Revolutionizing Mobility: The 3LDM04B 1300W Permanent Magnet Brushless Transaxle

The 3LDM04B 1300W Permanent Magnet Brushless Transaxle delivers efficient, powerful performance, ideal for personal mobility devices and light commercial vehicles. With its compact design and robust torque output, it ensures smooth operation and enhanced durability, meeting modern mobility demands effectively.


The 3LDM04B 1300W Permanent Magnet Brushless Transaxle emerges as a groundbreaking solution in the electric vehicle sector, providing exceptional performance and efficiency. This advanced transaxle is designed for a wide array of electric vehicles, particularly those requiring a compact, high-performance motor that does not compromise on power and durability.

Product Overview

Equipped with a 1300W brushless motor and permanent magnets, the 3LDM04B transaxle is engineered to deliver smooth, efficient power transmission. This system is perfect for applications ranging from personal mobility aids to light commercial vehicles, where reliable performance and energy efficiency are paramount.


Specification Detail
Motor Type Brushless DC Motor with Permanent Magnets
Power Output 1300W
Operating Voltage 48V DC
Maximum Speed Up to 40 km/h
Torque 45 Nm
Efficiency Approximately 86%
Weight 28 kg (61.7 lbs)
Dimensions 550mm x 270mm x 225mm
Application Suitability Personal mobility devices, light commercial EVs

Key Advantages

  • High-Efficiency Motor: The brushless design offers increased efficiency and reduced maintenance compared to brushed motors.
  • Robust Torque Output: Delivers 45 Nm of torque, ensuring powerful acceleration and capability to handle various terrains.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Ideal for vehicles where space and weight are critical considerations.
  • Enhanced Durability: Built with high-quality materials to withstand rigorous use and extend service life.

Design and Performance Superiority

The 3LDM04B is designed with cutting-edge technology to maximize performance while minimizing wear and energy loss. Its advanced cooling mechanisms ensure the motor operates at optimal temperatures, enhancing longevity and maintaining efficiency under all operating conditions.


This transaxle is particularly suited for:

  • Personal Mobility Devices: Enhances the performance of electric scooters and mobility aids, offering users reliable and controlled motion.
  • Light Commercial Electric Vehicles: Ideal for delivery vehicles and small utility trucks that benefit from a quiet, efficient drive system.

While the 3LDM04B 1300W Transaxle is highly advantageous, it is optimized for medium-load applications and may not be suitable for larger commercial vehicles requiring higher power outputs. However, for its target market, it provides an exceptional balance of power, efficiency, and size.

This transaxle is a testament to the advancements in electric vehicle technology, offering manufacturers a powerful yet efficient solution that meets the demands of modern transportation. Integrating the 3LDM04B into their vehicle designs allows manufacturers to achieve superior performance and sustainability, making it a key component in the development of next-generation electric vehicles.


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