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  1. Episode 1
    The grand fashion performance in the city. The famous manager Kang Yayan successfully won the entrance coupon for his actress Su Min. And try her best to stop her from entering the field. On the way home, Kang Qingyang met traffic jams on the way home, and found that his wife Bai Xiaorou had a minor accident. Yang received the news that some people sold him to one of the diamond brooms for three daughters. The second daughter of the second daughter of the second daughter of the second daughter of the second daughter of the lover Erqi went to Canada. It turns out that the pupil has returned to Hong Kong and asked for help. I thought to my mother that I had borrowed one million to the second sister, but Rou revealed that I only borrowed money for myself to borrow money to the second sister. The pupil found that the check could not be fulfilled. Shi Taihe helped, asking him to be a wealthy person to fight for himself.
    Episode 2
    Thisy meal and meal, Hitomi was happy to make an appointment with her husband ... After the body was checked, the doctor suggested that she do a rectum and promise to check. After the pupils were divided into Qiqi, they lived in the Yan family. Seeing the magazine report that the pupil was the new love of the ball, he was so angry that he accused the second sister in front of the reporters. The ball said that there was a problem with the company's operations, and there was a chance to be liquidated, and I was worried. Rou promised to attend a charity banquet, and even said that the diamond broom that Yang was redeemed to the pupil was even more stated. Rou thanks to the report of the quarreling report for the two sisters, but found that she and the male star Oscar were very close. Fu Tian, ​​the husband of being a plane, returned home, but was very cold to her. On the day of the charity party, Rou Huai was doubted and Oscar, so he met OSCAR in private, but was met.
    Episode 3
    The words learned from the mouth that my mother had seen Oscar, accusing her mother of misunderstanding, and Rou was hit. Employee Chang disappeared when he transported diamonds. He suspected that he was in the stolen himself. Yang still chose to believe in Chang. Yang always believed that the boss Huaide had resigned because of Changchang and virtue. He was at the funeral of his friend He Tai, and saw the appearance of the rich He Zhenan. In order to meet the men, the ball would throw a million cards to give him a gift to him, but was blocked by the male personal assistant Shao Ming. The man gave up to the sea and flew to Shanghai to enjoy dinner. However, when I encountered the high victory of the rich people who liked to go everywhere, they challenged their words, and the male promised to try.
    Episode 4
    The You Ridong, who is a man of yacht and a rowing master for men, and met with the brothers who learned the kitchen in the past. Brother, invited him to assist himself. Men knew that Dong wanted to resign and help victory, but it was not fruitful. When Yang heard the news, there was a jewelry shop to give up, although he was moving, but the funds were insufficient; the ball learned that the matter said that he was willing to jointly invest and call to call the appointment. In the event, she was finally defeated and she fell into the pool. Seeing that she was so wet and welcomed, I said that she was disappointed with her even more. Seeing the drunk victory, he couldn't help but beat him with high heels. Rou and Hitomi learned that the ball and thought of deceiving Yang's money were privately used, so he had to conceal the truth.
    Episode 5
    The jewelery shop that Yang learned from the mouth of Yang from the mouth has been taken over by others; he showed his heart, but fainted with his stomach pain when he wanted to ask him. Tongchen found that Si went to shop in a famous store, accusing her sister of deceiving her father, but she was grabbed by thoughts. It turned out that the male and female companions just happened to see everything in the store. Yantei flew to Qingdao, please participate in the rowing competition, but he was teased again, so he had to stay in the local area and wait for the victory. The man who participated in the rowing in Qingdao finally agreed to meet with the ball and thought, but he proposed that the condition of injection was to transfer the company's shares to him. The end of the words made Sheng signed, but in the end, he found that the documents under the signing were wicked. The ball disappeared, and Si Da asked for help.
