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  1. It is said that the good brand you said is domestic or international ~

    The top ten jewelery in the world's top ten jewelry brands:

    1. Harry Winston (Harri Winston)

    is well-known in the world, with the "King of Diamond-King of Diamonds". As the origin of the creative imagination, all things are the primary conditions for showing the stronger vitality of the product regardless of the explanation of the diamond ornament or the design and development of the watch series. Platinum engagement rings with a Harry Winston mean, it means to be with the legend. As a pivotal jewelry master, Harry Winston wrote many romantic stories that have been vocalized so far in more than 100 years.

    2. (Buccirati)

    The brand history is longer than many European countries. As early as 250 years ago, the name Buccillati () was active in Milan's most famous "Golden Jewelry City". Although the achievements and fame at that time were not comparable to the current GianMaria, Yaping's strong cultural atmosphere and historical accumulation It is doomed to this Italian legendary jewelry family will be prominent. The art of most respecting the Renaissance, the creation of the Capital, stems from nature. Nature is his source of inspiration. Flowers, plants, trees, and insects and birds are their common creative themes. Even the designs that seem to be extremely abstract are born from nature

    3. Van Cleef

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