5 thoughts on “In the place where Beijing Raijin Doujin, tourists pouting and smiling, why do you only look at it?”

  1. The famous commercial street in Beijing can be said to be Wangfujing. Wangfujing is located in Wangfu Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. There are all kinds of products here, including clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry, diamonds, gold and silver jewelry, hardware electricity, daily department stores, this place is known as daily gold. When I came for lunch for the first time, my friend said that it was too expensive here, just to eat KFC.
    has experienced it once, which is indeed a gold, which also corresponds to the reputation of Wangfujing. In fact, the name of Wangfujing Street was determined in 1915. In the Liaoning and Jin dynasties, Wangfujing was just an unknown village. In the Kubili period, after Dingdu, there were more and more talents in this village, and then became lively. During the Ming Chengzu period, 10 Wangfu was built here.
    With the demise of the Ming Dynasty, the palace here was deserted. There were only 8 king's palace left on the street, so people called here for Wangfu Street. In the late Qing Dynasty, when the government was drawn on the map of Beijing, the street was divided into three sections. People are accustomed to using Wangfujing to call the whole street. It is most convenient to take the Metro Line 1 to Wangfujing. If you have enough time, you can go to some surrounding hutongs to take a look.
    Wangfujing's commercial center also has many commercial buildings, large shopping malls and stores. It feels like going shopping at night. There are various craft shops next to Wangfujing's streets and various gift shops. It is recommended not to buy too expensive. Just buy expensive. Generally expensive products are for tour groups. There are a lot of snacks around Wangfujing Street to eat. The restaurants of Zhengerbajing are not recommended because it is too expensive, and it is not as affordable as other places.

  2. Some people are because they can't afford it. More people feel that they don't need to buy it. Most of them are luxury goods, and the price here is higher than other places.

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