    Episode 6
    The IELTS for help was abandoned and disappeared. IELTS borrowed money from Zhongkuo to rent helicopters to search in sea, but unfortunately everyone did not agree, and even cleared her line with her. In the second round of the rowing competition, Changsheng sent someone to do hands and feet in the Zhenan rowing, so he lost his enemy and defeated Zhenan. Changsheng believes that someone sells themselves and fired the crew. Changsheng provoked Zhenan in the restaurant, and Zhenan agreed to the company where he lost to the ball. Ya Tong discovered that Zhenan was an IELTS yacht and went to the sea to find a husband but found nothing; Xiaorou and Ya Tong also rushed to Qingdao. At night, Zhenan took the initiative to condolences to her. Ya Tong also found that Zhenan gave her that day. The clothes are also people who want to sell the ball, so they can't help but scold the male fake and fake Yitai to worry about IELTS and throw off their jobs to Qingdao, but found that she was wandering on the street alone. He Feng wanted to discuss with his son because Zhenan acquired his friend's yacht club, but Zhenan was perfunctory on the grounds of preparing for rowing. Xiaorou received a result of the notice, but he would rather extend his return to Hong Kong for his daughter. During the rowing, Changsheng once again made a gentleman's behavior in order to win ... Rido found that was used by friends to be used by friends at the fundraising party of Yi Xiangying. Take them into the rich banquet and want to ask He Feng for assistance, but He Feng was invited to discuss things by the rich Song Shiwan. After the long victory lost to Zhenan, he just used him to use him, and then left him on the road.
    Episode 7
    This pupils Search for a day and fell asleep on the sofa after a day, but woke up but disappeared; Yan was fiddled after finding his sister when he was looking for his sister. When Tong saw that the man wanted to help him, but the man wanted to avoid his father He Feng's question, so the man actually wanted to help his father leave with the help of Hitomi. When He Si was looking for thinking, he found a big secret. In order to persuade the male company to bet on the ball, Hitomi followed him to go out to the sea. The unwilling woman Yu Weiting did not cooperate in investing in Qingdao's plan, and Feng agreed to be a lobbyist. The pupil found that the man actually shocked the yacht directly from Qingdao back to Shenzhen. I knew that I still came to help regardless of her serious illness, and finally couldn't help telling the facts. Rou and her family rushed back to Hong Kong, but Si Gang arrived, but found that the business crime investigation department had been waiting for her at the airport.
    Episode 8
    The admission to the hospital, saying to visit, and found that adding it has been visited, but he did not tell Rou about separation. The pupil was trapped on the sea and was forced to help men take care of the yacht to suffer. Word. There is no constant production in the family, and the bank even has more than 4 million interests. After hearing it, he wants to help. At the jewelery auction, Shu Zhen, the ex -wife of Wan Jiji, deliberately bid a diamond with Ji, but was eventually won, and Sheng even sent this diamond to him to pay for the fundamental financing. Men and Tong returned to Shenzhen, but found that a large number of media had been waiting at the pier. The document of the preparation of the preparation pupil took her to return to Hong Kong, and asked her to meet with her before leaving, and asked her to sign a divorce agreement.
    Episode 9
    The Mong Kok newspaper stall owners are inspired by the jewelry shop opened by Germany, and its strangeness is more well known. Yang visited his daughter and said that he had decided to return to the jewelry factory, and asked his daughter to give him no money. He Daitong was a salesperson in the jewelry shop in Germany. The base to the jewelry company wants to add the diamonds given by the victory into the diamond chain, but after the inspection of Yang, I found that there is a diamond on the chain as a imitation product; Essence Tongtong went to work in the jewelry shop, and inspired her beauty who was a gossip with men. When she was Rou, when she wanted to return the money that her daughter was deposited, the friend who heard the thoughts said that she was in trouble, and suggested that she apply for bankruptcy. Inspired by the pupil at first sight, regardless of her girlfriend, she continued to take the opportunity to approach her.
    Episode 10
    This encountering the same door in the past, and the other party accused him of being detained by Qingdao police. The victory changed the work trip and returned to Macau to gather with her mother, and took off the indifferent mask in the mall and thoughtful for her mother. Winning in Qingdao rescued Dong, he wanted to pay 600,000 compensation but was rejected by Dong. Dong Ge said that he had won the friendship in the past. The heavy rain, the pedestrian tunnel water was soaked, and the pupils were gone through the pupils, which made her grateful. It was found that it would be adjusted to other shops for internships, and it was lost. Girming up his girlfriend to eat in a high -end restaurant, and after drinking drunk, he said that he was Jewelry shop Shaodong, but his father's shares were cheated by virtue. When he received a text message to the airport, he found that there was an affair; Rou Xian faxed the media, and publicly said publicly to recover the debt of four million.
