la jewelry district wholesale How is the magic that transformed the ring into the egg in the Spring Festival Gala?

la jewelry district wholesale I think it's amazing, the Spring Festival Gala is live, and the video is not edited. It's incredible.

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  1. seaglass jewelry wholesale The actors performed three magic in the show. The first magic is very simple. As long as you look closely, you will be clear. This magic has one of the actions that must be done in the two performances. The index finger and middle finger are together, and then there is a winding action before the performance, that is, this is the one that has separated the rubber bands. The thumb and index finger hook the rubber bands, and quickly hang the rubber band with the middle finger, loosen the index finger, and then hook the rubber band with the index finger, so it comes out. Then keep shaking the rubber bands when I put it back, because it has come out, and it is a coherent shaking movement, which is not easy to see through. Then ... Needless to say.

    Now saying that the second one -coins enter the cup! There must be an organ under the tablecloth at the bottom of the cup!

    The big cups are in the middle of the small cup with gaps. The big cup is upside down, and the small cup is standing in the big cup. There is also a large gap on the desktop. The tablecloth is black to cover up the exit switch of the desktop ejection coin. The coin was shot from the bottom surface of the small cup at the back of the small cup from our cup and the desktop between the large cup mouth into the large cup and then fell into the small cup after two rebounds of the large cup wall and the bottom of the large cup. (The inner wall and the desktop with small bottom walls inside the large cup are obviously not vertical, so the coins are shot vertically from the desktop and then rebounded by the large cup wall to change the movement trajectory. The coin can be seen on the small cup that it can see that its shooting speed is fast.) The trigger of its ejection coin can be Liu Qian's feet or some part of the body to touch the switch on a certain part of the table, so that the coins will be from the tablecloth under the desktop. Shooted out.

    It now say the third -ring in the eggs, the principle is the same as the former, there is an organ under the bottom and the black table cloth. First watch the performance videos of the Spring Festival Gala first, and pay attention to the two actions shown below:

    Is we know the characteristics of egg liquids are: if there are small holes in the container, the egg liquid will not be The illegal), and it is very obscure. From the hidden hand -to -the -handed hand to the desktop for a long time, to the host's eggs to the bowl for 10 seconds, this time is enough to make the devices under the desktop be fully prepared. The action of placing the disc is to seize the opportunity. The plate itself is very heavy and there are things that suck iron, iron strips or magnetic things at the bottom of the plate. (You can see through the video that there is a circle of silver white at the bottom of the plate, mostly the iron circle). There must also be a circle of the same magnet or controllable electromagnets under the desktop, so that the position of the plate can be quickly located so that the mouth of the precepts can be aligned. It can be seen through the video that when the host picked up the egg, he quickly put the plate, and the host did not check the plate carefully! What he saw was obliquely throwing the plate to the desktop (it was natural to see the audience see it, it was casual, but unfortunately), after the plate landed, there was a sign of being sucked: 1. Did not slide; 2. There was no sign of fan movement at all (the plate was small in the mouth, and the fan may be very large after the ground). The plate was unnatural. In addition, we noticed that when the host was going to break the eggs, the actor said that he would "wait", and it was clear that he had to applaud the audience. In fact, the time authority of this buffer was already in place. It appeared more than 1 second after the egg yolk was entered, and the ring was moved from the middle to the side. In other words, when the egg yolk just blocked our sight to the ring of the ring more than one second, it was more than one second. The plate is also particular about why you choose a small pour cone -shaped plate with a small bottom, because when the eggs are put into the plate, the egg liquid in the plate has a small amount of increase or decrease, we can't see it. The bottom of the plate is active and can be taken down! There is a magnet on the bottom of the plate to seal with the desktop, so that the egg liquid will not leak out after the bottom of the plate is turned on. But if you look closely, the liquid surface drops a little when the eggs are hit, and then the rotation will come out.

    In a second of the table for thousands of times, how to seize the time when the trigger switch was sent out from the bottom of the plate, I think Liu Qian really took a lot of effort.
    The video of the egg magic performed by Liu Qian on the Spring Festival Gala, everyone pays attention to listening between 4 minutes and 45 seconds to 5 minutes. The dialogue is as follows:
    Liu Qian: ".. Another egg, come, choose another. .. "

    Dong Qing:" Ah? Now? "(At the same time, I feel a bit wrong when I watch the live broadcast, as if it means that I should not choose eggs now)
    n n n n n n n n n n n R n Liu Qian: "Pick one and one"

    Dong Qing: ".. Is there a ring? (Can't hear it clearly, but you definitely say the three words" ring ") "(At this time, the microphone has been completely opened, at least 1 meter from Dong Qin's mouth, but the CCTV 5.1 channel system is indeed awesome. In this environment, such a subtle sound is captured! Pay attention to the maximum sound, very much, it is very very listening. Obviously you can hear ~ !!!)

