Characteristics and uses of outdoor waterproof led landscape strip light belt

What are the characteristics of outdoor waterproof led landscape strip lights? Today, Hualiangxing Xiaobian will explain the characteristics and uses of outdoor light belts.

Outdoor LED light belt waterproof, protection grade ≥ip67, imported Osram light source, a single LED light bead power is very low, generally between 0.2~0.5W, high brightness, low power consumption, long life, the market is widely used in 0.06w a.

Safe voltage, indoor and outdoor application voltage is DC24V, there is no potential safety, and the quality is more stable, maintenance is also convenient.


Environmental protection material, automatic machine integration of secondary packaging, use will not cause pollution to the environment, good flexibility, can be bent without breaking, installation is not limited.

Simple installation, wide application range, indoor and outdoor light belt structure is small, can be cut, installed or embedded, used for building walls, pool, park landscape, bridge tunnel, advertising booth, steps, cinema, hotel, ceiling lighting decoration.

ip68 led strip light is more cost-effective for both indoor and outdoor use compared with traditional lighting fixtures.

Advantages of LED linear lamp:

1. IP Protection Level:

This is an important parameter of street lamp and also an important index affecting the quality of railings. The waterproofing grade must be IP65 or higher, and the corresponding pressure resistance, high and low temperature resistance, fire resistance and impact aging resistance grades are provided.

2. Voltage:

The voltage of LED line lights can be divided into DC and AC. Generally, the built-in power supply is connected to AC220V mains, and the external power supply is usually low-voltage DC24V, DC12V, DC27V, etc.

3. Power:

The output of the linear ramp determines the throwing distance. Usually, there are 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W and other parameters.

4. Light Angle:

LED linear lamps generally have three emission angles: narrow (about 20 degrees), medium (about 50 degrees) and wide (about 120 degrees), with an optical age of 5-10m.

5. Color specifications: There are 7 colors, full color and monochrome.

6. Color temperature: about 2200K(yellow) 3000K (warm white) 4000K (incandescent) 6000K (ordinary white) 7000K (cold white)

LED line lights are widely used for single building and billboard lighting. Building external wall lighting, landscaping lighting, building inside and outside light lighting, indoor local lighting, medical, civilization and other professional facilities lighting. As well as bars, dance halls and other entertainment venues, atmosphere lighting.

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