    Episode 11
    The words and thoughts and rushed home to ask Rou, but the two found that their parents went out, and finally understood the mother's intentions. In order to gain a cooperative relationship with Su Min, Sheng hired her at the expense of her resentment. The genetic diamond chain had hate for virtue, and Shengti negotiated to use challenges to challenge morality; Sheng invited to meet, and even said to help him and German lawsuit. The original father, Furong, possessed 40 % of the Baozhu company. In order to allow the issuing to have funds legal, he said that he had bought the jade pendant on his body. Sishen asked for bankruptcy, to save the unit for rent, and the Kang family lived again. Roufeng Chen just returned from Sichuan to Hong Kong, but asked her daughter to accompany her to visit the Great Buddha the next day; it turned out that she was a good -looking wife Guo Wanyi; on the day of Yiyi's art exhibition, Rou'an arranged her daughter and different men to know.
    Episode 12
    The Ben is very interested in Tian Rui, who runs the hotel, but found that Pupil and Rui talk about art is high, and it is not interesting. Daisy was appreciated by the assistant instrument, and invited Si to join her public relations company. The words are required to win the manner, and Shengtong sent Dong to assist the words. At the beginning of the words, Dong was just a "follow -up" that Dong was winning, but at the end of the words, it was discovered that Dongzhao assisted them to resolve the work crisis and even more privately supplemented the Entertainment Orchestra. The jade pendant sold 70 million to become a topic in the city; it became the upstart of the upstart to eat, and worshiped her a sense of etiquette at the dining table. Daisy received the fortieth anniversary dinner of the jewelry company to organize Germany. On the day of the banquet, the commemorative booklet of the banquet was left in the company. Because He wanted to leave the diamonds of the guardian auction, Hitomi promised to help her get it back.
    Episode 13
    The company trapped company cannot return to the banquet. The thoughts were smoothly meeting with sharpness. Speaking of virtue to retrieve the shares, the scene is chaotic. After seeing the old man, he was a friend of his pupil, and he hurriedly recognized him to contact him. The study of virtue and lawyers, it is unusual to feel that it was suddenly rich, and decided to send the right book. Eat Yang, Tong, and his family to eat, Xi Shangrou and words saw the words and deeds that they saw, and both in private did not agree with him. In order to assist in sending a lawsuit to contact him, he also told him that he could not leak the winner of his supporters. When Yang He was drunk in the bar, someone suddenly beaten. In the morning, De wanted to invite Yang to meet him, but Yang Zhide found someone to beat him.
    Episode 14
    Men to use the price at the land auction, so that Wan was forced to purchase the land at a high price. Because Indonesia has a tanker stranded, the peak and court inspect the islands purchased from Indonesia to Indonesia; the two have more detailed knowledge of the friendship. Thinking and Fengfeng met at the art museum. After getting the Feng, Si decided to separate with him. Si Xianghe said his heart, saying that he would find a more conditional object. Fa suddenly broke up to the lover of the green plum bamboo horse, which caused her to hit her. After making a breakup, I had a friend to eat and drink at the senior club, and was asked to leave because of the drunk trouble. After that, Dong even sent someone to remind him that he could not openly connect with the victory. In the morning, I was in the middle of the pupil at work, but it was stopped.
    episodes 15
    Is when they are successful to stop quiet, the pupil suddenly returns, Xing Dong and other help cover the truth. The tens of thousands of Kenju and his third aunt Wenhui got the opportunity to cooperate with Hui Hui. The victory requested the concert within two months, and said frankly that it was impossible to find the venue; the victory promised her to sign a new artist if she succeeded, and let the words take the job. Sending precious diamonds and proposing to associate with pupils, but she was rejected. Yan Xiangsheng reported that there was a way to find the venue, but Sheng also found that the male had a vacant concert venue; although Sheng used a plan to use words, he still asked men to give up. Wan borrowed auction party to put pressure on the Feng, asked him to persuade his son to give up. However, the man was lonely, and he asked the famous male treble to open a concert in several millions.
