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  1. “Big White Rabbit Toffee”
    is called “national toffee”. The milk flavor is full. Eat every time, because adults say that eating too much can tooth decay …
    “Large Bubble Gum”
    The ones with various flavors, a small piece of four or four squares, often a few pieces of several pieces, often a few pieces. Eat together so that bubbles can be blown out.
    “Clicc sugar”
    The girl should be very touching. The appearance is like a lipstick, and you can turn in after you can’t finish eating. There is also a diamond ring sugar that can be eaten in your hands.
    “jump sugar”
    The candy that felt particularly magical when I was a kid. Cracked, especially fun.
    Caping snacks, remember a dime. The white outside seems to be flour, anyway, it is delicious!
    “Port Sin Candy”
    In fact, this sugar taste is not very good, but it is more fun. It can be made in the mouth, like a whistle.
    chocolate candy, which is quite expensive when he was a child. Enjoy biting chocolate in particular, and then make the malt crispy in the tongue melted, invincible!
    “Stone Chocolate”
    is also a kind of chocolate, the appearance will deceive people, like a small stone. Irregular, the color is different, but the taste is the same.
    The previous look like 2 cents a bag, which is one by one. I don’t know what it is made so far.
    “Rat shit”
    Although the name is disgusting, it is also a very red “net red snack”. The appearance is a grain, and it looks like a mouse shit. But it tastes like the smell of Chenpi, which is very refreshing.
    5 shrimp strip of a bag of cents, the taste is very fresh. Even now, I still often buy a box of boxes to eat.
    “Nanjing Ban Duck”
    It another very fresh and salty snacks. Although the name is not consistent with the real object, it does not prevent everyone from the love of it. Maybe when it is young, there is no resistance to such heavy -duty puffed foods ~
    “Spicy Bar”
    This is also a small snack with a full topic, but the current packaging boxes used to be different. However, it seems that it is more clean and hygienic, the taste is still the same ~
    “Big Sword Pork”
    is also a spicy breed, but the texture is thick, especially chewy!
    “The little raccoon simply noodles”
    The small snacks with a very big influence, so that I saw the little raccoon call it simply. There will also be a variety of cards in it, and the whole class will be in the card when you are a child!
    “Xiaohua Face Ice Cream”
    The chocolate -flavored ice cream, the appearance is a smiley shape, pleased and delicious.
    “Seven Small dwarfs”
    The small popsicles in a bag, colorful. The taste is largely made of additives, but when I did n’t understand it when I was a kid, I felt delicious. The key is to share with friends!
    “Green Tongue”
    A green jelly popsicle is hard at first. When it melts a little bit, the popsicle will slowly soften and elastic, just like jelly.
    “AD Calcium Milk”
    The drink that everyone has drank. Although there is no milk or calcium, it just loves to drink!

  2. When I was a child, the shops at the door, and various small shops near the school were really a must -see every day. The children were squeezed on the three layers and three layers, struggling to squeeze in just to buy snacks they wanted to buy.

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  3. Children’s snacks: In addition to large white rabbit toffee, shrimp strip, sour plum powder, large bubble sugar, as well as spicy strips, sticky tooth sugar, large rolls, whistle, and so on.

  4. Various shrimp strips, when I was a kid, I did n’t have crispy foods like current potato chips. It is a shrimp strip. It is cheaper. As long as five cents a pack, sometimes there is a jelly. The shrimp strip is just like this, and it is gone before eating.
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    The small steamed buns, one of the favorite snacks later, look at the cute little buns, and the saliva must be left. The partner comes together to see who puts more in his mouth.
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    Oh, the sweet sugar, the sweet sugar, bite a full milk flavor, it is still a luxury, only a few can be eaten in the New Year, and you can eat a few in the New Year. Essence
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    The watermelon bubble sugar. It seems to be two hair. It has a sweet taste to eat, but it cannot be blown.
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    gold coin chocolate. It is a round chocolate wrapped in tin foil. It looks exactly like gold coins. It is also sold now, as if five cents.
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    The hawthorn tablets, wrap it in a packaging paper, inside is a thin small round piece, full of hawthorn flavor.
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    . Carshmallow, white and sweet round marshmallow, is the favorite snack when he was a child. The sweet marshmallow is about to fly.
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