What are women's sexual intercourse techniques? How to check the size of a condom?

Women must also master certain sexual skills to make men fall under their lap. So what is a woman's intercourse technique? The following mini sec doll introduces you to sexual intercourse techniques for women.

1. Techniques for women to dominate the house:

1. Wrap your legs around him

Difficulty: low, convenient and easy

This sexual position can make your man feel your tension, which is irresistible to men. There's no way around it, it's a natural male desire, and this posture pit will get your man to immerse himself in it.

What you should note, however, is that when he is ready to enter behind you, you should demonstrate the traditional back position prep position by placing your knees on the edge of the bed and having your man stand up, tucking your leg between his and clamping it as much as possible. At this point, your YD will narrow and feel extremely tight when it enters.

2. Wild flying car position

Difficulty: Difficult, do not try without sufficient sexual experience

This sexual position requires women to be more active. Your man may tell you that he likes his sex life to be gentle and reserved, but in their hearts, they still want you to be crazier. So you can try a tough flying posture.

This position requires your man to lie on the bed with your back to his face and your hands on his hips for balance, you can control your sex life into the beginning and give him time to adjust. Find the right angle, speed up on him. This position is also convenient for him to touch your breasts and YD, doubling your sexual excitement.

3, active dedication at a glance

Difficulty: It's easy. ​Simply show him who you are.​

This sex technique requires a woman to take the initiative. You can slowly undo your clothes in front of him, exposing yourself entirely to him. Let's see how he reacts. If the visual stimulation lasts until the two of you officially get a room, it'll make him even more excited.

Next, you can start teasing him by sitting in a spot of your choice, and when he approaches you, you can slowly lie down, support your body with your arms, and lift your legs to facilitate his entry.

Two, men and women share pleasant sex skills:

1, pleasant lubrication fluid: couples in the sex life will have such distress, female YD due to Y, secretion is too slight, affects the quality of sex D dry will also make women feel pain. It is best to use a cheerful human lubricant before sex to supplement the lack of love of the liquid, and easy to wash with water after use. Can be used further times as needed.

2. Warm bathroom: Haven't you showered together in a while? Take a shower with your partner. Under the influence of bathing, your skin is particularly tender and smooth, and your body exudes a charming scent. Can he stand it? He will attract him to love you in the bathroom.

3, passionate role play: men dream of having sex with different women, might as well meet each other's psychology, play the woman he wants, with this role play to bring him into your situation, in this case love is not stimulating oh!

4. Eye-catching lingerie: Most women are consumed by the trivialities of life after marriage. ​Numerous women complain that they get messy because they don't have time to take care of themselves. But in men's eyes, that's not sufficient of an excuse for a woman to become a yellow-faced woman. Ditch your conservative old underwear and slip on silky, low-cut, halter pajamas and rock them in front of him. You don't believe he can resist the temptation. Most men have an association of appearance. If you want him to love you more, you must love yourself first.

How to check the size of a condom?

People in different regions have different physical characteristics, and condoms come in different sizes. In most cases, the appropriate condom size for the vast majority of men in China is medium. If you feel overly tight or too loose after using once, use a thin line, fully erect in the middle of the penis, and then measure the length of the line, is the value of the penis circumference, divided by 2, and then according to the calculation results, conventional condoms, according to the size of the opening diameter can be divided into large, medium, tiny, tiny four models, the opening diameter of 35mm large, 33mm in the circumference of about 104MM, Width 52MM), 31 for tiny, 29mm for extra tiny.

Most of the current domestic condom models are medium size, with a nominal width of 52 plus or minus 2mm on the package (half the circumference of the condom opening).

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