    Episode 16
    The report from Yan Xiangsheng, if you can invite the famous female singer Ye Fei to sing, the other party will be more happy to let the concert venue, and I have to agree. Ming Ming resigned to the man, and Feng immediately inspected the parent company to assist himself. The man met in Shanghai and waited, knowing that he was coming to meet with Mrs. Wang for the gambling right to compete for Singapore. In order to win the trust of Mrs. Wang who had a very good relationship in Singapore, men and wins were working hard to sell; Xu Fu, an old employee who returned to Hong Kong, invited Yang Yue, learned that Rong Rong was a loss of public funds at the time; With the support of Rou, Yang Tingtang talked about the truth that he met with Fubo, but was difficult to question by the defense lawyer, and the confession was finally ****.
    Episode 17
    The thought of resignation is soft and supported; the public relations company opened by the court to job jobs, and they also hid in the toilet and other courts. The guest, Mr. Jin, accidentally reached the wedding ring. Hitomi wanted to bring the ring to the marriage registry, but accidentally ordered the ring to fall out of the center of the road. She saw it and rushed out of the road and picked it up for her but was injured. When I was in the design class, I found that I had been doing what I did privately, and I was very moved to accept him. The interview from the public relations company in the court again was hired. Faying and Hitomi became couples, but Tong didn't want the family to find it, and insisted on maintaining "underground love" with Fa. The male was reported by the media that he was defeated in the competition and was in a low mood, and she was accused by her on the street for anger her girlfriend. Seeing a man who was poured by his girlfriend, he took the initiative to hand with a paper towel.
    Episode 18
    The blessing of virtue visual rehabilitation, learned from his mouth that Rong's retirement book was flowing to South Africa that year, so he decided to find it locally. Sheng and Fengfan Ju, the original victory has always been fighting against the men, all of which are a plan to educate their son. The words and Dong were complaining, and the drunk words of Dongbai returned to his home to take care of; the words after the drunk actually hugged Dong Tu, but he was not chaotic. Rou found out the relationship with softness, blaming her daughter's selfishness and ignorance. Pupil was afraid of her mother's blame, and moved to the hotel without permission. When Rouquan asked about what was about, he encountered Guan Jing fainting, helping him, and sent Guan Jing into the hospital. After Guan Jing said to everything, Tong Yuefa met, and finally understood that the hair had been deceiving her.
    Episode 19
    The assistance from the withdrawal of the shareholding book written by Rong; If he lost his case, the victory decided to stop everything to his economic funding and recovered him. He was attacked by the incident and was eventually detained by the police. In order to win Mrs. Wang, Sheng decided to send Ye Fei to the plan to send a resumed singer to Mrs. Wang; after the words were known, they immediately resigned. Ting decided to hand over the contact work of Fengfeng in the opening ceremony of the Phuket Resort, which made her overjoyed. When Ting and Feng were satisfied with Si Si in Phuket, Wan's third aunt, Wen Hui learned that Wan and Er Aunt Tai arrived in Hong Kong, and they did not meet with the second aunt. Essence In the evening, Hui was deliberately fascinated by revenge, and the peak saw everything in my eyes ...
    Episode 20
    Is when thinking recovered the pearls left by Hui in the pool, my physical strength was not drowned; Rescue. When Ming and Sheng met, they were encountered by the men's subordinates. At the same time, the investment of Wanfa's peaks is favorable, and it is required to injected immediately, and Peak has to accept it. At the press conference of the cooperation, the man suddenly appeared in Phuket, even in justification. The man admitted to his father that he had learned that victory was assisting Peak, and he even said that he would go with the victory. Hui fled her again in the Yanchao cave; Feng rescued her dinner together after she rescued her. When Dong Yiyan arrived in Macau, the mother of Dongjian Sheng suddenly hurt someone. It turned out that the person threatened her to expose the victory and the past. Sheng rushed to Macau to see the injured mother, and he saw his unknown pain.
