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  1. This Princess Khitan is Princess Yelu Taiping. The burial with him is also her husband: Xiao Shaojia, the guardian of the horse. Because she was her husband, she was buried together.

  2. At that time, there was no saying that close relatives could not get married, but not only in ethnic minorities, but also the Han royal family, but also often married in the pure, rights, and ensuring that the blood was pure.

  3. In June 1985, an extremely hot afternoon, such a picture appeared in an ancient tomb in Qinglongshan Town, Inner Mongolia: “A golden mask with only 0.5 mm thick covers a peaceful woman’s face.
    The silver silk net clothes on the body are fine and gorgeous, the silver boots made of foot silver on both feet are exquisitely carved, and there are 3,227 precious funeral items around the cemetery, all of which are gold, silver, and silver, silver, and silver, silver, Jade, porcelain, agate gems, etc. “.
    The archaeologist who came to explore the secrets at a glance that the master of the tomb was not an ordinary woman. At least, the title of the title was at least above the Gonghou, but it was more specific, and it was necessary to do it in depth.
    So who is this mysterious and rich woman?
    The ancient tomb appeared
    In June 1985, the sun was hot. A group of construction workers worked hard to dig the reservoir in Qinglongshan Town, Inner Mongolia. On the way, a huge and hard stone interrupted the construction process of the workers.
    as when everyone agrees that as long as it is dug out to throw it elsewhere, a well -known worker shouted: “Don’t act lightly, this seems to be a tomb stone, not an ordinary stone. It is behind it very much. There may be a large or small tomb.
    In order to avoid unnecessary losses, the workers immediately ran to the local cultural relics bureau to explain the situation. When their relevant staff came to the construction site, the surprise indicated that it was indeed the tomb door. The following is likely to hide inestimablely hidden inestimable hiding Ancient tomb.
    Under the cooperation between the construction workers and archeologists, the tomb door was opened intactly. After careful observation by archeologists, the tomb was preliminarily determined that this ancient tomb has never been rampant. The thief finger dyed.
    This means that all the funeral items and specifications in the tomb are arranged according to the specifications of the tomb owner when they died, which will bring great academic gains to related persons such as the archeology and history.
    The value of the funeral items
    In order to protect the funeral items in this ancient tomb to the greatest extent, the local cultural relics bureau immediately applied for the suspension of the reservoir mining work and invited local archeologists to identify. Through a series of careful research, archeologists said that among the 3,227 funerals buried in this tomb, the most precious thing is the pure gold mask covering the face of the female tomb.
    This mask is made of a special gold method of ancient times -揲 揲 揲. This method of gold is very popular in ancient society. It does not need to cast a model in advance like other methods, but depends on the master’s cleverness, and directly beaten to the face of the character.精 Master’s skill, proficiency, etc.
    This mask made of pure gold is only 0.5 mm thick, 20.5 cm long and 17.2 cm wide. The size is roughly comparable to the owner of it, and the craftsmanship is very fine.
    On the mask, the bridge of the nose is long and wider, the mouth is slightly wiped, the eyes are open, the eyes are open -like, the eyebrows are bumpy, the forehead is full and round, the ears and earlobe are thicker and the lines are clear. The unique facial features of the hostess Khitan were reflected, which was enough to see the superb golden technique at the time.
    Colishable analysis and research, archeologists have determined the female owner of this mask for the Khitan people of the Liaoning and Jin dynasties, and the princess of Liaoning at that time. Therefore The historical and cultural value can be said to be valuable and inestimable.
    So far, this precious mask has been collected by relevant departments in the Nunan Banner Museum of Inner Mongolia as the treasure of the town hall.
    of course, in addition to this eye -catching golden mask in the tomb, there are various gold and silver jade wares. A few of them are also very eye -catching, because porcelain is usually a handicraft work that is only available in the Central Plains region. They appear in the cemetery of Princess Liaoning, which proves that in this era There are communication and learning from handicraft casting.
    The jade decorations worn on the owner of the tomb are also highlighting the superb skills of the ancient people of my country through their superb sculpture and polishing techniques.
    How to the owner of the tomb
    So a small golden face mask has such value. What is the owner of the tomb? Usually, after discovering the tombs, the archeologists of our country will first make a preliminary dynasty inference through factors such as the production process, use level, artistic characteristics, and tomb layout of their funerals.
    It, after finding the general direction, you can check the relevant ancient historical materials more accurately and quickly, so as to learn more about its historical and cultural heritage.
