What are the main parameters of the carat pipe

What are the main parameters of the carat pipe? With elevated density polyethylene resin as the main raw material, the klaat pipe is made of special structural wall pipe with elevated resistance to external pressure by using hot winding process and polypropylene (PP) single-wall bellows as the supporting structure. ‚ÄčThen what are the main parameters of the carat tube? Below and HDPE pipe fitting suppliers together to understand.

According to the experience of special plastic, the general customer will look at the ring stiffness, impact performance, ring flexibility, joint tensile strength, the minimum tensile force that the pipe can withstand when choosing the carat pipe. Because these parameters essentially have a standard. If the minimum standards are not met, then the quality is not as reliable. For example, the standard of ring flexibility should be smooth, no reverse bending, no rupture, no two walls separated; ‚Äčimpact performance should be less than or equal to 10%, etc.

Special plastic pipe product features:

1, the raw materials meet the national environmental protection requirements, the production process is not polluted, can be 100% recycling, is a green environmental protection product.

2, hot winding steel molding, pipe weld quality is superior.

3, excellent flexibility, in the occurrence of seismic, uneven surface settlement and other geological activities, can also reduce the pipeline damage loss to the minimum, thus improving the seismic and disaster reduction capacity of public facilities.

4. Kra pipe rib and soil form root resistance to reduce the stress hazard of cold and hot shrinkage to the well.

5, unique plug electric hot melt connection technology, with zero leakage of excellent connection performance, to ensure the safety of the pipeline system, extend the service life of the road, and effectively protect the underground water and soil from pollution.

6, the system accessories are complete, there are a variety of supporting pipe fittings and inspection Wells, can be assembled into a complete piping system.

7, the drainage flow performance is superior, the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, the friction is tiny, the flow rate is rapid, the flow is large.

8, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, lengthy service life, excellent wear resistance and toughness and elasticity of the pipe, stable chemical properties, no need for anti-corrosion treatment, corrosion resistance of various acids and alkali, service life can reach more than 50 years.

9, light weight: elevated density polyethylene winding structure wall pipe reinforced structure and scientific design, the same engineering conditions to use, its weight is only a fraction of the cement pipe, steel pipe, more convenient construction.

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