jewelry settings wholesale china How do you know that the dealer has finished his suction

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  1. wholesale prom and bridal jewelry Generally speaking, the dealers' suction methods include: sideways, suppressive suction, and fast grabbing, so you can judge whether the dealer has finished in these three aspects:
    1, the sideways type type Suffering. Generally refers to a low -sized stock stock. During the suction stage, the dealer may fluctuate at the bottom of the box at the bottom. If the stock price breaks through the top of the box one day, it means that the suction is completed. For example, the "outlet hibiscus K -line form" at the low position indicates that the stock price is about to rise.
    2, suppressive suction. After some stocks at a low sideways, the dealer may also suppress the stock price in the box in the future and even break through the bottom of the box. However, the stock price can be pulled back to the box on 3-5 trading days, which means that the suction is over.
    3, quickly grabbing. That is: a company has a good news, and the dealer does not know it in advance, so it may be directly raised at the price of the daily limit. Because they have the advantages of funds, they can be sold quickly.
    In general, when the absorption enters the end, it is also accompanied by: the volume of the stock will become smaller, the K -line trend is relatively independent, and it will not be the characteristics of the same as the market.
    This expansion information:
    The dealer's suction refers to the act of intervening in a certain stock in the stock market (the main force or a large household), and continuously buy (warehouse or additional position) in the stock market. Generally speaking, suction refers to active suction. Passive suction refers to the behavior that the main force encountered the situation that had not been expected in the process of operating stocks and had to buy a lot of buying to achieve the purpose.
    The characteristics of the dealer's entry. The dealer entered the market, the stock price stopped falling, the center of gravity slowly raised, and the cow was short. OBV upward. The classic dealer absorbs the patterns.
    1. The K -line shape of the dealer's suction
    The dealer mobilize huge amounts of funds to make a Zhuang stock, which will inevitably affect the trend of this stock. In the bargaining chip, the dealer sent the goods to the sale order and throw the chips. It is very difficult to leave a huge amount of funds in and out of a stock to leave a trace on the market. Let's introduce several K -line forms left by the dealer:
    1) Niu Changxiong Short
    Driven by push, I slowly gone unknowingly. However, the Zhuang family's positions generally control in a price area. When the stock price goes through a slow cow, the dealer usually quickly suppresses the stock price with a small amount of chips. Continue to build a position at a lower price. This is repeated, a wave of N -shaped K -line forms with a wave of long and short bears on the K -line diagram.
    2) Red fertilizer and green and thin
    The dealer's suction stage In order to get as many low -level chips in one day's transaction, it is usually used to control the opening price to lower the stock. Buying a market will inevitably push up the stock price. In this way, a red yang line is often left on the K -line diagram. In the entire stage of suction, the K -line diagram is basically the main of the yang line, which is mixed with a small amount of green yin line. The K -line form is usually called red fat green and thin.
    3) Narrow sideways
    The narrow sideways in the bottom area of ​​a stocks can be considered as the form left by the dealer's suction. Usually, the decline in individual stocks is only in Only in the case of the field can be truly stretched. The decline trend turns into a sideways trend, and the range of the sideways is controlled to a very narrow range (within 15%). Basically, it may be considered that the dealer's funds have entered the market. Inside the price range of the warehouse.
    2, annual or half -year sideways suction. It means that the price is for three months or longer, and the consolidation on the year or near the half -year line. The transaction volume continues to decrease. The game often appears in Changyang. Increase breakthroughs are signals.
    3, the decline of the shape is characterized by the time when facing breakthroughs in the later period, the amount can be continuously enlarged.
    4. Note that it does not need to be measured at the bottom, and it is enough to release the amount when rushing on the right. In addition, if the shape of the round base is too standard, it may be possible to cheat the line. But put it in a relatively advanced position because it is a graphic that foreign investment funds like to use, especially behind the bottom of the lonely bottom, and then look at the dish, it is a typical "spoon drawing". Because the investment in QFII has been continuously expanded recently, and this picture is very representative, it is specifically pointed out.
    5, low -absorbance of head and shoulders. It means repeatedly absorbing. There are two categories: right shoulder volume and non -measurement. Relatively speaking, the non -volume market space is relatively large, and it is a long dealer.
    6, the low -level narrow range shaking sideways. It means that the dealer already has some positions in the early stage.
    7, stock box suction. The stock price repeated multiple times in the short term. However, it is recommended that the holder do not have too many times to do high and low, and it is recommended not to exceed 3 times, because when you think that the law is found, it is already a bait of the dealer. Everyone pays attention to accept it, otherwise it will be stabbed by the fish hooks.
    8. Pull up the librarus to take a suite. Essence
    9. Use shares or new shares to list quickly.
    In short, where the dealer is shipped where the dealer is shipped, the cost is naturally the lower the better. It is best to find the dealer when it is when the market falls. Find out the red stocks against the market, and the dealer uses more volume in the bull market to suck, and use the bottom to suck in the bear market.

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