    The tomb, whether it is the various types of gold and silver objects decorated on the owner of the tomb, or the overall layout around the tomb, are very different from the style unearthed from the Central Plains nation in the past. Instead, it can be seen from its rough corner silver boots and heavy characters’ clothing, etc., and its overall style is more biased towards ethnic minorities in western my country.
    In many proofs, archeologists have finally got exact results. The tomb construction time is the period of Liaoning. The gorgeous and valuable jewelry and utensils of the tomb owner prove that they belong to the noble figures with higher levels.
    turns out that there are two corpses in the tomb. One man and one woman. Although ancient society in my country has always been male -dominated and female, but in this tomb, it is enough to see from the aspects of the burial specifications of both men and women. Women’s status is higher.
    In “The Princess of the Ancient Chen State” records, this is indeed a Liao Dynasty royal tomb. Among them, women are descendants of the Khitan pedigree, Princess Chen Guo, Princess Yelu Taiping. Liao Jingzong’s granddaughter, also the granddaughter of Empress Xiao. The male body lying next to him was his husband and uncle -Xiao Shaoju, the guardian of the horse.
    ? This relationship is a bit confusing. Why is it a concubine? Doesn’t this mean a kind of incest?
    This is because there was no saying that there were no close relatives who could not get married at that time, but not only in ethnic minorities, but even the Han royal family, they often married close relatives for the pure and right to ensure their rights. It was not surprising at the time.
    Yale Taiping was given a marriage by the emperor as early as 16 years old, and he was a couple with his old and many uncle Xiao Shaoju. He lived happily after marriage, but only two years after a happy life. Princess Yelu Taiping Under the torture of the disease, he resigned with the world. Later, Xiao Shaoju, who was only 35 years old, died sadly.
    Is about the detailed cause of the two are not well known to this day. There are no literature with relevant records. Only the official posts such as the governor of the horse governor and the age of death in “Liao Shi” have not been found.
    , through the existing information, we can still understand that in the ancient feudal society with the main rules of women from the four Germany, three outlines, and three outlines and five, not all women must follow this tragic feudal etiquette.
    Eye Yale has become the leader in this marriage with its prominent family status. Even if her husband is old and older, he is only favored by the princess with the honorable blood of his queen’s pulse.
    It from this marriage relationship, although you can see the progress of men and women in ancient feudal society, the disadvantages of political marriage full of interest trading are also revealed.
    Eye Yale, as a 16 -year -old flower season girl, has to marry his elder -舅. You must know that the mother is usually the mother of the mother. The gap can also increase the chance of getting close to the marriage for Princess Yale.
    The combination of the two is undoubtedly the queen’s pulse to consolidate the status of their own relatives, not Princess Yelu chosen for love, or it means that Princess Yale has never experienced anyone until her death. The most wonderful emotion in the world, love, is not a kind of sorrow for such a noble and helpless woman.
    Hemply show unique funeral
    Is know that our Central Plains have rarely habit with mask overflow after the death of people, and Princess Yale this golden mask reflects the unique funeral system of the Khitan people from the side. Essence
    Them mask, there are several claims in the ancient Khitan funeral regulations. First of all, after the death of people, especially the death of the royal aristocracy, often create exquisite masks, because they want to make their face be protected by the mask, so as not to quickly rot and become incompatible during the storage of the body day after day. It is the majesty of the royal family.
    Secondly, the mantle woven by the princess with silver thread also wants to prevent the corpse skeleton from being dislocated and misplaced during storage through the stiffness of its metal. The respect of the deceased.
    In addition, the Khitan family, like the Egyptian people, achieved long -term preservation of the dead bodies of the deceased or even to heaven after death. When the deceased just died, it would hang them on the trunk for air -drying treatment and wait for it to wait for it After the body’s moisture is basically disappeared, steps are organized, the cemetery, and the funeral items are arranged.
    This, in this way, the psychology of the local people will think that the dead body can maintain the original as the original without rotting, plus its generous funeral items, to reach a kind of opponent who has not disappeared, but just goes to another other A good wish of life in the world.
    The tomb method is not unique to the people of the Khitan at that time, but under the influence of the low level of productivity, backward scientific and cultural knowledge, fans of feudal religious beliefs, etc. A unique, a cognition about death.
    It “Golden Jade Cloth”, which was unearthed in May 1978 in the tomb of King Liu Sheng, King of Zhongshan, Henan, is a case of more classic coverage in the Central Plains region. When the golden jade clothing “was unearthed, it can also be described as a sensation across the country, letting us open the eyes.

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