    Episode 21 Qingyang encouraged Taihe to move
    The morning, he found that Rida has been in the hotel lobby; it turned out that he stayed overnight to observe the old man who was injured. Qingyang found that Taihe was in his own home and understood that he wanted to meet with Gonggan back to Hong Kong two weeks later, so he encouraged him to go to the airport to pick up IELTS; IELTS was happy to see Taihe He sent his luggage home. Recao appreciated IELTS performance and wanted to reuse her. When Zhe Nan Ya Tong was friendly to deepen Zhenan, he found that He Feng was setting off to his company; in order to avoid his father's Zhenan who met his father in the street, when the two had lunch, Zhenan learned that after her responded to the single, she admitted that she told her for her. Happy. Ya Tong's old friend asked her to discuss with love. Ya Tong was inspired after solving her. She wanted to design a unique wedding ring, and she was more supportive. Taihe specially asked IELTS to meet, saying that she was free to get a female treble concert. She was rejected. It turned out that because He Feng had agreed with IELTS, he even wrapped the entire venue to watch the performance of the female treble, and the two became a couple. Yayan Returns the company Yayan learned that Changsheng held Ye Fei again and again, and actually proposed to reduce artificially re -join the company; she learned from the East East that Changsheng was to get this plan again. He bowed his knees; when he learned about it, he was very moved, and he took the initiative to dating the chairman and wanted to cook for dinner for him, but only made the kitchen full of soreness.
    Episode 22 Jiao Yan scolded Taihe to wake up
    A said and Changchang overnight; the next day Ya Yan wanted to cook breakfast to the long victory, but found that women came to visit. When I was at work, I asked Nigong's heterosexual relationship to the heterosexual relationship. I didn't know how to do it. I wanted to flirt with Yayan in the office, but was treated rudely by Yayan. When Taihe was in Qingyang's house, Ya Yan felt unhappy because of his long victory. He actually borrowed Taihe and did not dare to show his love to IELTS, and scolded him to vent himself. Taihe showed that Ai Ai retracted Tahoe and was reminded by Yayan and decided to act; Taihe borrowed his friends to buy diamonds, and asked Qing Yang to help him choose a ring. Taihe was about to eat with IELTS, but before the confession, I saw IELTS's hand wearing a high -priced diamond ring. He understood that there was a rich man pursuing her, so he suppressed the confession. Qing Yang saw the IELTS diamond ring at home, and it was a pity for Tahoe privately. Inspired the endless entanglement of the elegant pupils, and even insulting Zhenan. Zhenan suddenly received the call. It turned out that he had a bamboo horse with him, and Ling, the granddaughter of Shiwan, suddenly returned to Hong Kong; she asked him to borrow a yacht for her to live. It turned out that Zi Ling fled back to Hong Kong because someone put her and her boyfriend's lust short films on the Internet. Tahoe found that IELTS secret He Feng actually bought the website to make the websites unable to circulate, which made the incident unable to go. Zi Ling saw the incident calmly and took the initiative to visit Shi Wan and go home with him. Taihe found someone to follow the IELTS and called the police, but finally found that he was a bodyguard sent by He Feng.
