austrian crystal wholesale jewelry How to use the sound sent by vivo?

austrian crystal wholesale jewelry

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  1. wholesale jewelry case display manufacturer Bluetooth is still plugged in. Bluetooth can directly turn on the mobile phone and Bluetooth connection. Plug the line, USB connects the power supply, the headset head plugs in the mobile phone headphone jack or computer, the sound quality of the plug is particularly worse. I threw it. Essence

  2. vintage art deco jewelry wholesale That tail is the switch.
    In the switch and turn on the Bluetooth on the phone. There will be a sound of successful pairing.
    The can listen to music and videos.
    If out of power, just charge it with a mobile phone charger.

  3. best wholesale jewelry imports First of all, there is a horn, the cost of a few dollars. Good below is how to use: There are two plugs in this sound: USB plugs (connected to the power supply can be inserted to the charger plug to connect to the power supply to power on the computer) and 3.5mm headphone jacks (of course connecting the mobile phone headphone jack The goods are connected to the computer)! After the introduction, I hope to adopt, thank you!

  4. wholesale not your sisters jewelry The gift speakers are divided into gifted by buying mobile phones in the Vivo official website and purchasing mobile phones in physical stores.

    . Vivo’s official website to buy a small V Bluetooth speaker presented by mobile phones:
    1, light to small V speaker tail switch to NO; Ready, wait for connection. ”
    2. Open the mobile phone to search for Bluetooth and connect the small V Bluetooth speaker.
    3, after the connection is completed, you can play music. When playing music, the small V eye and bottom blue indicator lights flickered, and both beauty and technology have both.
    . When you buy a speaker presented by a mobile phone in a physical store, you can check the speaker instructions to understand the specific usage.

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