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  1. 1. A jewelry shop selling gold and silver jewelry. Such as Chow Tai Fook, six blessing jewelry, etc
    2. There are generally gold and silver processing shops in flower and bird markets
    3. Some shops specializing in making gold and silver
    expansion data:
    ① the processing fee of Chow Tai Fook gold necklace is not fixed. For general rings and earrings, the labor cost is 50-150. For necklaces, it is generally 150. It depends on whether the process is cumbersome. There are generally two standards for collection of manual fees for gold jewelry: 1. Fees are charged according to the price of gold per gram; 2. Charge per piece according to the specifications of gold jewelry
    ② some gold and silver processing shops without national chains generally charge much less than those with high popularity, but the technology is not easy to determine. It may be low or high. Before you go, you should ask your friends whether they have processed the gold and silver, and see how others have processed the gold and silver before you make a choice
    ③ general processing process of gold jewelry: melting gold → reverse mold → mold holding → polishing → calendering → embossing → testing → finished products. Because the process of processing gold jewelry is complex and the process details are very strict, it is safe and reliable to go to the regular store for processing. The processing cost of gold and silver will change according to the customer's requirements. It depends on what the customer wants to process and what the pattern needs to be processed. It depends on its fineness to determine the price
    ④ processing technology: engraving and engraving technology is an ancient technique commonly used in gold and silver processing at home and abroad. Hammer the gold and silver thin, and then carve out the relief effect with a chisel, or engrave rich patterns. The larger the area, the richer the effect. Although we also often use carved gold ornaments, most of them are small and simple. The advantage of using silver is that the area and volume of jewelry are large, so it can have more abundant patterns and decorations, and also have more appreciation value. The melting method is to use the physical property of uniform and rapid heat conduction of silver to blow with fire to heat the thin silver sheet to the moment when it is about to melt, remove the heat source, and uniform wrinkles will be produced on the silver sheet. Because the thermal conductivity of gold is poor, it cannot produce wrinkle effect. In addition, some ornaments with droplet effect are made of silver, which is far better than gold and has a lasting appeal

  2. First, the flower and bird market, where there is gold and silver processing; Second, there is a gold and silver processing shop on the first floor of the vegetable market

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