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  1. Hanfu's accessories include 配, palace, 簪, 钗, 钗, hair band, hair comb, tadpoles, ear pegs, dumplings buckle, prohibited, stepping, belt, belt, waist rope, bracelet, bracelet, Buddha beads, Buddha beads, Buddha beads, Buddha beads, Buddha beads , Jade Flower, Various crowns, various towels, silk flowers, rings, fingers, purse.

    The accessories of Hanfu refers to accessories that are easy to replace and change positions in Hanfu. There are many types of accessories. In addition to the necessary components of the belt belong to Hanfu, other accessories are wearable.

    In Hanfu, exquisite and gorgeous headdress, whether it is a hairband or a bun, etc., is very beautiful, with traditional Chinese characteristics. It is the most representative jewelry in Hanfu matching, and it is also an indispensable decoration.

    The earrings in Hanfu accessories are also indispensable. Hanfu's earrings are very different from modern earrings. Compared with the modern metal style, the jade texture of Hanfu is a little more gentle. With different design styles, hollow art, etc., they seem to be very delicate and beautiful.

    The Hanfu is cut with a cloth with two -foot two inches width and two inches (about 50cm). In the part, a complete set of Hanfu usually has three layers: small clothes (underwear), medium clothes, and coats.

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