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  1. Speaking of actor Jin Han, I believe my friends are also familiar with him. Many people began to pay attention to him, because he and actor Zhao Liying starred in the TV series, you and my city time, which left a very deep impression on everyone. Especially Jin Han's military appearance in this TV series also made him a circle of countless fans.
    The is at this time that many viewers and fans have issued cash Han Han have appeared in many excellent film and television dramas for many years. Biography also appeared in the popular TV series Chu Qiao River, but did not attract public attention. After watching the TV series, Jin Han spent a good time between you and me. His career development has also been improved, and various resources have also appeared.
    is worth mentioning that when you shoot the TV series, you and my Qingcheng time, Jin Han also signed under Zhao Liying. However, due to Zhao Liying's personal relationship, the two also terminated the contract peacefully. But Jin Han is very grateful to him for successfully signed the contract by Zhao Liying's former agent. I have to say that Zhao Liying's success is inseparable from his agent. And Jin Han can sign a contract with the agent, presumably he will have a better development in the entertainment industry. It is not surprising that Jin Han also starred in many outstanding film and television dramas, which made his actor career smoother. Jin Han is also a new work is about to be released. The name of this play is the west of Jinxihe. This is an ancient costume show. Like most TV series currently played, the TV series is also adapted from novels. But there is a certain name change.
    The original novel is called Yu Zhao. It mainly tells the heroic story of the heroic abuse of abuse and abuse in the three saints. Through the introduction of the TV series, we can also find the TV series easily. It must be the sugar in the glass residue, which is more in line with the current viewing taste of some audiences. Of course, Jin Han also played the actor in Hexi in the TV series. Judging from his photos posted on the official Weibo, Jin Han's clothing style is handsome this time. After all, he does have a high appearance. In fact, since Jin Han's debut, except for the time for you and my temptation. Most of his appearances are in clothing TV series, and he has made a lot of clothing.
    Especially in the TV series, it can be said that his clothing is the best clothing. And he played so many clothing characters, I believe it has accumulated a lot of experience. This time I played the actor in Hexi, I believe I will be able to do it easily. At the same time, I watched so many TV series with Jin Han. I believe many viewers also recognize that Jin Han is an actor. It is expected that he can bring more excitement and highlights to everyone in this exquisite TV series again.
    But in addition to this, I have to talk about my own point of view. From my point of view Jin Han as an actor, his appearance is very high. But herself is actually more suitable for modern makeup, especially tough guys compared with ancient costumes. The role controlled by Jin Han will definitely attract the attention of more audiences and be loved by more fans. Therefore, it is also recommended that Jin Han can play more modern tough guys if he has more opportunities in the future. This is also conducive to his future career development. Having said that, I believe many people are also very curious about who the heroine played by Jin Han. This is also very familiar with everyone, that is, the actor Sun Yi. This is definitely recognized by the entertainment industry. He has also appeared in many outstanding film and television dramas since his debut. For example, because I met you and make us sad? Everyone impressed everyone.
    I have to say that as an actor Sun Yi, her appearance and performance skills are absolutely good. This time she was also very gentle and charming in the costume style in the play. Yiliang also made people look forward to his wonderful performance in Hexi in the TV series. In fact, in addition to the amazing male and female protagonists, the actor who plays the male No. 2 is also very surprising. I believe that many friends have watched the previous popular TV series, and the role of dear Dai Feng also left a lot of impression on everyone. The actor who plays Dai Feng is called Yu Chengen. This time, he played the male No. 2 in the TV series and He Xizhong. I believe there will be arrogant and heroic clothes when I see his clothing style.
    In short, the TV series Jinxi Hexi itself is adapted from novels. Many fans of this novel have paid attention to this TV series. Secondly, partners such as Jin Han and Sun Yi are also surprising. The entire actor lineup is also very impressive. I believe that this TV series will also attract widespread attention and love after the broadcast of the TV series, which is not surprising.

