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  1. Jianxingli Jewelry, as the top China -level emerald jewelry luxury brand with international influence, has a dominant position in the jadeite jewelry industry in the country and Hong Kong and Taiwan. Essence
    1. Jianxingli Jewelry has a rich and high -quality jewelry -grade jade collections
    The Jianxingli jewelry as a Chinese jade jewelry luxury brand, with its responsibility Gem -grade emerald collections, including the jadeite of Jade Jingscui and the inlaid jewelry of the jade gold phase, there are many handed down works. Among them, it is specially characterized by the emerald flowers of old, colorful, water, and gongmei. The number of emerald art treasures and the essence of quality are the best in China.
    2. Jianxingli Jewelry Group has the largest jadeite professional store in China
    The Jianxingli Jewelry was founded in Hong Kong in 1992. It entered the Beijing market in 2006 and opened the Asian flagship store in Beijing. It is located in Wangfu, Beijing. The first floor of the Wangfu Century Building of Jingdong Anmen Street, covering an area of ​​3,800 square meters, is currently the largest high -end jadeite professional store in the mainland.
    3. Jianxingli jewelry high -end emerald sales are at the forefront of the country
    The market share and popularity industry at the forefront of the industry. The mid -to -high -end emerald wholesale accounted for more than 60%of the emerald market in Hong Kong and more than 80%in Taiwan. And comprehensively cover Southeast Asia.
    In high -end emeralds, Jianxingli Jewelry Group Emerald sales also ranks among the top Chinese high -end jadeite sales industry.
    2009 China Jewelry and Jade Shou Jie Jie
    4. Jianxingli Jewelry has a relatively complete market system
    Jianxingli jewelry pays great attention to the construction of the market system. There is an overseas expansion center, which is responsible for the construction and brand promotion of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia with the special status of the Hong Kong Global Trade Distribution Center and Free Port.
    2009 Jewelry and jade head jewelry in the middle of the country
    In on the mainland, a chain terminal sales system from Guangzhou and Beijing to Beijing was established. There are nearly 20 business outlets and partners, which has effectively promoted the construction of the Jianxingli jewelry market system.
    5. Jianxingli Jewelry has established a strict product quality supervision and detection system
    The spirit of Jianxingli jewelry in the production and sales of Jewelry Jewelery, which is highly responsible for consumers. All jewelry has been tested by a national inspection agency to issue a legal basis for diamonds and jewelry to issue a legal basis, and the inspection and signing of precious metals with precious metals will be issued.
    6. Jianxingli jewelry has continuously improved the design and service team construction
    The Jianxingli jewelry has been committed to the construction and development of the design team, combined with the new trends of Hong Kong jewelry design, and continuously tried to adopt the latest fashion elements. Based on the new materials and modern inlaid technology, the jadeite jewelry full of all kinds of colors is combined with new materials and modern inlaid technology, showing unparalleled ultimate quality and artistic value. Jianxingli Emerald has performed well in the emerald jewelry auction of international auction companies such as Christie's and Sotheby's.
    The sales service team of Jianxingli Jewelry not only has rich professionalism, but also actively promotes the emerald culture with a kind and enthusiastic service spirit and provides consumers to complete the after -sales service. Based on this, in various consumer complaint processing agencies, consumers have maintained a record of "zero" complaints on Jianxingli Jewelery.
    7. Jianxingli Jewelry pays great attention to its own brand construction
    The Jianxingli jewelry is very important to focus on brand building. It has been awarded a number of honorary titles by the Chinese Jewelry Jewelry Jewelry Industry Association and the Hong Kong Jade Industry Association. In 2008, the Hong Kong Jade Industry Association was awarded the "Natural (A) Emerald" use certificate of Jianxingli Jewelry. In November 2009, the China Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association awarded the honorary title of Jianxingli Jewelry "Chinese Jewelry Jewelry Industry" and "Chinese Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry".
    2009 China Jewelry and Jade Shouchie Jie
    8. Jianxingli Jewelry actively fulfilled social responsibility
    while actively developing and growing, Jianxingli Jewelry has also actively fulfilled social responsibilities and actively participated in charity activities. Essence
    2007 donated 800,000 yuan in Henan Province to build a general Hope Primary School, which was commended and awarded by the Chinese Charity Federation. During the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, Jianxingli Jewelry actively contacted the Hong Kong jewelry and jade industry to raise funds to help the people of the earthquake -stricken area rebuilt their homes.

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