    Liu Qian: "Oh, eggs and eggs" (I feel that he is also very nervous)

    Dong Qing: Select an egg now "(Very hesitant, the following dialogue is omitted)

    During the rehearsal, this magic is 6 minutes and 50 seconds, but when it comes to the official performance, it takes 8 or 9 minutes to understand this. The negligence was because the director shouted Liu Qian in the headphones to pay attention to the time. Liu Qian's claim omitted the intermediate pavement performance and jumped directly to the part of the egg. Intersection

    It about how the ring does not change, because there is no 1080P film source for the time being, I can't rely on the blurred video online to tell everyone how to change. Coins and eggs are actually the hardest. Instead of changing, but how to get in (Baidu search for "no coins" or "getting out of the air", there are a lot of techniques that make small things change). Dong Qing has told us that there is a "ring" in the eggs, so the hardest part of this is the world.

    This in this way, Liu Qian's magic cannot be called close -up magic, but a stage magic that needs to be matched. Stage magic can achieve a very powerful effect (because many people can cooperate together) Everyone knows David? Playing the stage magic of burning money.

    PS: Teaching with rubber band magic (this magic is called American shackles), it is actually a problem. Most people can practice for 2 hours:
    v.youku/v_show/ID _ =

    It also recommend everyone to watch the movie "Deadly Magic", which perfectly shows how the twins are for art to create a perfect stage magic (finally developed a copy machine ...)

    Puk: After Liu Qian's show was over, it seemed that he went directly to the next one without a report. Liu Qian himself hurried down and stepped down. Isn't it timeout? How to get into the eggs, prompt:

    This on the plate
    Liu Qian took away the paper towels
    Dong Qing was ready to fight eggs (pay attention to covering the plate with your hands) r
    Liu Qian shouted "Wait a minute!" (Then make a show for a long time, at this time the camera did not shoot a disc)
    Then Dong Qing still covered the plate with his hand to crush the eggs (when knocking, the camera never took the behind Dong Qing's hand behind the hand of Dong Qing Image)
    Then the mucus in the eggs flowed out and shot a dish. Liu Qian took the ring with a tweeter (the camera was deliberately leaned forward at the time, otherwise it could not be taken in that position)
    . The egg yolk was scattered. Didn't it be re -packaged?

    It in the middle of any link can be designed. Anyway, Dong Qing is a support. Since it is stage magic, then how to design it is OK (a ring in a egg is OK, have you noticed the eggs of that day that day that day The color is wrong? Pure white, is the two semi -ellipse presets assembled? Liu Qian used this color of eggs when he made this magic. It is very illustrated)

    This is actually the easiest. Dong Qing is a career. She has a large loophole here. When the magician called Dong Qing to choose the second egg, Dong Qing was a little confused and he was asking: Is it a ring ...? (The omitted content is: that egg?). At this time, the magician didn't say that she wanted her ring! Here are a bit different from their rehearsal, (their rehearsal should break 2 real eggs first). In fact, there are two rings. There are a long ring in that egg in that egg. It is a personal egg -made egg. Bright glue, calcium chloride and water, pigment, pigment, etc. Just find a custom -made egg. The egg that Dong Qing wants to choose is an egg with a ring inside.
    The video here, pay attention, when the magician asked Dong Qing to choose the second egg, let's pay attention to the volume, Dong Qing said blankly: The ring ...
    news.xinhuanet /video/2009-01/25/Content_10719919

    Details: dzh.mop/mainframe.jsp? URL = dzh.mop/Topic/Readsub_9228549_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0

  2. wholesale big jewelry Dong Qing's hand has two same rings. She gave Liu an apologize, and the other was hidden between the middle finger and the ring finger. of. The first floor seemed to be so outrageous, right? Intersection

  3. jewelry wholesale brisbane Three props magic. Watching the video at 4 minutes and 43 seconds, Liu apologized for Dong Qing to pick the eggs to the maximum volume. Dong Qing whispered to ask the ring. Is the egg? Haha
    For calcium carbonate, egg yolk and egg white are made of sodium algina, alum, gum, calcium chloride, water, pigment, etc. on the market. This artificial eggs are sold in the market. Just find a custom -made egg. The eggs that Dong Qing wants to choose is a ring that has long been sure. In fact, there are two rings, and any ancestral ring is fake

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