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  1. There are 4 Hong Kong jewelry enterprises in the gold shops counted by the China economic network reporter this time, and Chow Tai Fook thousand gold jewelry is 311 yuan / g; Zhou Shengsheng thousand gold jewelry 311 yuan / g; Liufu jewelry thousand gold jewelry 311 yuan / g; Gold supreme thousand gold jewelry 311 yuan / g
    in mainland gold shops, Caibai qianzu gold jewelry is 298 yuan / g; China Gold thousand gold jewelry 298 yuan / g; Yu Garden mall’s Yayi gold store increased by 2 yuan to 310 yuan. The sun gold store reported a thousand gold coins of 289 yuan / g; Baitai gold reported 288 yuan / g; Gold elephant jewelry: 288 yuan / g; The price of Jinlan gold jewelry is 295 yuan / g; Dongxiang gold store thousand gold jewelry 285 yuan / g
    in addition, there are four A-share listed companies in this statistics. Laofengxiang’s Shanghai head office has thousand gold jewelry at 317 yuan per gram; Gold leaf jewelry and thousand gold jewelry 295 yuan / g; Mingpai jewelry thousand gold jewelry is 304 yuan / g; Chaohongji thousand gold jewelry is 305 yuan / g.

  2. Qianzujin
    230 yuan / g
    229.5 yuan / g
    qianzujin: those with a gold content of no less than 999 are called qianzujin, which is the highest value in jewelry color naming. The mark is thousand gold, 999 gold, gold999 or g999
    full Gold: it is called full gold if the gold content is not less than 990. The stamp is “full gold”, “990 gold”, “gold990” or “G990”
    when buying gold jewelry, you must first understand the quality inspection marks of gold jewelry. Most of the gold jewelry sold in the market are equipped with inspection marks of quality inspection institutions, which clearly indicate the gold content and weight of the jewelry. 999 gold is also called thousand gold, and the gold content is not less than 999 ‰; 990 gold is called full gold, and the gold content is not less than 990 ‰; The gold content of 22K gold is not less than 916 ‰; The gold content of 18K gold is not less than 750 ‰; The gold content of 14K Gold is not less than 585 ‰; The gold content of 9K GOLD is not less than 375 ‰
    it is particularly important to remind consumers that 18K gold jewelry has yellow, white and red colors. White 18K gold is an alloy of gold and nickel, zinc, silver, copper and other elements. White K gold jewelry is not platinum (Platinum) products
    the imprint of gold jewelry includes manufacturer code, material and purity, such as X gold 990, xau990, X full gold, etc. Where, the letter X is the manufacturer code. When precious metals of different materials or purity are used to make jewelry, the material and purity shall be expressed separately. When the jewelry cannot be printed due to reasons such as too fine or too small, it shall be attached with a mark containing the imprint content

  3. by 2021, the price was 357 yuan / g , which increased by 17 yuan in one day, but dropped to 346.2 yuan / G on the morning of the 20th; The price of 999 jewelry gold has been 415 yuan / g. The full gold price of Chow Tai Fook was 468 yuan / g and 446 yuan / G on the 8th and 20th respectively; The prices of gold bars and gold seals were 458 yuan / g and 436 yuan / g respectively

    for example, some jewelry gold of Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sheng Sheng is a buy it now price, and a 1g jewelry may sell for thousands of yuan; The gold ornaments in some shops of Laofengxiang and Laomiao are sold by gram, and the price is relatively low. It depends on the style or gold content. Some designs are exquisite, and the price will be on the high side

    buy back Gold:

    there are many kinds of gold bought back by pawn shops, including gold bars and gold ornaments. I need to hold the purchase certificate, physical gold, savings card and ID card to pawn gold through on-site weighing, purity analysis and other links. The general process takes about 10 minutes. “There are more customers buying back gold at the end of the year.” Introduced by an employee of Huaxia pawnshop

    insiders remind that different banks, gold shops, pawn shops and other repurchase rules are different. Before buying gold, you should learn more about the repurchase precautions from the staff. Some even buy back have high time and money costs. Investors must understand the deducted handling fees and price difference, and decide whether to buy back after calculating whether to make a loss or gain

    for the above content, please refer to: People’s Daily – Spring Festival gold purchase guide: how to invest gold more cost effectively

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