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  1. The common materials of rings are platinum, gold, K platinum, rose gold, palladium, titanium, and recycled metals. As long as it is plastic, it can be made of plastic, resin, glass, stainless steel, etc

    1, gold

    gold is one of the rare and precious metals. Its golden yellow can be compared with the sun, with strong ductility and malleability. It is suitable for making ornaments of various shapes, and gold has the function of maintaining value

    2, platinum

    platinum, also known as platinum, is a rare natural white precious metal, which is called love metal for its firmness, purity and permanence. Platinum has a white luster, so it will not cast any color on the central gemstone, which can better set off the brilliant brilliance of diamonds. Platinum has high density, is very strong, can fix diamonds well, and has natural anti sensitivity

    3. K gold

    k gold is a mixture of gold and other metals. Generally speaking, 18 K gold is common in the market. 18 K gold is composed of 75% gold and 25% other metals. Generally speaking, 18 K gold is white and rose gold

    White K-gold is plated with a layer of rhodium on the surface to make it white. However, with the passage of time, the coating may be worn out, exposing its original color. Rose gold is an alloy made of gold and copper. The more copper alloy is added, the stronger the rose tone will be. 18K gold is a common diamond inlay material in the market. Compared with other metals, it is cheaper and can be mixed with different alloys

    4, palladium

    palladium is a kind of metal with silver white luster. This kind of natural mineral is often used as an alloy to soften in white K gold. Palladium is similar to platinum in that it does not fade but also has anti sensitivity. However, palladium is very soft and its density is too low, which makes it easy to wear out. Compared with platinum, palladium is more gray and dark in color

    with the progress of society, more and more materials are used in the production of rings. In addition to the above four common materials, titanium and other recycled metals are also used in the production of rings

    extended data

    the origin of rings

    the origin of China

    in China, rings have been used for at least two thousand years. According to a large number of documents, rings were widely worn by Chinese women in the Qin and Han Dynasties. Rings were often called "rings" in ancient times, and the appearance of the name "ring" was a matter of the Yuan Dynasty

    when the ring was handed down to the people, its function was not only a simple ornament. Men and women love each other and give each other presents. This is an oath of commitment. It originated from practicality, and then gradually turned to the unity of aesthetics and wealth, and gradually was given different cultural meanings

    it was not until the Ming Dynasty that the term "ring" became more popular. When talking about the costumes of the Ming Dynasty, the Book Ancient Chinese costumes and customs said: "as for calling it a ring, it seems to be something after the Ming Dynasty."

    foreign origin

    the first person in the world to use a ring as an engagement token was king maximini of Austria. In 1477, maismini met Mary's princess. Maismini was fascinated by her beautiful appearance and elegant manners. However, Mary had already been engaged to the crown prince of France at that time, but he still did not give up. In order to win Mary's love, maismini ordered someone to make a precious diamond ring and give it to Mary

    faced with this finely carved and shiny diamond ring and the warm pursuit of michelini, Mary finally changed her original intention and married michelini. Since then, the diamond ring has become an engagement token for westerners. However, in ancient Rome, rings were used as seals to symbolize power

    reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia -- ring

  2. The ring is mainly made of platinum, palladium, gold and gold

    Gold: China's traditional precious metal, an indispensable noble in traditional weddings, has gradually disappeared from the wedding of the younger generation in recent years. However, due to the soaring price of gold again this year, it has been quietly returning

    platinum: the high density of platinum gives it extraordinary strength, which means that it can protect and fix diamonds or other gems. Moreover, it is naturally anti sensitive and has no problem on sensitive skin. When the platinum is scratched, it only produces metal displacement without losing mass. So your ring can resist the erosion of time

    palladium: similar to platinum, palladium does not lose luster, is very soft, and is also sensitive. However, palladium's low density makes it easy to lose

    k gold: it is actually a mixed metal of gold and other precious metals. Common is 18K gold, that is, 75% gold mixed with other precious metals. The common 18K gold is usually white, that is, white 18K gold. Some people call it "white gold". It is not natural white. Most of the time, the surface is plated with white metal and becomes white. Therefore, some people say that white 18K gold will fade after wearing for a long time

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