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  1. Those who are flicker to buy the product with a higher value of this product must define whether it is fraud according to the amount of being cheated. According to Article 266 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China: The crime of fraud refers to the behavior of illegal possession, using fictional facts or concealing the truth, to deceive the greater public and private property.
    The object of violations of this crime is ownership of public and private property. Some criminal activities, although some deception methods are also used, and even pursue certain illegal economic benefits, the object that violates is not or limited to public and private property ownership. According to the relevant judicial interpretation, the amount of fraud is large, starting with 3,000 yuan.
    The criteria for the crime of fraud:
    "The Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 266 provides:
    The fraud public and private property. Or regulatory, and punishment or single fines; if the amount is huge or other serious circumstances, it is imprisoned for three years and less than ten years, and the fines are punished. Or life imprisonment, fined or confiscated property.
    Is otherwise stipulated in this law, in accordance with regulations. According to the "Explanation of Several Issues on Specific Application Laws of Supreme People's Court on Trial Fraud": Article 3,000 or more of individual fraud public and private property, which belongs to "large amount"; "Great amount".
    Extension information:
    The composition of the crime of fraud

    1. Object requirements:
    The object to invade this crime is public and private property ownership. Some criminal activities, although some deception methods are also used, and even pursue certain illegal economic benefits, the object that violates is not or limited to public and private property ownership. Therefore, it does not constitute a crime of fraud. For example: those who trafficking women and children are crime of infringing personal rights.
    The object of violation of fraud is limited to the property of the state, collective or individual, rather than deceive other illegal interests. Its objects should also exclude loans from financial institutions. The criminal law has specifically stipulated the crime of loan fraud in Article 193.
    2. Objective requirements:
    The crime is objectively manifested as the use of fraud methods to deceive public and private property with large amounts. The actor implemented fraud. Fraud behavior includes two categories in form, one is fictional facts, and the other is to conceal the truth. The two are essentially a behavior that causes the victims to fall into a wrong understanding.
    3, subject elements:
    The subject of this crime is the general subject. Natural per capita of natural per capita crimes that meet the age of criminal responsibility and have the ability to criminal responsibility.
    4, subjective requirements:
    The sin is directly intentional in terms of subjective manifestations, and has the purpose of illegally possess public and private property.

  2. This is not fraud. Recently, various gold brand stores in the market have launched "one -bodied" gold. As long as they can look more fashionable and feel more fashionable, they are all labeled "one -bodied". Why do these gold have soared after labeling, even several times the ordinary gold? In the words of the clerk, this is because the "one -mouth price" gold style is novel, exquisite in workmanship, and looks more textured than ordinary gold. It will not be affected by international gold prices.
    The gold or "one total payment" depends on the specific situation. In many golden shops, you can see the price label and the weight of the gold price of the day, and you can also see gold jewelry priced at a single price. Obviously, the current golden store provides both "gram -priced" gold and "one -price" gold. As for whether this way of sales is legal, the answer is that if consumers buy hard gold, that is, most of the design is made immediately, and the exquisite design of the finished gold jewelry products are not sold by Kick. This gold is mainly sold in the form of handicrafts, and its selling point is mainly reflected in its process or brand value, and the value of gold.
    The gold jewelry of the "one -bob" gold jewelry is processed by some special processes, so the gold content is likely to be greatly reduced, and it is difficult to distinguish the quality of gold from the surface after processing finished jewelry. There are many inferior gold jewelry on the market. Therefore, consumers should do their homework in advance when choosing such gold jewelry, choose big brands as much as possible, and choose gold shops with after -sales protection to reduce purchase risks.
    The number of grams of a single gold price cannot be compared with real gold. After buying, customers who found this fact cannot sue the store fraud, because both parties are willing to consider the consumer association's complaint when buying. When buying a gold price, customers should pay attention to the real situation of gold and not be foolish by the sales staff.

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