you can inevitably take relatives. You can also send relatives and above. In addition to the second, you can also send some economically affordable things, such as rice gift boxes, noodles, oil, and vegetable gift packages , Milk and so on. We think these products may be too ordinary, but they are really economical and affordable things. Generally, elders are more saved, and sending these affordable gifts can better reflect our consideration.
    In fact, it is not important to send anything. Gifts just represent the mind. More importantly, go home and take a look at your filial piety, care about parents, and contact parents more. It is the best gift.

  5. 1. If the elderly are in rural or remote small towns, etc. -choose novelty, practical types.

    (be sure to send a large red envelope first, then add), they want to buy it and are reluctant to buy it. What is not available in the local area that is not suitable for them. Such as: health products, small electricity ... especially small and new, exquisite small utensils, gadgets, etc. that are not sold in the local area ... easy to use and carry directly, "show off" children's love at any time to satisfy their children, satisfy their Psychological needs.

    1. Live porcelain holding the ball to play healthy

    The live porcelain is a healthy porcelain that has a healthy porcelain that has the cells in the human body Reduce hypertension and eliminate sore fatigue. This pair of dragons gripped the carved and vividly played, and it was just suitable for middle -aged and elderly people to move bones and bones, healthy and mental.

    2. Self -heating health care

    This can be spontaneously heated, effectively improving blood circulation, promoting metabolism, dredging meridians, removing wind and dehumidification, analgesia and cold, Enhanced the body's disease resistance is the choice of gifts for parents and elders

    . If the elderly are located in large and medium -sized cities, the elderly have a high level of culture -selection of temperament and avant -garde type.

    The economic income is solid, you can consider buying an objective and fashionable object. Such as: Buy a small camera and send a credit card ... You can also buy some novel, advanced, fashionable, parents, no, and local gadgets that cannot be bought locally, making them happy, and envy others. Essence

    1. Love car home helper

    The vase of the flow line, stylish and beautiful appearance, classic Chinese red, not to mention strong vacuum cleaning function, cleaning car, cleaning car It is okay with the sofa.

    2. The blanket with a sleeve

    A blanket with a "sleeve" allows the elderly to read books on the bed or sofa and watch TV. Love accompanies the elderly at any time. In short, the gift given to the elderly in the Spring Festival is not valuable, but in the heart that the gifts you send can often make the elderly feel that it is like you are with you, which is the meaning of this gift. Where.

    What gifts for the elders for the New Year? Do you think


    1. When buying health products, you must first understand the old man's body Condition 2. To buy warm underwear, you need to know the size of your elders


    is about to be celebrated immediately, always worrying about it to be given to his father, mother, and aunt. But it is a matter of mind. People who are older for a lifetime pay attention to practicality. They are too practical. I have a bad choice, and they do n’t like them. After asking a few brothers and sisters, they also gave some suggestions, but they still did not choose. Let me give you some of my backup options.

    . Performance ingredients

    It can choose some relatively high -end miscellaneous grains, oils, or nuts, etc. At least it will not be wasted. Eating these things can be good for health. The best choice for elders. If you send food, the most important thing is to let the elders taste fresh, but you must pay attention to the shelf life and packaging. Don't buy those things with few things, the big things are big, making people feel virtual but not true. Some miscellaneous grains, beans, and nuts are best packaged in vacuum packaging, so that the shelf life can last longer. When buying, you should also be optimistic about the shelf life, do not buy the out of date.

    . High -quality fruits

    It people will feel cheaper to send fruits, but it is different from high -quality fruits. The quantity is not too much, but the quality must be good, and it must be given fresh. It is best to be the kind of high -end product that is not easy to buy, which can be impressed after eating to achieve the purpose of giving gifts. Don't choose the fruit basket, the Chinese is not true, the fruit inside is not delicious or fresh, it is the basket that sells. In winter, you can also give some strawberries, big cherries, blueberries and other anti -season fruits. In addition, you can also choose some high -quality dried fruits, such as raisins, apricot meat, figs, etc. These not only have a long shelf life, but also the taste of the fruit, the elders will definitely like it.

    . Health products

    It is also common to send elders health products, but you must learn about the health of the elders before buying. Health products. Because health care products are not other things, they need to be dependent on human constitution. If you buy health products that are not suitable for the elders, you can lose it. Unfortunately, you can eat it. Elders. You can choose some commonly used health products, such as wolfberry, red dates, black sesame seeds, etc., no matter what constitution is, it is beneficial and easy to save.

    . Sports equipment

    If the elders in the home love sports, send a pedestrian, or the gripper and arm force stick, help them exercise, elders, elders, We will definitely like it. It is also good to send a fat meter or a waistline. Elders can master their body fat changes at any time to effectively prevent the three highs.

    . High -grade underwear

    The winter is relatively cold, especially in the north, so send a set of warm underwear to the parents, and send a warm in winter, which will also let them also let them make them what they will make them. My heart is warm. This is the best reflection of children's filial piety. However, before sending, you must first understand the number suitable for the old people's body, and then buy the high -end product that they have always been reluctant to buy. Although they will feel expensive at the time, they will be expensive, but when they wear them in front of outsiders At the time, it feels different, how happy and proud it is.

    . Medical equipment

    In a send an electronic sphygmomanometer to allow the elderly to pay attention to their blood pressure conditions and maintain healthy. It is a good choice such as blood glucose meter, small massage, physiotherapy instrument, and foot bath, which can play a great role in the physical condition of the elderly. However, before buying, be sure to understand whether there are these instruments at home in the elderly. It is useless to buy too much.

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