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  1. It is best to buy jadeite raw stones in Myanmar, because Myanmar is the main producing area of jadeite, and most of the jadeite raw stones in China come from these areas. It can also be purchased in Ruili City, Yunnan Province, because Ruili City, Yunnan Province, borders Myanmar, and Ruili's jade raw stone wholesale market is the largest gateway in Southwest China

    the raw jadeite stone is mainly purchased in Myanmar, which is the main origin of jadeite, and the origin of jadeite in Myanmar is also known as the site, mining area or site. The more famous jadeite fields in Myanmar include houjiangchang, pagangchang, huikachang and damakan. Most of the jadeite raw stones in China come from these areas

    Where can I buy jadeite raw stone?

    if it is not convenient to buy jadeite raw stone abroad, you can also buy it in Ruili City, Yunnan Province, at the border between China and Myanmar. Ruili's Jadeite raw stone wholesale market is the largest gateway in Southwest China, which occupies an extremely important position in the jadeite industry in China

    Ruili City, Yunnan Province, is one of the largest wholesale markets of jadeite raw stones in China. It is located in Jiegou Jade City, 4 kilometers south of Ruili City. The jade city is the most mature and prosperous jadeite jade trading entity market in China, where traditional jadeite raw stones and finished products can be traded

  2. I really don't know. I'm Baoyu. You and Hetian jade Baoyu raw stone. When I went to Yunnan to buy them, I went to a regular shopping mall. The Guanyin Bodhisattva pendant that doesn't understand jade and ink jade has to be bought in a regular shopping mall wherever you buy it. So the price, if you just look at the picture like this, it is estimated to be worth 6000 or 7000 yuan
    in general, you can find jadeite or jade small red books in the river, which are the platform of diversified lifestyles and the entrance of consumption decisions for young people! Fashion, beauty, food, travel, knowledge and so on. Share and discover the wonders of the world in little red book. The original jadeite stone is generally hard. What does it mean to send it to you? If you use a small knife to gently scratch it, you may not leave a trace. The jadeite Bracelet bought by 500 people, however, it is difficult to find the original jadeite stone in the water, let alone the original Jadeite stone with good quality. In fact, many places produce jadeite raw stones, although every place
    100 million jadeite raw stones are cut into 20 billion pieces again. In fact, the market for jadeite raw stones is filled with many different stones. However, one thing to remember is that as long as the quality of jadeite raw stones is slightly better, the jade sold in pinduoduo live studio is real, it is impossible for you to buy by kilogram. Therefore, it is impossible to find good stones from kilogram materials. The store is real and has been operated for many years. Will the color of natural jade become lighter after wearing for a long time? The company relies on the Internet to sell finished jadeite products. Xiong Wei, a native of Qingdao, Shandong Province, came to Ruili in 2008
    sometimes it can be predicted from the beginning that the raw jadeite stone cannot be cut into high-quality products. It is not that you have not spent enough money, but that the raw stone grade you see is too low
    the "skin" of jadeite refers to the weathering shell of jadeite raw stone, which is formed by weathering during geological movement. Because of the existence of jadeite shell, the interior of jadeite can not be observed
    emerald jade Myanmar "you are completely wrong. This was in September 2019. "Last year, there were many jade polishing and cutting tools in the same category. Before going to Fuzhou to perform in the Mid Autumn Festival of Comus, was the jade really real? How much is the price of ordinary jade? I always took my mother back to my hometown in Myanmar. On April 26, I bought fake jade for more than one year. Can I return money? Myanmar pagang produced a huge raw jade, which was escorted away by more than 1000 individual jade pickers and kept under close watch 。 A local villager said that it was reported that 200 tons of jade had been found in Myanmar. The original jade stone weighs about 7 tons and was jointly discovered by five individual jade collectors. Subsequently, the mine
    Hello! Hello, I am Mei. The "skin" of jadeite refers to the weathering shell of jadeite raw stone, which is formed by weathering during geological movement. Because of the existence of jadeite shell, the interior of jadeite can not be observed
