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  1. bella wholesale jewelry los angeles Burning Yuanmingyuan
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    The Yuanmingyuan is located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing and built on the Ming Dynasty. In 1709, Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty gave the garden to the fourth son (later Emperor Yongzheng) and gave it to the Yuanmingyuan. After more than 150 years of operations of the five emperors of Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, and Xianfeng, a large number of material resources have been concentrated, and countless capable craftsmen have been concentrated. Leave the palace.

    The emperor of the Qing Dynasty came here to avoid summer, listen to politics, and deal with military affairs every summer, so it is also called "summer palace".

    The 10 kilometers around Yuanmingyuan, consisting of Yuanmingyuan, Wanchun Garden, Changchun Garden, and the largest Yuanmingyuan, so it is called Yuanmingyuan (also known as Yuanming Three Garden). In addition, there are many gardens, which are distributed in the east, west, and south of the Yuanmingyuan. Among them, there are Xiangshan Jingyi Garden, Jingming Garden in Yuquan Mountain, and Qingyi Garden (later the Summer Palace was built on this basis) Wait, the entire park has a total of more than 5,000 acres.

    The Yuanmingyuan not only brought together several gardens in Jiangnan, but also creatively transplanted western gardens buildings, which gathered the great achievements of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign gardens at that time. There are magnificent palaces in the garden, there are light and exquisite tower pavilions; there are "buying and selling streets" symbolizing the lively market market, and "villas" symbolizing rural scenery; Lin's landscape is victorious; and it is built by the poetry and painting of ancient poets and painters, such as Penglai Yaotai and Wuling Chun. It can be said that the Yuanmingyuan is the crystallization of the wisdom and sweat of the Chinese labor people, and it is also a model of the art and culture of the Chinese people's architectural arts. Not only that, there are countless various styles of priceless treasures in Yuanmingyuan, extremely rare historical classics and rich and precious historical relics, such as painting and calligraphy, gold and silver jewelry, Song and Yuan porcelain, etc., which can be called one of the treasure troves of human culture. It can also be said that it is the largest museum in the world.

    19th century Britain and France and other countries have successively completed the industrial revolution. In order to plunder more commodity markets and raw materials, stepped up to overseas colonial expansion. Chinese Opium War. Due to the decay of the Chinese feudal system and the corruption of the Qing government, China was defeated in the first Opium War, and Western capitalist countries forced the Qing government to sign the first batch of unequal treaties. There are many privileges such as business, consular judgments, and one -sided benefit of the country. The British bourgeoisie thinks that a large number of goods can be dumped to China through these unequal treaties. But this is not the case. According to relevant information, the goods imported by Britain in 1850 were 750,000 pounds less than in 1844. The reason for this situation is that the natural economy of China ’s self -sufficient self -sufficient resistance to the invasion of foreign commodities; the second is that there is a contradiction between Britain’ s increase in legal trade and legal trade in the UK. Since the Opium War in the United Kingdom and other colonialists entered opium to China in large quantities, China ’s silver continued to flow out, which caused most of the Chinese export tea and raw silk income to be offset. of. The British bourgeoisie is an opium trade that not only maintains the huge benefits to it, but also expands the sales of industrial products to China. In this way, it will force the Qing government to open more commercial ports, further control the Chinese customs, and strengthen the control of the Qing government.

    In order to further open the gate of China, Western countries such as Britain, France, and the United States are under the name of renovation to try to oppress the Qing government's new infringement rights. In May 1853, the United Kingdom first proposed to China to revise the relevant terms of the "Nanjing Treaty" that has been ordered. The United States and France also followed, both of which were rejected by the Qing government. British, the United States, and the Fa, such as the "renovation" set off by colonialists, failed to succeed, and became angry and decided to use a new war of aggression against China to achieve unreasonable requirements.

    In 1857, the British excuse of the "Yaro" incident, the French excuse "Ma Shenfu incident" jointly sent troops to invade China,

    In after occupation of Guangzhou, continued to invade Beijing, Xianfeng Fengfeng, Xianfeng The emperor scared his courage and sent his sixth brother Prince Gong Yi to the minister, staying in Beijing, hosted and assumed. He took his concubine, prince, prince, and a group of ministers, and hurriedly fled to the Rehe Mixing Palace (now Hebei Chengde Summer Summer Village) Essence

    On October 5, the British and French coalition forces were under Beijing. According to the intelligence provided by Russian diplomats, Ignteevyev: The Qing army was concentrated in Dongcheng, and Beicheng was the weakest place and should be captured first; and heard that the Chinese Qing emperor was in Yuanmingyuan in the northwest suburbs. As a result, the British and French coalitions copied the An Dingmen and De Shengmen and entered the Yuanmingyuan. On October 6, the British and French forces broke into Yuanmingyuan and immediately robbed.

    The first broke into Yuanmingyuan was the French aggression army. They grabbed it when they saw things. Each French soldier's pockets were worth 340,000 to 40,000 francs. They stepped in empty -handed and returned at full load. In the French barracks, there are strange clocks, five -colored satin, and precious artworks, worth 30 million francs.

    . Although the British invasion army came one step late, the gold and silver treasures were full of pockets. What is even more abominable is that they are crushed to those large porcelain and enamel bottles that cannot be moved away.

    The British French Invasion Army robbed the Yuanming Garden. In order to eliminate the stolen stolen, the British Minister Erkin ordered the British Prime Minister Palmeston to burn the Yuanmingyuan. Burning the fire for 3 days and nights, turning this world -famous garden into a scorched earth.

