wholesale ankara jewelry How to buy duty -free products in Hainan

wholesale ankara jewelry

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  1. wholesale indian jewelry in usa Residents on the island are not allowed to purchase duty -free goods for the time being.
    The implementation of Hainan’s outlying islands duty -free policy is the 16 -year -old tourist and residents on the island. Therefore, if you want to shop at the islands duty -free shop, you need to go through the outlying procedures, and then go through the delivery procedures at the airport, port and railway stations.
    It island passengers must meet the following conditions at the same time:
    1, and have purchased outlying islands (or outlying islands train tickets or outlying islands tickets) and valid resident ID cards.
    2. In the designated outlying islands duty -free shops or Haikou Meilan Airport Duty Free Shop, Hainan Duty Free Shop, Sanya International Duty Free City Official Website Payment of Duty Free Commodities, the number of goods and duty -free shopping, amount, and quantity within the scope of the state stipulated by the state And obtain shopping vouchers in accordance with regulations.
    3. With your ID and shopping vouchers, extract the tax -free goods purchased at the designated pick -up point, and the passengers themselves take them with themselves.
    “Administrative Measures for the Import and export tax reduction and exemption of imports and exports of the People’s Republic of China”
    It Article 2 Import and export cargo reduction or tariff exemption, import tax (hereinafter referred to as tax -exemption) affairs, except law and administrative regulations In addition, the customs shall be managed in accordance with these Measures.
    3 The applicant of tax reduction and exemption of import and export goods (hereinafter referred to as the applicant of tax reductions and exemptions) shall apply to the customs in charge of the customs to apply for tax reduction review and confirmation, tax reduction tax guarantee guarantee, and subsequent management of tax reduction.
    The applicants for tax reduction and exemption applicants to apply for customs tax -deduction related business shall submit application materials that are complete, effective, and fill in standards in accordance with regulations, and assume the corresponding nature, accuracy, integrity and standardization of the materials in accordance with regulations. legal liability.

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