1938 chicago wholesale jewelry What are the meanings of King Kong Bodhi bracelets

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  1. velvet jewelry box wholesale india Vajra Bodhisattva handles are different according to the quantity of different quantities, different meanings, as follows:
    one petal: take away sin and stay away from danger.
    two petals: bless children and reduce stress. Most of these petals are worn by women.
    three petals: benefit education, which can keep people's thinking clear and wise.
    four petals: avoiding the trouble of the disease and avoiding natural disasters.
    five petals: help family harmony, which is easy to keep people a peaceful attitude.
    Six petals: benefit money, which can increase wealth. Merchants favors the Vajra Bodhicitta.
    Seven petals: Give people a sense of belonging, stabilize the heart, mostly wear it for people who are pursuing stable, and at the same time, they can also help me.
    Eight petals: adjust your temper, family harmony, and give strength.
    The expansion information:
    The leaves of King Kong Bodhi are green, the main trunk of the tree is cylindrical, and the bark is white. The tree is mainly growing in tropical and subtropical areas above 2000 meters above sea level, such as Nepal, eastern Myanmar, Bhutan and other places. Vajrayana Bodhi has different auspicious meanings according to its different numbers.
    The Tantra Cultivation Diamond Ministry often use King Kong Bodhi as a rosary. From the perspective of text play, King Kong Bodhi will change greatly after being played, and will eventually become jujube red. It has the aesthetics of oily and calm, deterrent, and gives players a strong sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, so Has been sought after by players.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia -King Kong Bodhi

  2. miami jewelry district wholesale Vajrayana Bodhi with different petals has a specific meaning, and the 5 -petal King Kong Bodhi is also more common, representing the continuity and integrity of the space -time space and space, symbolizing that the real thing is in a perfect state, the great success; Create a peaceful environment is conducive to maintaining a peaceful attitude. What are the meanings of other petals?

    The Vajra Bodhi can have a maximum of 17 petals, so Xiaobian lists the meaning of 1-17 petals.
    one petal: take away your sins, add wealth to your family, satisfy your desire, keep you away from danger, and bring you a good habit. (If you can do your best, all the functions will take effect within 40 days)
    : If you are a parent, it can bless your child and reduce your pressure. (In all kinds of work, it is very beneficial to women.)
    three petals: good for education, keep your thinking clear, and bring you knowledge and good idea. (Good for children and students)
    four petals: ensure that you are not troubled by disease and help you avoid natural disasters. (Drinking the water that is soaked in, bringing it on your body, you can prevent many diseases.)
    five petals: bless health and longevity, bring the true tranquility in the heart (the family will also bless the family's stability and peace) r
    Six petals: It has very important help for business and increase money. (It is very beneficial to doing business)
    Seven -petal: Give you success, increase your reputation, and bless you in an undefeated place. (Help the wandering people find a stable job)
    Eight petals: Control your temper, bring a peaceful atmosphere to your family, and give you strength. (It helps to control your temper)
    Nine petals: Give you self -confidence, provide wealth and knowledge. (Especially suitable for laziness and mood, sadness, sadness)
    ten petals: bring you reputation and get the respect of society. (Suitable for social workers)
    Eleven petals: lifting pain and sorrow, bringing happiness to children. (Suitable for people who do not have rich home property)
    Twelve petals: reduce physical and mental pressure and accidents. (Special effect on people with weak bodies)
    Thirteen petals: Help reduce sin, make you powerful, and bring you wealth. Fourteen petals: Help you realize your wishes, bring happiness, and ensure that you are not invaded by any disaster. (Human protection god)
    Fourteen petals: Help you realize your wishes, bring happiness, and ensure that you are not invaded by any disaster. (Human protection god)
    Fifteen petals: Guari.Shankar (Indian Turkish) represents the longevity of her husband and provides inner peace. (Especially helps happy marriage)
    Sixteen petals: Ganesh.rvdrakash (Indian Turkish) gives you success to promote business development. (Special effects on the businessmen, worship this thing, put this thing in the place where the money is put)
    Seventeen petals: Panch.mvkhi.mala (Indian Turkish language) has special effects for people who are harassed by hypertension, heart disease and harassment of ghosts and gods. Essence

  3. wholesale weed jewelry Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Different Bodhi handles have different meanings. Bodhi root bracelets imply awareness and wisdom. Bodhi itself is a Buddhist relic, which can bring people peace, auspiciousness, wealth and health. 2. Diamond Bodhisattva bracelet means endless power. You can cultivate your body after wearing. Xingyue Bodhici string means that the years are quiet. Fengyan Bodhi's hand -made merit means that the merits are immeasurable, which can increase the wisdom of people. 3. The word "Bodhi" means consciousness and wisdom, which means that people are waking up like to wake up, suddenly enlightenment, and achieve an extraordinary realm. According to legend, Buddha Shakyamuni practiced the Tao of the Buddha that year, that is, under the Bodhi tree, the Bodhisattva also became the Buddha's fate, especially the Buddhist "Buddha beads", mostly made of Bodhi.

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