    Episode 23 IELTS Fan Taihe Heart Broken
    The IELTS finally confessed to Thai who would not feel love for him, and finally made Taihe die; and she asked Taihe to keep secrets for her. Qing Yang's Taihe's illness in the factory was lost and lost to comfort him, but Taihe did not appreciate it. Qing Yang made Ya Tong's ring design map to Huaide, and Huaide decided to participate in the British competition with this design; Huaide saw Ya Tong and proposed to transfer her to the jewelry design department, but Ya Tong said that he would consider it. Inspired by the outbreak of the car -burning car, the wounded man Ling was almost hitting Ya Tong when he was racing on the road; Inspired to see the incident, he set fire and burned Ziling's sports car. The police saw the arson in CCTV, which was inspired, and went all the way to the place where Ya Tong worked; Zi Ling bite it as Ya Tong instructed to inspire the car. Ya Tong resigned in order to avoid suspicion; inspired to meet Ya Tong at night, after learning about it, he thought that Huaide deliberately made Ya Tong. The next day, she broke into the company and held Huaide with a knife ... Zhenan and Ya Tong lunch. After learning that Ya Tong was unemployed, she took the initiative to recruit her to her company as a secretary, which made Ya Tong stunned. Xiaorou assisted Ya Tong to interview IELTS and became more trusted, and was assigned her to review the interviewer, so she cooperated again with the old subordinates Sharon. The three sisters of the Kang family were shopping and shopping, and Ya Tong encountered Zi Ling again, and the two sides argued again. Xiaorou found that Zhenan Joyong was interviewed by the company, and agreed to Ya Tong privately, and Ya Tong had to yield after he learned.
    Episode 24 Zhenan opposed his father's relationship
    IELTS and Zi Ling met again. IELTS took the opportunity to grab her, but Zi Ling learned that IELTS and He Feng were too dense. During dinner, He Feng took the initiative to invite IELTS to France to participate in the fashion show for a holiday, making her overjoyed. Zi Ling did not hesitate, and took the initiative to ask Zhenan to say that his father fell in love with IELTS; Zhenan was angry and burned after learning, and waited for his father to come back at night, opposing He Feng's relationship. Yayan's long wins love exposed Ridai East and Yayan lunch, but the long wins made Yayan pushing the meal. It turned out that Changsheng deliberately made a lunch box to Ya Yan, and the two were more warmly eaten; He Feng and IELTS proposed to meet her parents to meet. IELTS had to discuss with Xiaorou with a scalp and got her support. On the day of the meeting, Qing Yang learned that her daughter's boyfriend was actually the age of the IELTS father. Leave on the spot. Zhenan and Ya Tong gathered together, and couldn't help but mention the other father's father and sister; Ya Tong was dissatisfied with Zhenan accusing her sister from her sleeves. Zhenan pursued the IELTS pupils to see the presence of the ring he designed, and sent it to IELTS to cheer her under the special purchase. Suddenly, a helicopter appeared outside the IELTS company, and she was dragging her love, which made her feel sweet. IELTS finally discovered that all this was done by Zhenan; it turned out that he wanted to let the whole Hong Kong know that IELTS was his own object, and his father knew that it was difficult.
    Episode 25 Ya Tong sees the workers.
    Ya Tong found that his mother promised him to see him privately for herself, and could not help but disgusted; Opportunity to work with Zhenan, you have the opportunity to rehabilitate the IELTS. Seeing the work of Ya Tong, Zhenan said to hire her for a minute, but Ya Tong proposed to consider. When Zi Ling Shang Zhenan visited him, he found that Ya Tong came to apply for dissatisfaction, but Zhenan took the initiative to say good words for Ya Tong. He Feng Xing Xingwei Ting took the antiques and borrowed the exhibition with four million. Shi Wan and Zi Ling visited the scene, but they took the opportunity to slander her. The Ting Ting temporarily took up the work of IELTS, and IELTS was unknown, so Wei Ting admitted that she learned about what she fell in love with He Feng. Xiaorou received the news that Qing Yang was injured at work and immediately went to the Mainland to visit with IELTS. It turned out that Qing Yang was injured for the IELTS love affair, making IELTS sad. He Feng visited Qingyang to see IELTS in the Mainland, but when the two met, He Feng had canceled the two to France, implying that I broke up, and IELTS was sad. Ya Yan found that the Triangle Love between the Nigong Object Company was very loud and the triangle love between Rido East and Ya Yan was very arrogant. Changsheng also found that Ridong's mood was low, so he deliberately asked him to go out to sea in detail, but he returned without success. Yayan believes that Rido is in love with himself, so he volunteered to solve him, but in the end he discovered the secret of Ridai.
