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  1. 80 Born is a monkey woman suitable for wearing jewelry
    0 What jewelry is born by a monkey woman suitable for monkeys. People with different zodiacs in life are different. To transform, you can mediate your own environmental aura. The following sharing 80 Born is a monkey woman suitable for wearing jewelry
    80 Born is a monkey woman suitable for wearing what jewelry. It is the incarnation of Xiangrui. In addition to bringing good luck and blessings, it is more important to recruit constant wealth. Therefore, if the monkey people want to promote their wealth in 80 years, they can consider wearing a pendant. In this way, no matter in work or in life, there will be a chance to get more wealth.
    This pendant should be worn personalized, and you cannot show off and display to others at will, so as not to weaken its effect. Whether you go to the toilet or take a bath, try to take it down as much as possible, otherwise you may be blasphemed to the relevant gods.
    The golden cicada bracelet
    Golden cicada is also a symbol of wealth and money. It can also promote money and fortune. Many big businessmen like to place golden cicada ornaments in the living room, or in the office. Hope it can bring more wealth. Therefore, for the 80 -year -old monkey, if you want to achieve the purpose of recruiting wealth, you can naturally consider wearing golden cicadas. On the one hand, you can improve your external image temperament, and on the other hand, you can also promote money.
    This should be kept properly on weekdays, do not lose random. If you wear it for a long time, feel tedious and tired, put it in a clean locker in your home. Do not throw it randomly, otherwise you will have a bad impact on yourself.

    gold jewelry
    For monkey people in 80 years, if you want to solicit more wealth, you can consider wearing gold jewelry. The selection range is quite wide, such as gold bracelets, gold necklaces, gold rings, and gold earrings. However, it should not be too high -profile, let alone wearing gold and silver all over the body. Life and health. Gold jewelry can not only promote wealth, but also improve people's temperament, which will make people look graceful and luxurious, and interpersonal relationships will become more harmonious and smooth.
    The red hand rope
    This is a good color of the Great Film, with many beautiful meanings. If you want to improve your fortune, you can consider wearing a red hand rope. This will not only become more and more prosperous, but also your own gas field and fortune will become better and better. The red hand rope is cheap and easy to obtain, the streets and alleys can be bought everywhere, and they will not feel distressed if they lose it. You can buy another one immediately.
    It can also wear a transport bead on the red hand rope, so as to achieve the effect of changing the life against the sky. If you are particularly downturn in your own fortune, insist on wearing the transshipment bead, the money fortune will change a lot. It is worth reminding that regardless of income or less, monkeys must learn to save money.
    0 Born is a monkey girl suitable for wearing. What jewelry is suitable for the aura earrings
    If it is a monkey girl, you can start with the jewelry, such as the tassel earrings. Because tassel earrings are equivalent to a mascot belonging to monkey women, which can help them improve their wealth. The wealth of monkeys is usually relatively flat, so if you want to improve your fortune, you need to brush some sense of presence.
    This earrings at this time are very suitable, especially for monkeys, after being brought up, it can not only play a decorative role, attract everyone's attention, but also be invisible and make your wealth more. Come better. However, it is necessary to match the earrings well, so that it can also increase its own face value.

    2. Gold ring
    The monkey man can also bring gold ring to improve wealth. Because life is relatively stable and does not have much ups and downs, the monkey people need to use external forces to improve their wealth, such as exquisite items. If you are very obsessed with wealth in the near future, you can choose to wear a gold ring. This mascot is still very good. However, when choosing a gold ring, the monkeys must study its purity carefully. Because the higher the purity, the greater the improvement of your wealth, and the less the effect will be.
    3. Mo Yu bracelet
    In addition to the above two mascots, the ink jade bracelet is also a good choice, but the jewelry is not easy to get because it is relatively rare and the price is expensive. Maybe some people always feel that this jewelry is not particularly beautiful, because the color of Mo Yu is relatively dark and not conspicuous at all, but its value is very high.
    has always played a role in the Chinese people's opinion, so if the monkeys choose this mascot, it is very helpful to improve their wealth. In terms of prosperity, Mo Yu bracelet is the best choice.
    4. Heart -type pendant
    Many people now like to hang a chain on the neck, in order to play a decorative role. Since they are hung up, the monkeys are recommended to choose a heart -shaped pendant. Improve your own fortune. In addition, wearing a pendant can not only enhance the wealth of monkeys, but also make love very good, and it is easy to meet people who stay in each other.
    In addition, if you don't want to bring this, you can also choose a black rope bracelet. The fortune effect of this accessories is also very good. However, it should be noted that it has been blessed since ancient times. If the fortune is too high, it will also have a negative impact on yourself.
    0 Born is a monkey girl suitable for wearing. 3 agate
    Agate has the effect of recruiting wealth and evil spirits. It can be worn on the body for a long time to alleviate stress, relax the spirit, and release negative energy, helping to improve energy and improve the overall temperament. Only by changing a person's aura can it attract good fortune. Man is the master of destiny and the foundation of improving destiny. Therefore, people are prosperous and strong, so naturally they will be prosperous and prosperous.
    black jade
    black jade is relatively rare, and things are rare and expensive. The more precious and rare things, the stronger its spirituality. Black jade is a low -key and luxurious thing. It can drive evil spirits and avoid disasters, resolve the dilemma for the wearer, remove the villain, purify the magnetic field, add humanity, and cause blessing. 80 Monkey people wearing black jade bracelets or ornaments can all have the effect of being very powerful.
    Monkey -shaped ornaments
    The monkeys represent their cleverness in the zodiac signs and have very pleasing meaning. In the 80s, monkeys are very suitable for wearing the zodiac zodiac, which helps to drive and drive bad luck.
    black rope bracelets
    Many people have the habit of wearing red ropes. I do n’t know that the bracelet woven with black ropes has the effect of recruiting wealth and evil. In 80 years, the monkey man's wealth is mediocre, and the expenses and accounts in life are always proportional. It is difficult to accumulate too much wealth, and the monkey person's personality is also stubborn, so there are many villains in life. Help help improve the deficiencies in this area, and help them drive villains and gather wealth.

    Ozon mascot
    is very suitable for the zodiac mascot worn by monkeys as zodiac rat, zodiac dragon and zodiac snake, because these three phases and monkeys belong to Sanhe on the eight characters , Represents each other's three views, and can make good growth and shortcomings. Therefore, the 80 monkeys wear auspicious jewelry with these three zodiac signs, which can largely fill their deficiencies and increase the treasury to bring wealth and blessings.
    crystal jewelry
    yellow and pink crystals are also suitable for 80 monkeys, because although monkeys are popular in their lives, they always like to seize the character of the limelight, which also makes many people feel heartbroken. Opinions, this leads to a lot of stumbling blocks in life, and crystals help stabilize the spirit, improve the bad situation, and help monkeys to make more good destiny, and natural luck will get better and better.
    gold jewelry
    gold symbolizes wealth and wealth status. It is also very suitable for monkeys to wear gold in 80 years. Monkey people are naturally weak in financial management, so there is often a loss of financial loss. If wearing gold jewelry, it will help them to keep their wealth and improve their fortune. Of course, the more pure the gold is.

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