1 thought on “What is the specialty of jewelry design? What are the requirements for applying for the examination?”

  1. Jewelry design belongs to product design
    to apply for jewelry design, you need to pass the art examination and cultural examination

    Product Design (jewelry design) of China University of Geosciences: a four-year undergraduate program with 50 students planned to enroll this year. Candidates must register for the 2015 unified examination of fine arts majors in their province according to the requirements of the provincial recruitment office and obtain a certificate of qualification. Participated in the national unified examination for enrollment of ordinary colleges and universities and passed the score line. Fill in the first batch of our university in advance
    admission principle: candidates who enter the file will be admitted according to their comprehensive scores (comprehensive scores = college entrance examination cultural scores × 40% provincial unified examination results × 60%) are admitted from high to low (the policy plus points recognized by the provincial recruitment office are included in the cultural scores of the college entrance examination and converted into the comprehensive scores). If the comprehensive scores are the same, they are admitted from high to low according to the professional scores. The examinee's single subject score in the general college entrance examination must be more than 80 points, and the single subject score in English must be more than 70 points (all of which are calculated according to the full score of 150 points).

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