2 thoughts on “What are the practical promotional gifts and what should be paid attention to when distributing gifts”

  1. Make clear the purpose of small gift distribution and strive to achieve more effective distribution. If it is new, it is necessary to identify its core consumer groups to avoid waste caused by inaccurate distribution of people; If it is to maintain the old customers, it is necessary to find out which part of the old customers have high consumption frequency or relatively low consumption frequency; If it is just brand promotion, then it must be clear where the distribution is and whether it can directly stimulate customer consumption

    information registration shall be made at the time of distribution, so as to track and study the effect of promotional product expenditure in the later period. At present, the store often uses the QR code to add powder to reserve the number of fans for later promotion; Or it is a gift after a certain amount of consumption, which can be regarded as a companion gift; Or pre deposit and recharge, and then give gifts after reaching a certain amount. Although the gift carries the brand information of the enterprise, if no one tracks and compares the follow-up consumption data, it will be of little significance if it is only distributed by feeling

    promotional products are also the cost of an enterprise. Therefore, if an enterprise wants to spend money on the cutting edge and on the people who can generate value, it must make the way of spending money scientific and effective

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