Why is the dragon and phoenix bracelet bought at the gold store not pure gold?

Dragon and phoenix bracelets are indispensable jewelry in Chinese traditional marriage, but some friends found after buying, clearly the dragon and phoenix bracelet body is pure gold material, the gold content is more than 99%, but the button part of the gold content is basically about 90%. Why is this? Is the merchant shoddy? Not so much!

The underlying reason is that gold is soft, and dragon and Phoenix bracelets are disposable products (basically only worn on the wedding day) that are extremely easy to deform. In order to ensure the firmness and beauty of wearing, the buckle of dragon and phoenix bracelet and its accessories need to add other precious metals in the production process to increase the hardness. Compared with the surface of the dragon and phoenix bracelet, the color of the buckle part is Au900. According to the provisions of Chapter 4.2.1 of GB11887-2012 "Provisions and Naming Methods for the Purity of Precious Metals in Jewelry" approved and issued by Standardization Administration, the gold content of gold jewelry shall not be less than 916‰ (22K), and the gold content of its accessories shall not be less than 900‰. Accordingly, THE CLASP IN BANGLE OF DRAGON PHOENIX CONTAINS GOLD 90% IT IS TO ACCORD WITH NATIONAL STANDARD. EVERYBODY CAN BE AT EASE IN DAILY CHOOSE AND BUY 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai.

If YOU really can'T ACCEPT it, YOU can also buy other dragon and phoenix bracelets without buttons, as shown in the picture below. The dragon and phoenix pattern is integrated into the bracelet face design in an abstract way, which also has a special charm.

9e6df6e7be1c65d8b52197eb3d6febcaDragon and phoenix bracelet meaning

Dragon and phoenix bracelets are usually made of gold. Dragon and Phoenix bracelets are not only a gift from the elders, but also a blessing for a new couple, expressing good wishes for their children's future life.

In some areas, the in-laws will present the bride with the soon-to-be daughter-in-law during the tea ceremony to show their welcome to the new family member. The bride wears the dragon and phoenix bracelet of her in-laws, which means she has won the approval and blessing of her parents.

The dragon and phoenix bracelets presented to the daughter by the woman's parents not only represent profound love and blessing, but also are part of the dowry. These gold jewelry are the daughter's private money in case of a rainy day, praying for her to live a rich life and have no worries about food and clothing. The two pairs of bracelets link the two families, and joy is closely linked.

Bracelet DESIGN FOR the dragon AND PHOENIX, speaking of "dragon and PHOENIX CHENGxiang", people can associate a pair of happy CONJUGAL HUSBAND AND wife, EACH OTHER, sweet life, the combination of dragon and PHOENIX supplement with each other, is in line with people's expectations of a happy marriage.

How to wear Dragon and Phoenix bracelets?

1. Dragon and phoenix bracelets are best matched with dragon and phoenix coats.​

If wearing a dragon and phoenix jacket, they should be matched with a dragon and phoenix bracelet. Meaning: Traditionally, the bride's skirt and gown are mostly decorated with gold. Parents of both sides will give the bride a pair of dragon and phoenix bracelets, and there are gifts from the elders, which means blessing the new couple with dragon and phoenix, and love is stronger than gold. And IN order TO expose the dragon and phoenix bracelet, the sleeve of the dragon and phoenix jacket should not be too long, the cuff had better be 3 inches from the wrist.

2. Wear in pairs

Dragon and PHOENIX BRACELET is one of the indispensable gold ornaments in marriage, taking the meaning of the auspice of the dragon and phoenix, generally on a pair of gold bracelets, carved dragon and phoenix patterns, some will carve dragon and phoenix on two bracelets, called "dragon bracelet" and "phoenix bracelet", and some will carve "dragon and phoenix" patterns on two bracelets at the same time. Therefore, buying in pairs will not destroy the beautiful meaning of "pairing up".

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