alle costume jewelry wholesale Is it true that digital currency rises and falls DCEP is 100 % profitable?

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  1. canadian fashion jewelry wholesalers On April 16, 2020, according to the "Science and Technology Board Daily", the legal digital currency (Digital Currency/ Payment (DC/ EP ") will be distributed to Suzhou Xiangxiang in May in the form of transportation subsidies in the form of transportation fees in May Employees, institutions and enterprises in the urban area, and directly -affiliated enterprise employees, Suzhou Xiangcheng District requires the employees of administrative units to install DC/EP digital wallets in April. Distributed to employees. At present, Suzhou Xiangcheng District has become an important pilot area for the central bank's digital currency (DC/EP). It is cooperating with the central banks and the construction of the four major state -owned banks of the central bank and the China -Rural China to promote the pilot work of digital currency (DC/EP). All kinds of management committees will sign a digital currency agency agreement with the salary bank to complete the aforementioned pilot task arrangements. On the same day, according to the "21st Century Economic Herald" news, several insiders in the banking industry said that DC/EP was led by the central bank, and each bank was tested on the floor scenario. Essence

    On April 17, 2020, the People's Bank of China Digital Currency Research Institute (referred to as "Digital Currency Research Institute") responded to the progress of online pass testing that the current digital RMB research and development work is steadily promoting, digital RMB Under the premise of adhering to the double -layer operation, M0 replacement, and controllable anonymous anonymity, the top -level design, standard formulation, function research and development, joint adjustment testing and other principles are basically completed, and the principles of steady, safe, controllable, innovative, and practical are followed. Pilot the internal closed pilot test in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiong'an, Chengdu, and future Winter Olympics scenes to continuously optimize and improve functions.

    The combination of the above information. At the same time, considering the screenshot of the DC/EP wallets of the Agricultural Bank of China on the Internet before, as Suzhou took the lead in trying DC/EP, in the future, other regions test DC/EP in other regions to test DC/EP in the future. The news will gradually increase. This article will organize the recent information on DC/EP pilot information, analyze the main problems of DC/EP and analyze the potential impact of DC/EP on my country's financial system.

    . Why DC/EP first piloted in Suzhou first

    In information disclosed by open channels, the pilot areas of DC/EP include Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiong'an and Chengdu. But the first trial DC/EP scenario is used in Suzhou Xiangcheng District? For a long time, the research and development of DC/EP is mainly responsible for the Digital Currency Research Institute. It belongs to a public institution established by the People's Bank of China. It was established on January 29, 2017. However, it is worth noting that in addition to the technical research and development and patent application of DC/EP, the Digital Currency Research Institute also conducted the following investment activities:

    On June 15, 2018, the study of digital currency research is 100 The form of %holding shares has invested in Shenzhen Financial Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shenzhen Jinke") in Shenzhen. Service; construction and operation and maintenance of fintech -related systems. The license operation project is:

    On March 1, 2019, Shenzhen Jinke and Suzhou High -speed Railway New City Innovation Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd. ( Referred to as "Suzhou High -speed Railway New City") jointly invested and established the Yangtze River Delta Fintech Co., Ltd., the registered place is Suzhou Xiangcheng District, the business scope is "
    software development; The construction and operation and maintenance of technical services and fintech -related systems. (Projects that must be approved according to law shall be carried out after approval by relevant departments, and business activities can be carried out after the approval of relevant departments. " Among them, Shenzhen Jindu holds 55%, Suzhou High -speed Railway New City holds 45%. As a wholly state -owned enterprise, Suzhou High -speed Railway New City is finally fully held by the Suzhou High -speed Railway New City Management Committee.

    The number of personnel from the administrative unit of Suzhou Xiangcheng District, which estimates the public channels and the general standards of government agencies on traffic subsidies. About 300,000 yuan, the amount is relatively limited. Considering the current insufficient information about the Suzhou DC/EP pilot, the calculation of these amounts is only for reference. In addition, how to use traffic subsidies issued in the form of DC/EP is also a potential problem. What scenarios can the Xiangcheng District personnel who obtain DC/EP can be used in? Does these scenes have a B -end interface with DC/EP? These have to be observed further in follow -up.

    In the above facts, it is not difficult to conclude that the Digital Currency Research Institute has already established a contact with local state -owned enterprises in Suzhou through the establishment of a subsidiary. Another shareholder is a state -owned enterprise with the background of the transportation industry in Suzhou. It is not surprising that DC/EP first trials in Suzhou Xiangcheng District and adopting traffic subsidies to conduct scene tests. According to these ideas, the Digital Currency Research Institute has established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shenzhen-Shenzhen Goldenke. It can be guess that Shenzhen is very likely to be an important area for the next scene of DC/EP.

    . The characteristics of DC/EP and the recent pilot information survey

    According to the public introduction of the relevant person in charge of the central bank, DC/EP has the following characteristics: (1 1 ) The essence is still the RMB, which belongs to the central bank's liabilities, has unlimited law, and is another form of expression of the RMB; (2) the goal is to replace some M0 (
    that is cash in circulation, that is, banknotes and coins, no, no, no Including deposits (such as corporate deposits and urban and rural residents savings deposits), financial bonds, commercial bills, large transfer regular deposit orders, etc. can book assets and liabilities of financial institution accounts
    ); (3) not paying interest; ( 4) Adopting a double -layer operation architecture, the operating institution (bank or payment institution) needs to pay 100%reserve for exchanged DC/EP; (5) technical neutrality, but it needs to meet the "account loosening" The dependence of the transaction on the account realizes the controllable anonymous
    ), "high and merging demand" and "offline transfer"

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