4 thoughts on “Please introduce some small hand-made gifts that can be given to people~”

  1. This depends on the identity you give it to, the people you have a relationship with, and the things you need to give it to
    let me give you some reference. If it is an ordinary communication between ordinary colleagues or friends, manual card issuing is a good choice. It is simple and practical! Of course, hand baked biscuits are also a good choice. They can be close and casual, and they can make a good relationship! If it is because of leaders or close friends such as housewarming, the large-scale manual cross stitch is beautiful and full of sincerity!

  2. You can buy some materials and make them yourself. Embroidery, small bags, or super light clay. It's also interesting to pinch some small objects. Handmade is very memorable. If you can't do it, you can buy other people's handicrafts, such as Yihan Bianxiu, intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, and small items are not expensive.

  3. You can make some small ceramic products in the edification hall to send people, which can achieve good results ~ you can make some small people, some hand-made decorative paintings, etc., which are especially suitable for sending people.

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