6 thoughts on “What gifts are good for my sister?”

  1. Sending flowers to my sister and eternal flowers can surprise my sister. Flowers are loved by girls, and it can bring good mood.
    The books about society, hoping to help her life and work.
    Give her a beautiful dress, her favorite style
    to send creative points, like custom pillows, color change cups, etc., which can be printed with her Photos or star she likes.

  2. Sending a sister’s gift, depending on what age, it is a child, a elementary school student, or a middle school student, or a girl who is on the society, depends on what he usually likes and what you like. What kind of items are sent to? See what she likes, you will deal with it as appropriate

  3. If my sister is less than 10 years old, it is still a good choice to send Barbie dolls. Music boxes and schoolbags can make her happy. If you are more than 15 years old, you can consider buying what she likes, starry sky projection, electronic products, bags, jewelry, not necessarily expensive, but must be right.

  4. It ’s very suitable for men to eat. Men who do n’t care about gender are very suitable. Buying a variety of snacks and putting a bunch of surprises for her. No one does n’t like it. Unless there are very few, as long as there are many, it is individual. I will like it, and the cost is very low

  5. Your sister is a male temperament, and I don’t like to ring the type of leather bag. I think I can choose a mobile phone or buy a mascot on the neck according to her.

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