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  1. Spot gold is an electronic transaction of spot contracts. As long as it is successfully "opened a standard transaction account", it can be traded. After opening an account, you can establish a market price order and hanging order on the trading platform to set up stop loss and stop winning levels, tracking stop loss, etc.
    If the current price of consciousness, you can buy a warehouse, if you feel the decline, you can sell the warehouse. When the current price trend is consistent with the direction of the construction position, it can be profitable.
    London Gold/Silver Transaction Rules:
    Me buying promotion: The latest price is higher than the price of warehouses is profitable.
    This buying (that is, short), the latest price is lower than the construction price is profitable.
    Stock gold transactions, implementing deposit systems, high funds with high benefits, buying 1 -handed London gold contract is equal to holding 100 ounce transactions, 1 ounce of $ 10 to earn $ 1,000, global gold market is connected, 24 Hours without interruption, and seize investment opportunities at any time. You can use analog accounts to participate in simulation transactions and learn through practice.
    Is when the order loses, the margin level will fall. When the margin level in the transaction account reaches or less than 30%, the transaction platform will be cleared forced by one one by one according to the loss. Until the deposit level recovered higher than 30%.
    Forced liquidation labeling method is system default and cannot be canceled. Reminder: In the event of holidays and weekends, forcibly liquidation levels will be increased from 30%of the original 30%to 100%from 5-15 minutes before the market. Forcibly liquidation levels when opening the market will be restored by 100%. Pay attention to the position and capital status of the account before the market.

  2. 1. First choose the type of gold investment that suits you. Gold transactions are not specifically referring to a gold transaction. Gold transactions include physical gold, spot gold, paper gold, futures gold, gold fund and other types of investment. Different types of gold investment products have certain differences in income and risks. Essence
    2. Secondly, choose a regular gold investment platform. The Shanghai Gold Exchange is the only national market that is legally engaged in gold trading in my country. Hong Kong's gold and silver trading venue is a trading place for precious metals such as gold and silver in Hong Kong. Since its establishment in 1910, it has gradually become an international nature from a regional gold trading market. market.
    Is when investors choose the trading platform, they can choose from the membership platform of the Shanghai Stock Exchange or the trade market. In addition, only trading services such as category A and C members of the trading field provided the precious metals such as gold and silver. The AA members of the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Trade Stadium are the highest level. For example, Jin Rong China, both in terms of platform security or service, have great advantages in the market.
    3. Pay attention to the issue of opening an account again. In the above regular gold trading platforms, choose suitable platform accounts for factors such as the gold trading variety, risk tolerance, transaction time arrangement, and transaction cost of transaction. Gold trading account opening is free.
    4. Gold transaction time. Different categories of gold products have some differences in trading hours. For example, spot gold is the most flexible product in all gold categories. It can be traded 24 hours a day. , The market market has fluctuated at 8 o'clock to 12 o'clock in the evening.

  3. There are many types of gold fried gold, mainly three types: paper gold, physical gold, and spot gold. Only physical gold can be exchanged for physical gold bars, but the income is relatively small.
    1. Advantages of paper gold:
    The trading at any time in 24 hours, there is advantages in the continuity of the price. Trading mode,
    2. Disadvantages of paper gold: In the case, it is impossible to operate, and the full capital transaction. Although the stability is high, the two points are low in integration. It can only buy low -selling high -selling and small return rate.
    3. Prosperity of physical gold:
    can be placed at home as a gold reserves to resist inflation. It can be used for decoration.
    4. Gold disadvantages of physical objects:
    The storage should be safe, the manual cost is very high, the added value is high, and the price is much higher than the gold price. It is not easy to cash, which greatly reduces the value of gold jewelry investment.
    5. International spot gold advantage:
    The is closely related to the trend of US dollars and international crude oil. The transaction time is 24 hours, T 0 can open positions on the day of the day, the investment is high, the leverage reaches 50- 200. The scale is large. There is no dealer. The price of gold is followed by spot gold. The analysis and judgment are relatively simple.
    6. International spot gold disadvantages:
    The high -yield is accompanied by high risk, so it is necessary to reasonably control positions and timely liquidation.

    : How to trade in stock gold? Transaction: London's prelude to North America at 10:30 am every day. New York, Chicago, etc. have been screaming. When London is priced in the afternoon, New York and others are still trading, and Hong Kong has also joined in. Onda City in London will affect the price of the United States in the market, the US Onda City will affect the opening price of Hong Kong, and the market price of Hong Kong's tailing and the closing price of the United States will affect the market price of London, which is so cyclical.

