How long will the hair extensions last?

Girls who love beauty always like to tinker with their hair style, whether it is gentle with tall hair or handsome with short hair, they can't help but want to try. But when it comes to changing your hairstyle, it's a minefield. What should we do? What if you are not satisfied with a short haircut? Can I get my hair done? And how long will the extensions last? Today, let's share a few hair extension manufacturer to show you how long your hair will last. If you want to make a hair extension, please take a look.

01, the hair is not permanent, typically keeps the time between 30-90 days, the specific need to decide according to their own hair growth rate, and the way of care.

02, if the hair growth rate is relatively moderate, the hair may be kept longer, about 90 days or so. But if your hair grows faster, then in the process of hair growth, it will also affect the hair quality of the knot, and it is easy to lose hair.

cad055072685e12206955c47efbca28103, want to connect the hair to keep longer, but also need to pay attention to daily care. For example, when washing hair, the technique should be gentle as much as possible, not too rough to rub the hair, not to pull, to prevent the hair falling off and affecting the appearance.

04, when we connect the hair, in the process of combing the hair also need to be careful, do not try to pull the hair with a comb. After all, the hair itself is different from our original hair, carelessly will be connected to the hair pulled off, gravely affecting the appearance.

05, in fact, simply picked up the hair, there will be a certain amount of discomfort, like with a lot of hairpins on the top of the head. However, WHEN WE SLEEP, DO NOT CONSTANTLY MOVE, LEST LET RECEIVE HAIR TO BECOME NOT SO FIRM, GET USED TO A WEEK OR SO ABOUT, THE FEELING WILL BE A LOT BETTER, AFTER ALL, BEAUTY IS TO COME BACK TO COST.

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