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  1. Main courses:
    The crystalline and mineral, gem and gem identification, crystal optics, gem processing technology, jewelry inlaid process, jewelry design, jewelry evaluation, diamond grading, Chinese jade, management principles, marketing, market Marketing, consumer behavior, marketing and forecasting, marketing planning, advertising, sales and negotiation skills, gem style design, gem optimization and synthesis, jewelry company practice, corporate strategic management, market survey and forecast, sales management, brand brand, brand, brand, brand Management, etc. 1. Crystallology and mineral courses are studying crystals and minerals. Among them, crystalline science mainly introduces the basic laws of crystal growth, crystalline external morphological characteristics, the internal structure of the crystal, and the physical characteristics of crystal chemistry and crystalline. The chemical composition of minerals, internal structure, appearance, physical properties and chemical properties, and cause conditions and formation rules. Through the study of this course, we have layed a solid foundation for the study of the subsequent gemstone related courses. 2. The history of gemstone and gem identification gemstology mainly introduces the history of gem development, gem materialization, gemstone formation conditions, gemstone production, gem identification, gem processing, gemstone evaluation and other basic content; and gemstone appraisal mainly introduces various commonly used gemstones The principles, structure and operation methods of appraisal instruments, the commonly used appraisal characteristics of various treasure jade and the method of similar gemstone, as well as natural products, qualified products, optimized processing characteristics and appraisal methods of the same type of treasure jade, etc. Essence Through the study of this course, you can master the materialization nature, appraisal methods, and grading methods of diamonds. 3. Gem style design and processing technology This course mainly introduces the main principles and design methods of gemstone style, the main principles and design methods of gem style design, the equipment and basic principles of gem processing, the basic technology of gem processing and the process of gem processing process. The study of this course enables students to master the design method of jewelry style, proficient in the carvings of common gem styles, and can master gem processing quality evaluation methods. 4. Jewelry jewelry design and jewelry inlaid technology. This course is divided into two aspects: jewelry design and jewelry inlaid. It mainly introduces the history of jewelry design, jewelry design principles, jewelry design methods, and basic equipment for jewelry jewelry inlaid. , Tools, raw materials, the basic processing technology of jewelry jewelry and the process of jewelery inlaid. Through curriculum learning, students can both hand -painted the latest popular jewelry first maps, but also design computer jewelry design. Production. 5. Jewelry Jewelry Evaluation This course systematically introduces the basic concepts of jewelry assessment, theoretical and methods of evaluation, procedures for assessment, and assessment reports, and explain in combination with specific evaluation cases. Through curriculum learning, students can master diamonds The evaluation and evaluation of non -ferrous gems, pearls, jade and jade and finished jewelry.

  2. Gem and material technology majors and materials and materials and technology are the cultivation of scientific theories, basic knowledge and strong practical skills of gemstones and materials and craftsmanship for the development of the needs of the construction of socialist modernization. , Founded, wide knowledge, strong ability, high quality, high quality, innovative spirit and practical ability, can work in the fields of gemstones and materials and technical sciences and departments. High -quality applied talents. Main courses: Introduction to Materials Science, Geology, Crystal and Mineral Study, Rock Science (including crystal optics), physical chemistry, gem identification principles and methods, gem processing, gem wrap, colored gemstone, diamonds, materials Crafts, gem improvement, crystal growth and synthetic gemstones, introduction to Chinese jade, gem business, etc. The whereabouts of graduation: students graduated from this major are suitable for jewelry companies, gem processing plants, law enforcement agencies, banks, auction companies, pawn banks, newspapers, magazines and other units and departments to engage in commercial, trade, identification, processing, processing, processing, processing, processing, processing, processing, processing, processing, processing, processing, and processing Production, quality supervision and inspection, production management, scientific and technological development, etc., can also go to professional schools, colleges, and scientific research departments to engage in teaching and scientific research in jewelry and materials technology.

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