  2. 19. It's really hard to say a word to the person who claims to love.
    Recently, Jin Han was photographed holding Zhang Zhixi, jumped out for dinner, and wore a couple to go to Zhang Zhixi to explore the class the next day.
    This is Zhen Mi in the military division alliance, and she also played Qing Yao's sister in Chenxi Garden.
    Wu Xiubo was exploded by Primary Three, but Zhang Zhixi later stood up and denied it.
    This is the love that was photographed. The two did not cover up and quickly admitted.
    but Jin Han's response is really inexplicable. Obviously it can be declared generous, but at this time, "there is no idol burden, nothing dare not admit."
    The words of love celebrities recently exposed and emotional connotation: Xia Beizi, Li Bipi, what do you do? A frank and open -man collection seems to have no memory on the Internet?
    Jin Han once signed Zhao Liying in the studio. Owner.
    The Zhao Liying and the agent Huang Bin terminated the relationship. Huang Bin took Jin Han to stand on his own, and now he and Wu Yifan are now with him.
    "You Are Me" were broadcast. Jin Han used half of its marketing, half of his sincerity, and for a while.
    During the broadcast of the TV series, Jin Han's popularity can even be comparable to Deng Lun's popularity during the "Sweet and Deep Ember Frost" period.
    In after that, our team became more seamless. From Qi Wei and Sun Yi to Chen Qiaoen and Peng Xiaoran, the female partners can get along well with the male No. 1.
    However, Jin Han did not seize the opportunity to join the mobile team, but pasted it lightly.
    After becoming popular, Jin Han created five times a year by the media, and five times were different record objects.
    A love number card, can't get out.
    of course, at that time he didn't even dare to let it go, but he was not as fresh now.
    I was taken as the heroine for the first time.
    Wu Yifan reconciled with Century Huang Zitao, and a smiley girl was smiled on the face of the aunt in the middle.
    Jin Han was photographed on the streets of Shanghai and Cao Xiyue late at night. The woman rectified Jin Han, and the two also returned to the hotel.
    This, Jin Hanfang responded that the two were just friends, and Jin Han was single.
    , the next day, his face was hit by the speed of light.
    The media also released a video of Jin Han's sweet hug and flirting with a woman on the streets of Beijing.
    is all sticky together, isn't it as if denying it?
    how to do, but Jin Han said he was recording a variety show, and I was not convenient to reply.
    only through the staff's clarification, the woman is not Cao Xiyue, but a friend who has known each other for many years.
    hugging, hugging, kissing or something is a joke between ordinary friends.
    Is even twice, Jin Han did not admit it.
    Is the media unwilling, but the three -click did not hit.
    This time, the heroine in the video is not Cao Xiyue, nor is it a fellow friend who hugs him on the street, but another strange face.
    The two people first took one by one on the street and did not know each other, but then took the car and returned to Jinhan's residence together.
    . Within a few months, Jinhan peach blossoms were photographed to eat with a girl in the restaurant.
    The cigarette in Jinhan's hand, smoking from time to time.
    . They held their waist, poked their belly, and pinched their faces, as if no one was watching them, and then lived in the hotel for three days and three nights.
    , however, this time, we still did not have good news to let Jin Han announce their relationship.
    continuously photographed, Jin Han did not learn lessons.
    At the end of last year, he was photographed holding a girl to climb the elevator. Then take the girl to the counter to buy the jewelry.
    This girl was later discovered as Jin Han's assistant.
    The Weibo account will publish the details of their relationship with Boss Jin. Fans will delete the name of Boss Jin after discovering it.
    The people walked through the airport more than once wearing clothes.
    The fans who endured for a long time after the shooting, the fans finally started to regress.
    The release of English letters ... Female is dazzling and dazzling.
    The fans seem to hide a lot of things for Jin Han, and use this to shake it clean.
    For example, the forefoot was taken with a solid mobile phone case by fans, and the rear foot dinner and actor Huang Yilin used the same couple mobile phone case.
    I will go to Disneyland with a girl later.
    . After a while, he went to Gubei Water Town with another girl.
    . A man accompanied four women to Japan.

  3. Everyone knows that Zhao Liying in the entertainment industry is a real inspirational goddess. Although she is not from a science class, her acting skills are still not doubtful in the entertainment industry. Signing the artist, she used to be the winner of life with a dual apology of career love. Today, I will introduce to you a artist she has been. How much do you understand? In fact, Jin Han has gradually become famous, but he has appeared in many roles, and the character image he has created is also well -received by the audience, especially the costume appearance he plays. Many affirmation and awards.
    Ifly, Jin Han was born in a soldier family. It is no wonder that the male lead Li Zhicheng, which was shaped by the "You and My Time Time" starring Zhao Liying at the beginning, was so complete. At the beginning, Jin Han received a lot of good resources, and at the same time, he began to try to break him from time to time.
    As a powerful actor, Jin Han did bring a lot of better works to the audience. For example, what we know include "Splendid", "Chu Qiao Biography", "Whose Youth Is Not Blood", " "Urban Lovers" and other well -known film and television dramas, especially Jin Han's villains, have won the affirmation of many people, and these stem from Jin Han's severe request for himself. Of course, Jin Han's acting skills are also in the entertainment industry. But it is no wonder he can stand firmly in the entertainment circle with such a strong competitiveness.
    Actually, many people know that Jin Han was also a signing artist held by Zhao Liying at the beginning, but due to some reasons, the two lifted the signing relationship. In fact, Jin Han once started the way that belongs to himself, and it is more important. He is also famous in the entertainment industry. Under his unremitting efforts, his acting path can go longer.
    Jin Han, Jin Han, was separated, but was signed by Zhao Liying's former agent. Everyone knows that there is a fierce agent behind the entertainment industry, and Zhao Liying's victory is inseparable from her. The assistance of the former agent, when Chang Jin Han met such a fierce agent, it was difficult to say that it would be difficult to think.
    The new drama "Ho Xi Ton and Best" in Chang Han has been broadcast. It is very handsome to look at Jin Han's appearance from the stills of the promotional stills, and his partner is the grandson with good acting skills and value. Yi, and he chose the script very well, believe that this drama will bring more affirmation to Jin Han.

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