Multifunctional 148cm(waxwork level) silicone doll how to use

Seth: The features of the sex doll center are beautiful and the curves of the body are amazing. It’s a pleasure just to look at. The materials are very soft and the workmanship is very good. The breasts were soft and very real. It’s well proportioned, it’s slim, it’s sculpted, it’s got a beautiful back and it’s seductive, it’s real. The degree of imitation is very high, especially for her to put on silk stockings especially feel, joint tightness is moderate, satisfied! It’s the real deal.

Rachel: The mini bbw sex doll meets my expectations. The makeup is still very delicate and, as described, it is beautiful and touching. It is comfortable to touch and the joints can swing freely. ‚ÄčThe skin is very elastic and looks great when dressed casually. The skin color is very real. After receiving, putting on clothes, matching with various clothes, increasing the sense of reality, all kinds of styles and shapes are beautiful, the material is softer than imagined.

Chris: The doll looks beautiful and real, and it feels real. It seduces me. It’s more comfortable than the real thing, more comfortable and easier to reach the peak. The skin color of the real doll is glossy and delicate, and the feel is closer to the real skin. The solid doll has a skeleton inside, which can be used in different positions. The doll has very high simulation skin. The quality is good and the feeling is excellent. It is a really very comfortable and real feeling. It is the same as the real picture. I like the color and the outside design very much.

Maggie: The doll is very delicate. There are raised things like particles under it. It feels very practical. It’s super nice, it’s smooth, it’s sexy. If you want, you can buy a try and play with it. I’m generally satisfied. The public channel is very tight, the doll is lighter than the real person, the weight is OK, you can swing more than one body, put it on the bed, turn off the light, and then open the intelligent pronunciation, add sound between every move, especially attractive.

Christian: Soft, comfortable, elastic and fleshy. It feels like skin to the touch. It’s very comfortable.
There was no smell. I washed her with my own shower gel, with cleaning tools, and then put on the silk stockings I bought for her. The hips were very high, very sexy, and the joints were broken.

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