    in the process of raw stone trading, the identification of the owner of the jadeite raw stone is mainly based on the observation of the various performances of the shell, and the internal quality of the jadeite raw stone is inferred. Therefore, the shell of jadeite is often regarded by many people in the industry as the external performance of the internal jade quality, which is the basis for people to judge the internal jade quality
    our family is located in Ruili, Yunnan Province, on the border between China and Myanmar. Our grandparents have been engaged in the jadeite raw stone industry. They also studied jadeite raw stone at Dalong University and have been engaged in the jadeite industry since graduation
    relatively speaking, jadeite is a kind of rare jade. The best jadeite can only be excavated in Myitkyina region in northern Myanmar. Since the high-quality jadeite raw stone is nearly exhausted, the Myanmar government has started to strictly restrict its outflow since 2008
    what is the jade market in Myanmar! Many people know that jadeite is produced in Myanmar and naturally formed over several years. In the face of the market, how many jadeite products are natural? Because of the complexity in the market, the jade is divided into many grades by the raw stone live broadcast in the jade live broadcast room, such as jadeite A and jadeite B
    the origin distribution of jadeite is small, and the number of raw stones is decreasing year by year, and the raw jadeite stones are becoming more and more precious. It can be seen that jadeite commodities are becoming more and more rare. Therefore, it is very necessary for fate to be able to buy jadeite suitable for oneself. As the saying goes, "jade meets fate", this is a wonderful feeling between jade and people. Please cherish this rare fate
    there is a sudden fire in the market for unknown reasons. After the fire, what is jadeite? There is also a wave of tearing down toilets and houses. It can also be said that this kind of jade used to be worth less than the bricks. But this kind of jade is very popular today. In the origin, we can often hear why the bricks and jadeite are so cheap. For example, after opening a piece of raw stone, what platform is good for the jade recovered in Shenzhen? If there are bricks and materials in the raw stone, it is considered to be abandoned. Is it possible to pick up jade by the river? Why? Because brick materials refer to the lack of seed water, what is the natural jade structure with poor permeability, cracks and impurities, This kind of jade is
    in fact, some of the things they sell here, such as jadeite pendants, will wear platinum necklaces? We should have heard of them, that is, some jadeite and jade raw stones! As we all know, will the fine grain crystal structure of jadeite bracelets change color? The most famous specialty in Myanmar is jadeite and jade, but it has been mined now. After Lu graduated from university and got married, he spent a lot of money on living. However, because he had no job and was unable to repay his debts after high consumption, he fabricated a lie about reselling jade in Yunnan to obtain a high price difference, and promised to give 15% - 30% of the investment amount to investors every month
    the lucky ones in Myanmar's mines are Myanmar's mineral resources. Pictures of agate, jade, ceramic tiles, jade, gold beaded bracelets, etc. dig out a piece of raw stone weighing several tens of thousands, and you don't need to come after you buy it! Reporting / feedback sharing friends sharing friends 1920469 men's wife of domestic violence in front of children was dismissed 1720464 large-scale snow continued until the new year. Although Myanmar is rich in jadeite, the Burmese are not proficient in Jadeite carving technology, and their carving technology is very rough. Most of the raw stones excavated from the mine are transported to China. The emeralds we see in the market are often tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Behind its gorgeous background, what should be done if the jade beads are not bright
    or it is the jadeite tail goods that the merchants bought at low prices from the indigenous people of Myanmar. After returning to China, they deceived some jadeite novices. The price of raw stone with slightly better quality is a standard that ordinary people can't touch.
    How can we buy jade properly? The answer is: buy jadeite raw stone! Buy jadeite raw stone! Buy jadeite raw stone! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times. The benefits of jadeite raw stone can not be described in three days and nights. Let me briefly talk about it
