1 thought on “Will 18K gold oxidize and black?”

  1. 18K gold will be oxidized and black.
    The precious metal substances in it will have a chemical reaction with it when encountering stains, causing 18K gold color, fading, or turning black. To prevent the color loss of 18K gold, it is recommended to apply a layer of colorless nail polish on its surface. If the 18K gold has been faded, it is recommended that professionals be requested to re -plated a layer of gold on the surface of 18K gold.

    The maintenance method
    1. When stored alone without wearing 18K gold jewelry, wrap it in a velvet and place it in the jewelry box separately to avoid rubbing the 18K gold jewelry and other jewelry. Dark.
    2. Avoid contact with chemicals to swim when swimming pools, and the pool water is treated with chlorine, and 18K gold is soaked for a long time. The agent or perm potion is easy to change, and it is easy to change color, and the overall beauty is greatly reduced.
    3, regular maintenance of 18K gold jewelry, which is often worn, can easily lead to scratches on the surface of the jewelry after a long time, and the surface color becomes dull. Therefore, it should be cleaned and checked once a month. Professionals cleaning and maintenance.

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