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  1. The color choice of color diamonds involves many factors, including customs culture, purpose, price and personal preference. Integrate all factors to make the right choice. The following briefly introduces the symbols and cultural customs of colorful diamonds of various colors to refer to readers when choosing color diamonds.
    1. Red diamond
    The traditional custom in China, red symbolizes festive auspiciousness, great luck, wedding festivals must be red, joyful. Even China’s stock market represented a bull market with red. Red diamonds complement the traditional Chinese customs. It is the most expensive diamond and the rare diamond. There are very few natural red diamonds, and it is almost impossible to buy red diamonds. Having a red diamond symbolizes happiness and auspiciousness, great fortune, wealth and wealth, and infinite future.
    2. Purple -red diamond
    is as rare as red diamonds. As the saying goes, the purple is actually purple and red. Purple -red has a symbolic significance that exceeds red. Purple -red in China symbolizes Heantong and everything, purple and red symbolize the nobles in the West. The symbol of purple -red diamonds is the most noble. At present, there are only a few natural purple -red diamonds in the world, which are mainly produced in Agael in Australia. Purple -red diamonds are the treasures of collectors. It is difficult to see at first sight. Having a purple -red diamond symbolizes more grace and luxury.
    3. Pink diamonds
    Pink diamonds are actually low -saturated and high -brightness red, purple -red and orange diamonds. High -saturated natural red, purple -red and orange diamonds are almost out of reach. Pink diamonds have a small number of outputs, mainly from Agael in Australia. Most of the pink diamonds in the market are purple -red pink. Pink symbolizes romance and love. The pink diamonds embedded on the wedding ring will definitely make the bride more beautiful and make the wedding more luxurious and noble. If the dream has a more moving wedding diamond ring than a colorless diamond ring, then pink diamonds are the first choice.
    4. Orange diamonds
    Natural orange diamonds are very rare, and it is difficult to find a pure orange diamond in the international diamond market. Most of the known natural orange diamonds are in the hands of colorful diamond collectors or in the famous natural museum for appreciation. If you want to collect colored diamonds or have persistent preferences for color diamonds, you can consider buying a natural orange diamond.
    This 6-3 natural orange diamonds (/Courtesy of Aurora Gem Colection)
    Figure 6-4 Natural yellow diamonds No. 146, 3-4 Northern Light Diamond, weighing 0.81ct (Tino Hammid/Coutesy of Aurora Gem Colection )
    5. Yellow diamonds
    Is when the saturation of yellow diamonds is higher than the D-Z color level Z color, it belongs to color diamonds. When the saturation of yellow diamonds is very high, its color tends to the color of gold, which brings a sense of value. In Chinese history, yellow is the color of the emperor, and its power and honor are self -evident. Yellow diamonds symbolize power and honor. If you yearn for the emperor’s power, the honor of the royal family, and the wealth of billionaires, the yellow diamond will bring good luck.
    Figure 6-5 Natural green diamonds and their crystals (Robert Weldon/Coutesy of Aurora Gem)
    6. Green diamond
    The natural green diamonds are very rare, especially natural green diamonds with high saturation. It is impossible to meet. Green diamonds can give people a sense of peace and tranquility. Wearing green diamonds will get the relaxation and pleasure of dreaming and naturalness, and enjoy the glittering away from the world. The green diamond with excellent emerald jewelry must be a woman’s shocking jewelry, and no one will not dump it. Natural green diamond ring is most suitable for the peerless beauty of social elites and the country.
    7. Blue diamond
    blue is like a sea, giving people an infinitely open association. Blue diamonds are also unlimited like the sea. Wearing blue diamonds will broaden the road of life. With a natural blue diamond, it will bring more wealth and luck. Natural blue diamonds are very scarce and expensive. They are treasures of celebrities and richest people in the giant.
    In Figure 6-6 Robert Weldon (Robert Weldon) Courtesy of Aurora Gem)
    Figure 6-7 Natural Brown Diamond
    (Liu Yan Photography/Liu Yan Collection)
    6-8 Northern Light Colorful Diamond Collection No. 243 Natural Black Diamonds, weighing 1.83 carats (Tino Hammid/Courtesy of Aurora Gem)
    8. Brown diamonds
    The business name of brown diamonds is champagne diamond. Champagne is always accompanied by romance and fashion. Brown diamonds represent the romance and fashion. The design contest of champagne diamond jewelry and the performance of wearing champagne diamond jewelry models also create romance and fashion for champagne diamonds. On a romantic night, a cup of mellow champagne liquor was used to taste with the hands of wearing a champagne diamond ring. romantic. For an avant -garde of popular jewelry, if you already have colorless diamonds, then adding a champagne diamond will definitely lead a generation of fashion.
    9. Black diamond
    The natural black diamonds in history have not been ignored, especially in recent years, black diamonds have become popular, and the sales of black diamonds have increased year by year, especially in Europe. The beauty of black diamonds lies in the strong contrast between colorless diamonds. A black diamond is set against many colorless diamonds around a black diamond. The strong color contrast and the flashing of the diamond will immediately win. The Chinese do not have the habit of wearing black jewelry. Black diamonds are a must for color diamond collectors.
    10. Milk white diamonds
    The natural milky white diamonds are just the love of samples and collectors, and few people wear it. If you are a colorful diamond collector, natural milk white diamonds are essential. Of course, it takes time and patience to find an ideal natural milky white diamond, and maybe this desire cannot be realized in a lifetime. If you want to be different and unique, wearing a natural milky white diamond will not be disappointed.
    11. Change diamonds
    The known color change diamonds: “Change Dragon” diamonds and visible fluorescent color diamonds. The color of the “Change Dragon” diamond is green, which becomes yellow after heating or in a dark environment for a period of time. The color change phenomenon of the “Change Dragon” diamonds can be observed by heating or storage in the dark for a period of time, and the color change phenomenon cannot be observed under general wearing conditions. The “Change Dragon” diamond is the treasure of diamond collectors, not the first choice for ordinary public jewelry.
    This fluorescent color diamonds can produce color changes between sunlight and incandescent lights. When performing artists’ performances, different lights may make this diamond show different colors, which will definitely make the audience surprised and enthusiastic. It’s just that fluorescent discoloration diamonds are extremely rare. I really do n’t know where to buy one.
    The “Change Dragon” diamonds and visible fluorescent color diamonds are currently exclusive to diamond collectors and scientific researchers. There are very few real -dutable diamonds, especially fluorescent color diamonds. At present, it is only the collection of diamond collectors.

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