bethel wholesale jewelry DOGEZILLA currency cash destruction mechanism

bethel wholesale jewelry

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  1. colorado springs wholesale jewelry The DOGEZILLA currency cash destruction mechanism refers to the significant decline in the address (green) of the buying operation, while the selling address (yellow) is basically unchanged, but the number of transactions (blue pillars) increased significantly. It is basically determined that the profitable people are shipped in large quantities, which is twice as many days ago.
    This Dogezilla currency holding address is 12W2666, the number of Chinese telegraph groups is 14099, and the number of English telegram groups is 21643. Combined with the current K -line chart, there are three scripts to go next.
    The expansion information:
    1. The first is the plot of the previous several times, and once again ushered in a new high. The second is the double -headed cow of Bitcoin today, and entered the horizontal disk after returning to the highest point before. The third is the direct horizontal mode, waiting for the next high. According to the project party's plan, global promotion will be carried out in November, including Spain's advertisements, as well as online Vault APPs, and online stores around Dogezilla around various Dogezilla. The core is people. At present, 1W is basically stable every day, which looks like a lot, but it can no longer meet the needs of rising, that is, Chai is not enough.
    2, the goals in the group are babydoge and shiba inu, then let's take a look at the smaller BabyDoge. The script of the copycat coin is very similar. Every time there are a lot of people who ship the high, they are shipped with a lot of psychological preparations. In the future, there will be people shipped by people in the future, which will lead to a short -term decline in prices. So what level is the current DOGEZILLA and babydoge
    3, the number of currency holdings 122, 666812, 054 historical highest number of participation transactions 89620230, 030 historical maximum number of addresses 47393106, 4445 historical history The highest trading address. The gap between the two is still relatively large, but it should be noted that Dogezilla only was born for 9 days, and the peak data of BabyDoge was reached for nearly two months after it was born.
    4, Dogezilla has a long way to go. Interestingly, these data are basically synchronized, that is, they all appear within the same day, which is a confirmation of its Ponzi characteristics: the person who enters the first entry will take the pre -entry. It is necessary to continue to "preach" and pull more people in. Therefore, we must cherish the opportunity to copy the bottom, and avoid chasing and falling. Babydoge was born for more than 5 months, and it was indispensable to plummet and sideways. In general, individuals tend to be 1,2 possibilities: take off in November or high sideways.

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