What gifts can photos be used to make?

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  1. The photo can be used to make it: 1. The live -action doll is made by hand according to the live -action photo. The effect made is realistic and fun, and it is permanently preserved. It is very memorable. It is the first choice for gifts for photos.

    2, the color change cup, print the photo on the cup, it will change the photos when the heat water is hot. Usually, it is the color of the cup, which is very strange.

    3, you can also make the photo into a puzzle as a puzzle game. The feeling of spelling your photos must be strange. This is a very interesting gift.

    4, you can also customize a crystal music box, print the photo on the music box, with good music, I believe that such photo gifts must be very attractive.

    5, and there are, you can make the photo on the pillow and make it fluorescent. It will emit fluorescence at night, which is strange and beautiful.

  2. The most important photos are records, record time, record beauty
    1, you can make a picture album, record some small details of her life with you, happy, sad, troubled, all memories
    2, You can make the beauty in her life instantly into a frame, put it in the wall of the home photo wall
    3, you can print these photos, buy photo frames in a certain treasure, make a photo wall, or use hemp rope, clip, clip, clip, clip It is also very fresh
    4, made into small videos, played with electronic albums.

  3. If you have a lot of photos related to her, you can make a photo book for her. If there are very few photos, you can choose one or two particularly beautiful pillows, or printed on the cup

  4. I think the best way is to make a music album. At that time, I moved my male ticket with this gift.
    The day of his birthday, I planned to make a music album and put our beautiful memories in it. Turn out our group photos and match his favorite song "Guangdong Ten Years Love Story". Of course, I am also improvised by Shixing. At the end of the music album, the text and birthday wishes of Rouma were added. In the end, successfully let a master hiding in the bed secretly crying, hahahahahaha ...
    is right, the software uses VCORE. You can also make some cups, T -shirts, pillows, postcards, etc.

  5. There are many gifts that are made now.
    , make a photo album, add the mood or thing at the time.
    . It can be made into a book, a book, and a photo.
    . It can also be made into cards, greeting cards, and relatively few photos.
    . You can make a key pendant.
    5. You can print it to the pillow and the clothes cup.

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