How much is a barn fence semi truck

General trailers are divided into two types, full trailers and semi-trailers, semi-trailers are divided into two types: full trailers and semi-trailers; ​the total weight of the trailer borne by itself is called the full trailer; ​a portion of the total weight of the trailer borne by the tractor is called a semi-trailer.

The current national law stipulates that the length of a car or train with a tractor cannot exceed 16.5 meters. The general length of the trailer is:

1, three axes, not more than 13 meters.

2, the two axis are not further than 10 meters.

3, one axis is not more than 8, 6 meters.

​Typically, Semi Trailer Manufacturers produce semi-trailers with three axles. Compared with "monomer" cars, semi-trailers can improve the comprehensive economic benefits of road transportation. Transportation efficiency can be improved by 30-50%, cost can be reduced by 30-40%, fuel consumption can be reduced by 20-30%. What's more, the use of semi-trailer can also play a certain role in promoting the organizational form of the logistics of our country.

Type of semi-trailer:

Ordinary semi truck: Semi truck with pallet structure, which pulls steel, stone and cement, and sometimes can be distributed. The advantages are lower cargo area, lower cargo center of gravity, easy turning when the trailer driving, through the bridge hole rate is steep.
2, bin bar semi trailer: the cargo parts for the removable fence semi trailer, in addition to the large, essentially can transport the vast majority of goods, the highway is the largest is it.

f2d384c94b30538f9be590689ca6522c3, box type semi-trailer: the cargo parts for the frame structure and no bottom plate, specialized transportation container semi-trailer, the first and third car is to pull bulk cargo, the middle of the closed box car.

4, container semi truck: the cargo parts for the frame structure and no bottom plate, special transportation container semi truck. The country now has restrictions on extremely tall container carriers, and 16.5 meters of flat container has been cancelled.

5. Tank type full trailer: Full trailer with closed tank structure for loading parts, which need not be explained! Oil puller, light oil, heavy oil, asphalt, whatever. Such tankers are also commonly encountered on expressways, but now the national law stipulates that such cars are not allowed on expressways at night.

Due to the different types of trailers, the prices of trailers vary considerably, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the configurations on trailers are also divided into high and low grades. According to common three-axis hamster semi-trailers as an example, the current national law mandatory configuration of three-axis hamster semi-trailers as disc axle + air suspension, inadvertently adds a lot of costs to the car owners, but also for the development of our road freight transportation. The price of the general three-axle grid car is about 80,000 yuan. If you need to add additional configurations, such as different steel and chassis configurations, you need to increase the cost.

The cost of most semi-trailers is in the choice of axle. ​Alternative configurations on trailers, such as steel and chassis, are considerably the same, but the price of different axle of trailers is extremely different. It is understood that the axle of the trailer possibly occupies about 20% of the cost of the trailer, and if it is a steep-end axle, it will be more costly, so the choice of the right axle is the most valuable thing to choosing the trailer.

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