3 thoughts on “Where can gold be recovered? Where is the recycling price higher”

  1. The recovery price of gold is determined by the gold price of the day, and it depends on the weight, gold content, physical quality, etc. That is, the higher the gram number, the higher the recovery value of pure gold. Many businesses can recycle gold jewelry. Gold recycling companies, pawn shops and gold jewelry processing shops can directly recycle gold. Some brand gold stores also have their own old for new service. However, it is generally during holidays and festivals, and there are brand restrictions, which may not be cost-effective in the overall calculation. You can take the idle gold at home to the recycling company's store for evaluation. In large recycling companies, there are physical stores, and the recycling price is more reasonable

  2. There are many places, such as general gold shops, where you can recycle your gold, but the price of your gold is called second-hand gold, which is cheaper than the new products in their shops. Many private and pawn companies also accept it. As long as you have good quality, good quality and no problem with the source, you will be given a high price according to the market situation,

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