3 thoughts on “What is the price of gold jewelry in various brands today”

  1. The current price of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is around 278, and most of the national gold prices have increased profits at this price. The current terminal retail price of the Northeast region is between 239-255

  2. Today’s domestic jewelry gold, thousands of gold gold prices

    今 今 Gold price (Mainland) 302.00

    Capital jewelry gold price (mainland) 304.00
    n Lao Fengxiang Foot gold gold Price 304.50

    Cuisine trigger gold bar price 270.00

    Liufu jewelry gold price (mainland) 303.00

  3. What are the prices of gold jewelry in various brands today:
    The international gold price is: $ 1379.10/ounce; RMB: 271.55 yuan/gram.
    The gold price of the major gold shops is:
    Weekly: 354 yuan/gram
    Lao Fengxiang: 368 yuan/gram
    week Shengsheng: 354 yuan/gram
    354 yuan/gram
    Old temple: 366 yuan/gram
    100: 369 yuan/gram
    Six blessings: 354 yuan/gram

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