1 thought on “What is the high -end of the opening of a friend basketball training hall?”

  1. The opening is not only the initial establishment of enterprises and stores, but also the development of a matter of one thing and the new beginning of life. The opening of business and shops requires congratulations to seeking great luck.

    If the restaurant, shops, and enterprises run by your friends, you must congratulate. This is not only a kind of politeness, but also a kind of encouragement to the other party, so that the other party deeply feels your affection. Even if you are too busy, you have to ask others or book gifts to express congratulations, because opening is a more important thing in life, and everyone sees it very much.

    So, what can you give to express your heart in the day when the other party is happy? In fact, the opening of the opening celebration is mainly for auspicious, and the choice of days is cautious, let alone gifts! Therefore, the gift we want to send must be able to reflect the meaning of "giving auspicious" in order to satisfy the owner.

    So, what gifts can be reflected in this significance? Below, let's talk about the choice of gifts in detail. They will book two large flower baskets in the flower shop in advance to let it be delivered on the same day.

    . As the saying goes: "Flowers bloom rich and wealthy", this is also auspicious. However, different flowers have different meanings. When you give away open flowers, it is best to choose the following types to avoid ambiguity.

    1. Lily, joy.

    2. Peach blossoms, good luck comes.

    3. Peony, rich and rich.

    4. Red palm, exhibit macro map.

    5. Rich bamboo, rich and auspicious.

    6,000 youths, eternal.

    7. Sham and hair Zen, prosperous and prosperous.

    8. Sunflower, bright future.

    9. Roster, prosperous.

    10. Yipin red, festive.

    11. Fuso, booming fire.

    12. Pyreas, booming.

    13. Golden oranges, wealth.

    14. Eight Immortals, prosperous.

    15. Dalihua, Jixing Manchang.

    16. Tulip, auspicious and prosperous.

    17. Red beauty banana, Qianqiu great cause.

    18. Red goldfish grass, Hongyun is the head.


    20. Goldfish grass, a thousand profits.

    It, send some traditional gifts to express congratulations.

    1. Interior decoration. For example, the decoration of the decoration store, murals, green plants, etc. In short, it can be foreshadowed.

    2. Red envelopes. The opening of the red envelope is also auspicious, but this is also an indispensable gift in the traditional sense. The amount of cash in the red envelope depends on the relationship of affinity.

    . He Lian, He Mei, He plaque, and poetry. Write the plaque and He Lian on the mirror screen. This is the best gift to show your heart.

    of course, some special gifts can also be presented privately. This is for those who have a closer step.

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