    : How to trade in spot gold:
    Specifically, there are the following points to choose to enter the market.
    The second, choosing the proper gold market to enter the market, technical analysis is very important.
    Third, in the ascending channel, any point is the appropriate buying point. Investment when the gold market falls, only the lowest price is the right choice.
    Fourth, buy (sell) at rumors, and sell (buy) in time.
    Fifth, step on the step of gold consumption.
    Make in gold transactions, study the average line, support and resistance, trend lines, K -line forms, etc. at the actual operation.

    3: How to trade in spot gold:
    The online spot gold investment (online frying London gold) is becoming more and more popular with investors. There are many advantages, simple operations, long transaction time, no regional restrictions, and so on. However, investors should pay special attention to their safety when speculating online gold transactions.
    1. Be cautious in the operation process
    News must remember the artificial closing line telephone of the broker. When investors conduct gold transactions, when the computer or network fails, the online trading platform software cannot place an order, and the investor can ask the market to ask the market or issue a transaction instruction to avoid unnecessary unnecessary caused by inadequate operations. loss.
    2. Remember to protect the transaction password
    Is when investors use the online trading platform to conduct spot gold (London Gold) transactions, you only need to enter the account number and account password to operate. When trading, remember not to download the gold trading software platform with unknown ways.
    3. Safety exit trading system
    After completing the transaction operation, investors should quit the transaction account in time.

    four: How to trade in spot gold:
    First, buy up and not buy a decline:
    Gold buying and selling the same stocks. Because buying when the price rises, only one thing is to buy wrong, but the only thing to buy when the price declines is to buy the right one. Therefore, the chance of buying profit when the price rises is much greater than when the price falls.
    . Don't add it when losing money:
    P. After buying or selling gold, when the market suddenly advances in the opposite direction, some people will want to add it again. This is very dangerous. Essence If you buy more and more you buy, you will continue to increase the price, but the price of gold does not look back, then the result is undoubtedly a malignant loss.
    It, not involved in unclear market activities:
    When the trend of the gold market is not clear enough, and lacks confidence, it is advisable to be traded without admission.
    If, do not blindly pursue an integer point:
    In gold investment, sometimes mistakes to fight for a few points. The best price is a good opportunity.
    Fifth, the establishment of a position when the disk breakthrough:
    This game is a vibrant performance of buyers and sellers, temporarily in a balanced manner. Whether it is the rise of the upsurge or the decline, once the market price is over, the market price will break up or down, and it will make breakthroughs. This is a good time to establish a position in the market. If the game belongs to long -term cowhide, the opportunity to get the position established when it breaks through the disk is even greater.
    . Sixth, learn to establish positions, warehouses, and profit:
    to establish a position for opening. The opening is also called openness, which is the behavior of buying gold. It is a prerequisite for choosing the appropriate golden price level and the time to build a position. When the position is established, the price stop loss measures adopted to prevent the losses from being too high when the gold price falls. The timing of profit is more difficult to master. After establishing a position, the timing of profitability is very important. It is too early and the profit is not much; the flat disk is too late, the timing may be delayed, the trend of the gold price has reversed, and it is not profitable.
    Seventh, "Pyramid" plus yards:
    Pholes after buying the gold for the first time, the price of gold rose, and the investment is correct. If you want to increase the investment, you should follow the "number of an increase in each time less than the last time the last time. "the rules. In this way, the number of purchases will become less and less, just like the "pyramid". Because the higher the price, the greater the possibility of approaching the peak of the rise, the greater the danger.
    . Buy (selling) when rumored, sell (buy) in time
    The gold market is the same as stocks. Some news and even rumors are often circulated. When hearing the good news, buy it immediately. Once the news is confirmed, it will be sold immediately. vice versa. If the transaction is not fast enough, it is likely to be recruited due to the changes in the market.

    5: How to trade in spot gold:
    . When the market is unclear, try to pay attention to non -operation.
    . Try not to spend the night as much as possible in the short -term, don't leave the computer for too long, don't hold the position to do other things.
    three, short -term profit decisive positions. The loss also decisively cut the position.
    . If long -term investment, pay attention to the position. Because it is a margin transaction, there is a risk of forced liquidation! If you invest in the mid -to -long line, you must pay attention to the light position. These two conditions cannot be met and cannot try to invest in medium and long -term investment!

  4. How to trade spot gold? As the saying goes, investment should be installed in different baskets to avoid risks. People who do n’t know about spot gold may know how to trade, but those who know it should know that they have the advantages of global general offer, strong anti -inflation capacity, continuous transaction time of 24 hours. We must have the following techniques: understand the characteristics of different disks; feel the intensity of the market; pay attention to the second breakthrough market. In addition, it is recommended that investors involved in spot gold transactions should pay more attention to relevant financial investment platforms, such as Emperor Financial International, and can obtain some investment suggestions and newer financial information through these platforms.

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