Powder coating mixer how to choose a good

Powder mixer is not bad, there are double cone mixer, oblique mixer, V-shaped mixer, three-dimensional mixer, multidimensional universal mixer and so on. Mixer A mechanical device that uses mechanical force and gravity to mix two or more kinds of materials evenly.

During the mixing process, the contact surface area of the material can also be increased to facilitate chemical reactions

Coloring pigments are divided into organic and inorganic categories, which can cover almost all hue systems. There are many kinds of pigments and different properties. Not all pigments can be used in powder coating powder. Due to the particularity of the process of powder coating powder, the following points should be paid attention to when choosing pigments.

The dispersibility of pigment is good, and the best dispersion size is 0.2 ~ 0.9? M, not easy to clump. Pigment covering power and coloring power is strong.

Good thermal stability, at least 160℃ above the temperature. Pigments should have certain light and weather resistance, such as not easy to fade, powder resistance, physical properties to be durable. Pigment oil absorption moderate, anti - permeability color.

The choice of powder coating powder mixer is very simple. It is necessary to choose stainless steel double-shaft blade mixer with good sealing property, and the bottom adopts full open-door unloading design. Only in this way can we ensure the full mixing of materials.

Also depends on the speed of the machine, the speed of the machine is worth choosing.

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