Choose a suitable aerial work vehicle, from what aspects to consider?

Some enterprises in the work need to use the aerial work car, so how to choose a suitable aerial platform work car?

The following three points can be considered:

1. The use environment of the aerial working vehicle

With different working environments at elevated altitude, the corresponding requirements for working vehicles at elevated altitude are also different. Now there are numerous kinds of aerial lifting equipment. There are standards, they are also customized, so we need to choose which kind? hydraulic man lift? The model should be selected according to the working environment.

6cee4b6c009dd58b219e272731138e19For example, if you need to use it indoors, there are requirements for cleanliness and tidiness, and you need to consider the tolerance of indoor floor tiles, so you can choose a mast-type aerial work vehicle. If it is for external use, you need a certain walking function, then you can choose self-walking shear-type aerial lift, numerous styles, straight arm, straight arm and different styles for choice.

2. The working environment of the aerial working vehicle

This needs to be selected according to their own needs, such as your construction site, environment, the height of equipment, appearance size, whether you need to enter the elevator, the bearing capacity of equipment and other factors to consider, so according to their own environment and according to the need to choose is the most appropriate.

3, choose the manufacturer of aerial work vehicle

Choose suitable for their own aerial work vehicle style, but also need to choose suitable for their own manufacturers, good and excellent pre-sale and after-sales service, in order to protect themselves in the use of products, no worries.

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