    Episode 26 Ri Yano Reserved
    The words from Shengkou to know that East promised to reinstate, but when she went to visit East, he found that he wanted to move away; Essence When thinking about the relationship with mother's analysis at night, he found that Rou just supported himself on the surface, but actually questioned that the two would not have good results. After the trial was issued, it was criminal and needed to be imprisoned for 11 months. When the man received a doctor's contact, he mistakenly thought that his father had a problem, and immediately took the speed to understand the situation. Pupils kept receiving the letter issued, and Guan Jing appeared to ask her to visit the sending; the pupil visited the send, it turned out to be to persuade him not to write a letter to harass herself.
    The episode 27 Taichuan Sunghar is happy
    The brother Taichuan Taichuan returned to Hong Kong after studying in Italy. He arranged for the Sichuan interview. When he met with a classmate in Italy, he realized Ling for the first time; but Ling didn't like him. Hitomi decided to give up as a man secretary and go to work in a Japanese company. Tongtong went to a high -end restaurant to eat, and the third aunt of Wan Wenhui suddenly appeared, and she accused the pupil of her husband in public. Under the embarrassment of Hitomi, the male man appeared for her to siege. Rou Jian Tong advised her to give up for the new company, but the company who couldn't think of Hitomi was acquired by the male. The victory Yang and Rou ate late, but after the victory arrived, he gave a generous gift to the two. Because of the pollen on his body, Xing Dong appeared for him for a first aid.
    Epision 28th is better than saving the impact
    . After the pupil company was acquired, he was transferred to serve as a male secretary; trying to adapt to the pupil of the new job, and the call of the self -proclaimed male girlfriend, the lady said I have tested that I am AIDS, and I was worried about Hitomi's health for men. Shengyan said to Macau and eat with a little bit, so he asked to take good care of Sheng. After dinner, the words suddenly made a breakup to Sheng. Regarding this decision without origin, I couldn't touch my head, so I had to watch the words and leave. Wan Dewen's help allowed the Indonesian cause to develop smoothly, so she decided to give her a gift; the grandmother Wan Yi found that Wan sent a person who sent a named horse to the wisdom. In order to inform the man about the AIDS, he chased to his yacht at night, but Ling was also on the yacht.
    Episode 29 Biwangzhi returns to the mainland
    Chuan officially works in the jewelry factory, to celebrate the specially invited his brother and Yang to eat. Yang met the ball on the way, and the two were entangled in the street. When Sichuan drank with everyone in the evening, some TV stations wanted to invite Ling to participate in a real -life show. The show was officially held, and he was invited to serve as the Lord; among Yunyun's participants, Chuan was also one of them. He found that his brother suddenly resigned and couldn't help scolding him. After Sheng Zheli, he hid in Macau to bet on Macau, and Dong couldn't bear to take the initiative to discourage him. The company has a lot of discussions about victory and abandonment, and there are rumors that the company's prospects will not be optimistic; when the assistant assistant inquiries about the details, they find the truth of the matter. It turned out that all this was a plan of victory. By lost in love, the male was lightly rivals, and finally better than the man in the mall.
    The Episode 30 Thai and Brothers participated in
    The entrepreneurial real people officially started, and Ling, He and Chuan were compiled into the same group. The first game officially started on Sunday, and court asked them to make money for 50,000 yuan in 12 hours. Chuan was directed to the team to erode money because of the wrong judgment and purchased the counterfeit goods. He finally came up with a way, but still couldn't turn the tide. Tongchen found that the man took his own affairs to a date in Shanghai, and he felt dissatisfied; Tong encountered virtue while eating breakfast at the hotel, and Germany encouraged her not to give up the opportunity to enrich her life because she was afraid of injuries. After returning to Hong Kong, the man asked the pupil to go to the banquet together, and Hitomi misunderstood that he resigned from his hometown; at the banquet, the pupil heard the news that the girl who was supporting the mountains was dead. She was sad and finally said to the man. On the other side, Feng and Si returned to Hong Kong together in the name of the couple.
