2 thoughts on “The card has been locked by the banking system and cannot continue to be used”

  1. Some bank cards have not been used for a few years, and there are no money in it. In order to prevent resources from waste, banks will clean up these sleep cards from time to time. If they are guaranteed to loans for others, others do not pay off. Frozen, if there is no above situation, you are a normal use card, you can go to the bank to check the thawing.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenWhat is the illegal thing after answering?nFor example, fraud, money laundering, gambling, frequent transactionsnI asked the bank card for almost a year, saying that it was suspected of fraud, and when I could be unlocked, the bank didn’t saynNothing, just investnAnswer this is not a bank lock your card, of course he doesn't know.nIf you invest in virtual currency transactions, you are laundering money for criminalsnIsn't the question that can find the date?nThe answer can be found in the bank that it was locked by the judicial department, I wanted to unlock, and said that I wanted to call the lock card department.nQuestion is not a virtual currency, it is the kind of buying a charging treasure collar incomenAnswer this is also a money laundering platform developed by criminalsnAsk the bank and say that it is a public security organs, and I do n’t say where it isnAsk, will this not be unlocked automatically,nAnswer the bank refused to say that you can call the manual customer service consultation of the Bank's head office.nIf your funds are suspected of illegal acts, it will not be unlocked automatically. After the police find the evidence, you will deduct your bank card's money to pay the state treasury. After the money is deducted, the bank card will be unlocked.nIf you want to unlock, you must go to the bank to find out the bank card frozen by the Public Security Bureau, and then call the public security organs. This bank refuses to say that you can go to the bank of another outletnOr call the bank's head officenYou can also call the public security telephone inquiry of the 96110 Anti -Fraud CenternThe bank card frozen by the judicial department, the bank has no power to unlock you, and it is useless to find a bank. You can only find frozen judicial departments.nMore 16nBleak

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