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  1. Beihai's virtual economy has long been listed by the police as a hit project, and it is still the MLM model of the "1040 Project".
    In the early morning of November 20, 2018, the Guangxi Beihai City organized police forces to start a unified collection of "8.8" MLM project involved in the 7 provinces and 9 cities, which involved in the case of more than 2.4 billion yuan. 'Fighting the unified operation of MLM centralized networks ", captured 104 leaders, 48 ​​luxury cars such as Baojie, Mercedes -Benz, BMW, and frozen funds exceeding 100 million yuan.
    It is understood that on March 27, 2018, the Beihai Public Security Bureau Economic Investigation Division received reports that Zhu Mouyang, Yan Mouyu, Zhu Moujiang, Zhu Mouxia, Park Moufeng and others were in Beihai City. Organize leading MLM activities. After receiving the report, the Economic Investigation Division of the Beihai City Public Security Bureau immediately launched a preliminary investigation. After several months of investigation, a MLM organizer headed by Jinmouhua, Ma Moufei, and Jin Mouyan surfaced the water surface.
    It, the personnel under the umbrella of Jin Mouhua are mainly personnel in Liaoning Province, and personnel in Jilin City, Jilin City, Jilin Province, and other regions. The personnel under Ma Moufei's umbrella are mainly personnel in Liaoyuan City, Tonghua City, Changchun City and other regions. The personnel under Jinmou's umbrella are mainly personnel in Hebei Province, Tianjin City, and Baishan City, Jilin Province.
    This system claims to be "business operations of the Chamber of Commerce", collect entry fees from newcomers, and then based on interpersonal networks, the umbrella system under the development of down and down relationships is developed. The members directly or indirectly obtain a certain percentage of commission from the system they develop. After continuous development personnel, members can be promoted from the "director" level to the "boss" level until the "A4 boss" is out.

    The commissioned characteristics of this system are: newcomers submitted 140,000 yuan to the purchase, and the next month will be returned to 44,340 yuan. The commission is 12939 yuan, the third layer of the third floor is 4,389 yuan per person, the fourth layer of the fourth layer is 2873 yuan per person, and then promoted to "boss".
    After being promoted to "President", each person is added to the line, and the "boss" can get a salary of 15,000 yuan. There is a commission within the 4th generation of "CEO".
    In November 20, 2018 at 4:30 am, Li Weizhang, deputy mayor of Beihai City and Director of the Public Security Bureau, issued an action order, and Beihai's 2018 '11.20 'combat the unified operation of the MLM centralized network. More than 900 participants were arrested in uniformly arrested the people involved in the "8.8" MLM projects in 9 provinces in Beihai and 7 provinces across the country.

    The actions started shortly after the operation, Jin Mouyan, a major figure of the "8.8" extraordinary MLM project system, was arrested in Nanning. On the big screen of the command center of the Beihai Public Security Bureau, it has been continuously returned to the Jiebao of the arrest teams. As of 14:20 on the 20th, the "8.8" project has arrested 104 leaders, and 48 luxury cars such as Porsche, Mercedes -Benz, BMW, and other luxury cars have been captured, with freezing funds exceeding 100 million yuan.
    It is reported that in recent years, Beihai has frozen the largest amount of funds in the combination of MLM crimes in recent years. During the operation, the Haicheng District and Yinhai District of Beihai City inspected a total of 175 rental houses, 88 sealing, and seized 181 people involved. At present, further arrests and interrogation are still underway.
    The people involved in the pyramid schemes, including 9 cities in 7 provinces across the country. The number of "old chiefs" that has been verified has reached more than 300 people, and more than 11,000 people involved in the case. Most of the activities of these people involved are in Nanning City, Guangxi District, with a amount involved as high as 2.4 billion yuan.
    Extension information: On November 16, 2018, the People's Court of the Haicheng District of Beihai City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the Hepu County People's Court, the Yinhai District People's Court, and the Tieshan Port District People's Court publicly sentenced the "2.17" organization in the first instance, respectively. Leading MLM Activity Series Project.
    The crime of committing organization and leadership of MLM, the 165 "CEOs" led by the defendants Wei, Wang, Li, Zhang, Zhang, Liang, and Ji, were sentenced to seven to one year in prison for seven to one year. Wait, and the fines ranging from RMB 2.1 million to 200,000 yuan, and the stolen money and stolen goods from the defendants' illegal crimes were confiscated in accordance with the law and paid the state treasury.
    "2.17" MLM series projects are divided into six systems in the six systems, a total of 165 defendants, namely 28 people including the defendant Wei Mou, Wang Mou, 39 people including 39 people, Zhang, and other 35 people, Zhang Mou, Liang, Liang, Liang, Liang, Liang, Some 29 people, Jimou and other 10 people organized and led MLM activities. After the first trial of the first trial, the six cases were tried, and due to the huge organization, there were many people involved in the case, and they attracted much attention.
    The court found out that the defendant Wei and others contributed 69,800 to the MLM organization named "capital operation" to actively develop more than 120 people under the umbrella, forming more than three levels and more than multiple levels, and there are multiple. The "capital operation" system of the branch; the defendant Wang and other 24 people have contributed to the "capital operation" MLM organization based on Shanxi personnel, actively developing the personnel of the umbrella to form the "Shanxi system";
    74 people, such as Li, Zhang, and other 74 people organized to participate in the MLM organization in a tourism manner. Through the "promotion" of new general training meetings and issuing total fees for promotion, 29 people such as the defendant Liang Mou successively successively successively successively. In the name of "capital operation", it seduces relatives and friends to pay the purchase funds to purchase virtual share to join the MLM organization, and in accordance with the development model of the "five -level and three -tier system" to form an upper and offline MLM network level relationship;
    The investment of 69,800 yuan was invested in the MLM organization named "Capital Operation". The organization was managed by the development of the "five -level and three -tier system" through the development of people to form a MLM system.
    The MLM organization in the "2 · 17" MLM series projects in the "capital operation", also known as "1040 project", adopts the "five -level and third -order system" operation model. It costs 3,800 yuan to buy 1 share, or 69,800 yuan to buy 21 shares and get qualified.
    In the basis of interpersonal networks, developing up and down network relationships through the development of offline, and directly or indirectly obtained commission from the system of its own development. There are more than 8,000 people offline in this series of cases, and the funds involved in the case are as high as 600 million yuan.
    The court's trial and according to the defendant's criminal facts, nature, plot, the degree of harm to society, pleasure to confession, and repentance, etc., and strictly punished in accordance with the law, then made the above judgment
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