    Episode 31 He Feng Chengyu Xiaorou opposed
    Male and Hitomi officially became a pair. The male kissed the pupils generously on the street, but she worried that the two people loved would be hyped by the media. After returning to Hong Kong after thinking, he asked his family to gather, and Xi Zhongfeng appeared as a husband's husband; The man learned that Feng Feng and Si couldn't help but oppose violently, and the peak was fainted on the spot. Hitomi is not wanting to be a person, but he took the initiative to break up but was rejected by the man. After the pupil waited for home, Ying Sister notified them to move to the Yang Zhuhai dormitory temporarily. When the peak was discharged from hospital, he took the initiative to face the media with Si and announce the relationship between the two. When I went to Zhuhai alone to meet with Rou, I also took the initiative to say that giving up the relationship and becoming full of thoughts and peaks. The man decided to leave his own portal, and he asked her to ask her to go to the new company to fight the world with him, but was rejected by her.
    Episode 32 promised to prepare for the wedding
    . When I returned to the company to sell and resign from the court; when I asked about the scale of the wedding, I just wanted to deal with it in a low -key manner. Feng Shengsheng got together, and asked him if he had shot to prevent the man from the Feng Company's shares in his hands. He admitted that no one in the market wanted to offend Feng. Men could not show their feet because of insufficient funds. Some subordinates proposed that Fengfeng's shares were sold to Mrs. Wang at low prices at a low price. The male had no choice but to agree. At the second round of the competition, He and Ling argued in order to arrange the theme of the demonstration unit; when setting up the competition unit, Ling learned about the secret of secretly thought about it, and he fascinated him with the medicine. He lost love and committed suicide. Everyone thought about Ling Qiang, and he didn't expect He to look at him.
    It episode 33 The World Wanwan Palace adds one person
    Ling was angry because of the palm of the palm of He, and Chuan was willing to be punished with her friendly relationship with her. Only when eliminated. When he was eaten outside, the third aunt Wenhui and his wife Wan Yi reminded him. It was rumored that he had collected the four aunts and asked him to rumors carefully; after hearing the news, he felt unhappy. The female college student Zhuo Ning became a new favorite, and the victory was responsible for taking care of her on behalf of Wan. The second round of Ling's team was sentenced to losing because of the overrun; the court proposed to let the three of them choose who would go out ... victory and words to Macau and Vietnam overseas Chinese Shen Botang to discuss, but they returned without success. On the day of the wedding, my heartfelt blessings were moved by her. When Sheng and Dong attended the wedding, he found that Tang suddenly fainted, so he tried to save him.
    E episode 34 The IELTS wedding banquet Ziling pounded
    When Yang Zheng appreciated Feng Feng's wedding banquet, the Feng received the news, and the man was returned to the police station by the business crime investigation department. Ling Jie's face was happy, and suddenly told her that Feng and Ting had a thing in Indonesia. Shao Ming reported to Fengfeng that the male borrowed money from Mrs. Wang for his own portal, but Mrs. Wang had something to do with the International Black Money Laundering Group. Sheng invited the famous doctor Ling Tang who came to Hong Kong to stabilize; Cheng was worried that his elder brother was in confusion, and Sheng specially accompanied and solved her. Wan Bannan was detained and squeezed Feng Feng out of the banquet and dinner of the Qingdao Development Plan; when his parents ate with Peak, Ji suddenly broke into the larger words. Seeing her husband's letting the foundation, he felt deeply dissatisfied. After the man was released, he went straight to the pupil, and even said that he would leave Hong Kong with her ...
    Episode 35 Xiao Rou shot to prevent Ya Tong from Ya Tong. I was even more angry and fainted in the hospital. The man had to respond to his pupil, so he had to clean up his mood to focus on his work. Feng suddenly visited the gallery that was always on, and even said that the gallery had been bought for her. The incident of Tang was very arrogant by the media, and Tang decided to give the chairman's position to Cheng, but Cheng emphasized that he didn't understand anything. He wanted to escape from attending because of stress. Fortunately, she let her try desserts to calm her down. Sixie to transfer the acquired national treasure -level famous paintings to the principal of the Qingdao project, so he assisted Feng to get the opportunity to meet the principal again. After experiencing a heavy obstacle, Hitomi decided to re -embrace the man and restart with him.

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