5 thoughts on “How to distinguish between genuine and fake jewelry / diamond jewelry (Note: it is not a naked diamond)?”

  1. There are three kinds of certificates that are very authoritative. One of them can prove that it is a real diamond. The first is the certificate issued by GIA gemstone Institute in the United States, which is globally recognized and the most authoritative

    the second type is issued by IGI international gemstone Institute. The diamond appraisal certificate is recognized as the largest jewelry appraisal institution in the world Very authoritative

    the third type is the certificate issued by China's NGTC jewelry and jade quality supervision and inspection center, which is the most authoritative jewelry appraisal institution in China. With the appraisal certificate of the authoritative institution, you can buy with confidence.

  2. 20000? If you buy Liufu jewelry for 20000 yuan, you can go directly to CK Tiffany Cartier and the like.
    you can't tell whether it's true or false. You can only go to the local quality inspection department. Regular merchants will give you a diamond classification certificate for diamonds with a score of more than 10. As long as the certificate is true, the diamonds can never be fake. As for the authenticity of the certificate, of course, you can go to the quality inspection department for recheck. Basically, there is no problem, If the brand jewelry sells fake goods, he is smashing his own feet. There is also a possibility that the franchisee has a black heart, but this situation is relatively small. If you are not confident, you can check it

    except 4C. Of course, it depends on his fire color. The so-called fire color can be known by Baidu.
    there are many kinds of certificates. Domestic brands in the market use GIA (American gemstone Institute) and national testing departments or provinces. The production cost of GIA certificate is the most expensive, which is about 300 yuan higher than that of domestic certificates. I wish you a happy shopping.

  3. If the diamond waist of GIA has a number, the diamond purchased from Liu Haoran's house is the certificate of GIA American gemstone Institute, and it is an international certificate. The quality of diamonds is guaranteed.

  4. 1. The quality of diamonds is mainly determined by 4C. You can go to their physical stores to learn about the after-sales service of these two companies
    2. Generally, diamonds purchased in regular stores will not have fake goods. If there are fake goods, they will not be able to do business for a long time. The most important thing in doing business is reputation. I believe that no one will buy a business without reputation
    3. You can take it to the local testing center for identification
    4. In addition to 4C, we also need to look at the certificate fluorescence, cream, coffee diamond, etc., which will have a small impact on diamonds.

  5. [] Hello, I'll give you a brief answer
    the first few respondents basically said
    4C is everything that determines the diamond. The fire color mentioned by the person upstairs also determines whether to bloom perfect fire color due to the perfection of 4C. From the perspective of my profession, fluorescence is also one aspect to be seen. There are fluorescence and non fluorescence
    the regular diamond brands in the mall will not have fake goods, which will not damage the brand's reputation. If you are not confident, you can go to the local monitoring agency for re inspection
    CC Kamei has a good reputation. The new army is rising and will serve the people wholeheartedly. It is easy to know when you go to the store to experience and experience. You can bring tea and water to the table stool and send snacks. I believe you will be warm.

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