    Is when the British French coalition fire burned Yuanmingyuan, it was originally razed to the ground, but because the area of ​​the Yuanmingyuan Garden is too large, the attractions are scattered, and the water is vast, some remote places and water attractions are spared. According to the winter survey of Tongzhi (1873), there are 13 buildings in the park. For example, the Pengdao, Yaotai, the Ball Hidden Dock of the Yuanmingyuan, the Gategong Gate of Qichun Garden, and Zhengjue Temple.

    The second fire Burning Yuanmingyuan was the 26th year of Guangxu (1900) in the Qing Dynasty. The Eight -Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing and set fire to the Yuanmingyuan again.

    This catastrophe, as the famous French writer Hugo described and criticized: one day, the two robbers broke into the Xia Palace, one was robbed, and the other was burned. They returned to Europe happily, these two robbers, one called France and the other was British Geely. They jointly "shared" the Oriental Treasure House of Yuanmingyuan, and also believed that they had achieved a great victory!

    data (2)
    Qing Xianfeng ten years (1860) British and French coalition captured Beijing Later, the Yuanmingyuan was occupied on October 6. China was defended by the military guards, and the Minister of Yuanmingyuan Wenfeng voted for himself to commit suicide. After two days of looting the British and French army, they opened to the city. On October 11th, the British army sent more than 1,200 cavalry and an infantry regiment to lighten the Yuanmingyuan again. The British fulfilling representative James Bruce used the Qing government to imprison Baxia and other pretexts. condition. On October 18th, 3,500 British troops rushed into Yuanmingyuan, set fire to the Yuanmingyuan, and the fire was immortal. The ruins, in the palace of Anyou, nearly 300 eunuchs, maids, and craftsmen were buried in the sea of ​​fire. Become a rare atrocities in the history of world civilization.
    This Burning Yuanmingyuan, this is a mention of mentioning it. In fact, the true concept of burning the Yuanmingyuan is not only the burning of the Yuanmingyuan, but also the burning of the Royal Sandsan Mountain and Five Garden of the West. The scope of burning is much larger than the Yuanmingyuan.
    The three mountains and five gardens are: Shoushou Mountain, Yuquan Mountain, Xiangshan Sanshan, Qingyi Garden, Yuanmingyuan, Changchun Garden, Jingming Garden, and Jingyi Garden.
    The historically invading army fire burning Yuanmingyuan twice. The first fire Burning Yuanmingyuan was the tenth year of Qingxianfeng (1860), and the British and French forces invaded Beijing. The British and French forces burned and looted, brutally ransacked, and burned the world -famous Yuanmingyuan. Most of the temple buildings in the park were also destroyed. When the British and French coalition burned the Yuanmingyuan, it was intended to raid it to the ground, but because the area of ​​the Yuanmingyuan Garden was too large, the attractions were scattered, and the waters were vast. According to the winter survey of Tongzhi (1873), there are 13 buildings in the park. For example, the Pengdao, Yaotai, the Ball Hidden Dock of the Yuanmingyuan, the Gategong Gate of Qichun Garden, and Zhengjue Temple.
    The second fire Burning Yuanmingyuan was the 26th year of Guangxu (1900) in the Qing Dynasty. The Eight -Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing and set fire to the Yuanmingyuan again, so that the 13 royal palace buildings that were remaining here were plundered.
    The sin of the fire in the literary work seems to be blamed on the incompetence of the Empress Dowager Cixi to listen to politics. It sounds like there are some truths, but it is not accurate. Numerous facts in history show that a poor and backward, weak country and nation can only be oppressed, exploited, humiliated, and plundered. The history of burning the Yuanmingyuan once again proves that the country is poverty, backward, and weak. In addition: (a country with poverty and backward, and a strong and barbaric country, there will be disasters) ----------------------------------------- ..
    Nowadays, Yuanming Park has been opened as a site park, and it is protecting the site for protection. It restores mountain -shaped water systems, garden vegetation, and bridge Hanzha Road. Some ancient buildings will also be rebuilt.

    This Fire Burning Yuanmingyuan

    The story film. China Film Cooperation Production Company and Hong Kong Xinkunlun Film Co., Ltd. in 1983 jointly filmed.

    In 1852, he was born in the door. However, because the Yehenara family of Magnolia had grievances and the Aixinjueluo family, they failed to get the attention of Emperor Xianfeng. Magnolia thoughtfully thought about it, and finally attracted Xianfeng with a small tone of complaints, and then won the favor. In the future, the smart magnolia often accompanied the emperor. One year later, Magnolia was born as a concubine because of her childhood, and her status in the palace was similar to the queen. At this time, the Qing dynasty had inside and external problems, and the crisis rose. The Eight -Power Allied Forces such as Britain and France attacked Guangzhou and Tianjin, and then directly reached Beijing, and the court was chaotic. Xianfeng adopted the proposition of the concubine, and ordered Prince Gelinqin to lead the enemy. In the battle of Bali Bridge, the Qing soldiers defeated, and all the soldiers participated in the war. Xianfeng led the concubine and minister Su Shun and other fled to the Palace of Rehe, leaving his younger brother Prince Gong -Yi in Beijing to negotiate with foreign people. In the Palace of Rehe, Xianfeng ignored the government, and he was still looking for joy all day. The proud British and the French federations of the French Federation deceived him, and relying on foreign guns and artillery to enter Beijing. Burning and looting everywhere, no evil, will rob the world -renowned "Garden of Wanyuan", and the Yuanmingyuan is robbed of the world. The film won the special award of excellent films in the 1983 of the Ministry of Culture. Screenwriter: Yang Cunbin, Director Li Hanxiang: Li Hanxiang Photography: Yang Lin, Tomson Fine Arts: Song Hongrong Players in the player Liu Xiaoqing, the concubine, Chen Yanci, Chen Jia, Xianfeng Su Shun Zhou Jielin, Prince Zhang Tielin Gong, Zhang Tielin Gong

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