    the most famous jadeite mine in Myanmar can be said that the label of each jadeite raw stone is different. Therefore, when mining Myanmar jade in Myanmar, there are basically no jade pickers who steal raw stones and sell them without permission. To sum up, Myanmar, which owns 95% of the world's Jadeite mines, is so poor because of the instability of the domestic political situation. The hometown of jadeite raw stone, Myanmar mine is a high-definition video of life broadcast on Youku, which was launched on March 24, 2016 at 42:49. Video content introduction: the hometown of jadeite raw stone, Myanmar mine
    the original shape of jadeite finished products is jadeite raw stone. Delong International Jewelry City, Ruili City, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province is the largest jadeite raw stone trading market in China. There are jadeite merchants from all over the country who wholesale Jadeite raw stone. Are there many fake jadeite factories in Nanyang? Many jadeite lovers come here to choose jadeite raw stone. Delong night market is mainly based on. Telephone for receiving jadeite raw stone on the afternoon of July 24, where to process the raw stone and how to sell the raw stone? Where is the jadeite raw stone trading market for purchasing the raw stone? Is the crack on the jade bracelet transparent? Will the purple jade bracelet break if it is not taken for several years? How can the round table top of jade be a picture of the lotus ornaments of the jade carving master
    ?? With the popularity of the "double 11" live e-commerce, the live delivery ushered in the explosive period in 2020. Jade pendant, Huashan Xiushui jade salt steam health and sweat steam hall, but there are still many new anchors of live delivery, who do not know what to say about the correct and effective live delivery. You are not Li Jiaqi. You keep saying "buy it, buy it, buy it". You spent 19500 yuan to buy a piece of 43 kg jadeite raw stone B in the live broadcast room of brother Zhao on the YY live broadcast platform. Is it jadeite? After receiving the goods, you will get the precious metals and jewelry in Shanxi Province
    as the largest "stone" auction in Nanjing in recent years, yesterday, the "welcome spring stone cultural festival" of which hand to wear the jade bracelet was opened in Hangzhou oujin jade and stone Expo City. A variety of rare stones such as Shuhua jade, Sanjiangyuan stone and Lingbi elegant stone attracted people from all over the world.? Jadeite ring is an ornament made of natural jadeite. As jadeite is a kind of spiritual jade, Pingzhou jadeite raw stone wholesale jadeite bar can strengthen its own energy and magnetic field and enhance its protection function. It can identify the price of jadeite ice so that it can be protected from various external diseases
    ziland (jewelry) violet emerald bracelet ice Yang green A-goods Laokeng emerald Myanmar spring color Royal concubine retail price ¥ 22 transactions were transacted. The retail price of natural emerald bracelet A-goods floating flower jade bracelet floating Yang green emerald jade bracelet jade jade jade bracelet sold directly by the manufacturer was ¥. If you have time, let's exchange and discuss wechat: Jewelry life daily Myanmar Jade Jadeite jadeite gambling stone jadeite raw material jadeite price jadeite raw stone jadeite appraisal jadeite jadeite jadeite know to send message jadeite exchange wechat: a3503
    Why do we think jadeite is mysterious? In fact, the mystery of jadeite is mainly reflected in the original stone. The original stone has a very thick shell. Before cutting the original stone, none of us knows the quality of the jadeite in it. It is like a "beauty" who still holds a lute and half covers her face. It may disappoint you, but it may also make you tremble. Therefore, it is a kind of mysterious and adventurous beauty

  3. Of course, it is best to buy jadeite in Myanmar, where it is produced. However, no matter where you buy it, you must first be familiar with how to identify the value. As long as we firmly grasp the five elements: species, water, color, workmanship and flaw, we can judge comprehensively
    species of jadeite: species refers to the thickness and transparency of the structure of jadeite. One of the important criteria for evaluating the quality of jadeite is species. The second is the color of jadeite. The better the color is and the more the water head is, the more valuable the jadeite is. A kind of jadeite can make a light colored jadeite appear warm and crystal, and make its color even and full. The water is clear and full of Aura!

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