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  1. In the New Year, many people have to give gifts. This is the most basic etiquette of the Chinese, a respect for friends and family members, and an expression of their love. The more expensive the price of gifts, the more you have a face, so the gift shop is still very marketable. So, what documents do you need to apply for a gift store?
    . What documents do you need to open a gift shop?
    In first applying for a business license, you need to copy the documents of your ID card, real estate certificate, rental agreement, one inch of photos, and the rest should fill out the form in the local relevant departments to think about your store name and business scope.
    In these, wait for the business license to go down, and then go to the National Taxation and Local Tax Bureau to apply for a tax registration certificate. If you get the business license within 30 days, it shall be fined overdue. There are so many, I hope it will be helpful to you. The staff will also remind you when you do it, mainly to copy the information on A4 paper in advance. It's okay to print a few more copies.
    . How to open the gift shop
    1, the location of the store
    The gift shop is a good entrepreneurial point, but the location is important. The location of the gift shop is still very flexible. Busty streets, downtown areas, and public stations can be considered. You can use well -known stores: as long as women and young consumers often come out, such as the popular shopping malls, clothing cities, etc., there must be a lot of people to sell more.
    In the choice of stores that are not covered. The nearby traffic is convenient, the passenger flow is smooth, and there is no congestion. Gift shops also need to provide customers with a comfortable and peaceful surrounding environment to make consumers feel warm and comfortable. 40 square meters occupy a small land, and there are many venues that meet.
    2, consumer group analysis
    The people at the location where the people are located are very important for the information dissemination and sales of gift shops. It is important to understand the popular target consumer groups covered by the stores, and in -depth analysis of the occupation composition and age stage of the consumer group. , Consumption level and cultural level.
    In the flow of people at the location of the gift store to determine the level and level of the store to do. To put it simply, to analyze the consumption power, consumption habits and preferences, and the identity of consumers to determine the products of their stores.
    3, selection of gift types
    The key to winning gift shops is products with quality and low price and low price. There are generally several categories sold by gift stores: skin care beauty, trendy jewelry, type bag, plush toys, and seasonal products. big.
    The consumer groups pursue products with quality and novel and fashionable products. It is best to purchase high -quality products that are both functional, practical, popular, and design, which fully ensure the appearance and quality of the product. It is the price that most consumers can bear, which meets the needs of the public's pursuit of higher quality and exquisite life, so there are more and more consumer groups of gifts now.

  2. Choose the supplier, choose your store's geographical location, and do a good job of promoting strong relationships. The online push must be used. The product positioning must be clear and the customer group must be

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