I have watched the TV series "The Legend of the Sword" and played this game!

Why did Hu Gey the fairy sword directly reach 3? No 2? What roles and stories are there in fairy sword games? Please answer the details.

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  1. The history of Xianjian 3 in the history of Xianjian was before Xianjian 1. Xianjian 2 occurred after the story of the Xianjian 1, and the fairy sword 2 was the last of the stories of the fairy swords of the past. Xianjian Qixia Biography Three is not the post -pass of Xianjian Qi Xia, so the TV series is not the order of 1.2.3
    Xianjian 1 Fairy Sword 3, you should have read
    The protagonist of Nangonghuang Wenhui Wang Pengxing Xing Xuan Xuan Leiyuan Ge opened the vein for Shushan and lifted the crisis of the Shushan School. Later His father Chiyan will resolve the end of the day with Wen Hui, the ending of Wang Pengxu, and the perfect ending.
    The protagonist of Xianjian 2 is Wang Xiaohu Li Yiru and bullying Shumei Su Mei
    Wang Xiaohu is the neighbor of Li Xiaoyao's neighbors. Because the locks of the demon tower collapsed eight years ago, thousands of demons came out, and the world was in chaos. Fortunately, there was a monk who won the monk — Chiba Zen Master. Li Xiaoyao, the head of the fairy sword, is the two leaders of the right way. On the other hand, the Demon Flag made Kong Yan, and also took the opportunity to expand the forces to carry out a terrible conspiracy, intending to dye the world.

    Wang Xiaohu and several heroines embarked on the journey to confront the magic head holes. Finally, it was found that Chiba Zen was a big villain and knotted it.
    The protagonist of Xianjian 4 is Yuntianhe Murong Ziying Han Lingli Liu Mengli
    The main plot is the young Yun Tianhe mistakenly break through the mausoleum of his parents. Lingfa went down the mountain to understand the past of her father. On the way, she met Liu Mengli, the daughter of Shouyang County. By the time of the three cold equipment, he helped him break out of the ice, but after he came out, he insisted on using Wang Shu and Xunhe to rise. Tianhe tried to stop Xuanxiao's trip to the bottom of the East China Sea. The party threatened the world, and the Qionghua sent himself with Houyi Shooting Sun Bow.

  2. Director Li Guoli said that the fairy sword is more room for creative space than Xianjian two! There is no fairy sword second TV series. More introductions v.youku/v_show/ID_
    The characters are only Mao Mao's fictional TV series, and others are similar to the game.

  3. It is very simple. Xianjian 2 is a defeat of the Xianjian series. Therefore, the TV series cannot be used to collect money under the reputation of Xianjian 2. n仙剑1:李逍遥,赵灵儿,阿奴,林忆如rn仙剑2:王小虎(女主角不清楚,好像叫沈欺霜)rn仙剑3:景天,唐雪见,重楼, Dragon Flower
    Xianjian 3 questioning: Nangonghuang (other unclear)
    Xianjian 4: Yun Tianhe, Han Lingcha, Liu Mengli, Murong Ziying.

    . If there are so many, give some points

  4. , Xianjian 2 is to entrust the
    of Xianjian 3, so it is not made into a TV series
    , because there is no story at all
    , the plot about the game
    , and on TV There are access
    . I just say the point
    , there are no Maomao in the game, etc. in the game
    , the evil sword fairy in the game is not the enemy of heavy building at all
    ,,, the The fire ghost king is a man is not a woman
    , Zi Xuan has no TV series. Essence Essence The coquettish
    , the last boss is the heavy building

    , lz is not CTRL v
    , I am working hard

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